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Embracing Wood: Smart Acoustics and Cozy Aesthetics Shape Office in Poznan

Gone are the days when offices were impersonal spaces full of endless cubicles colored in beige. Modern office spaces bring along with them a hint of personality even while combining a sense of inviting warmth and relaxation with an environment that encourages interaction and productivity. The Office Space in Poznan is one such setting designed by Metaforma Group that relies on wood, gray and white to fashion a distinct and dashing work environment. It is wood that gives this spacious and exquisite office its uniqueness with herringbone and chevron patterns bringing visual contrast.

Entrance and reception area of office in Poznan

Acoustics play a major part inside this office with custom veneered partitions that were filled with sound-absorbing fabric along with indoor plants that bring freshness to the office. Each partition has been carefully placed to cut back unnecessary noise even while keeping individual work areas visually connected. The open nature of the work zone allows employees to share ideas easily while creating a more robust work environment where no one feels isolated. Smart meeting rooms with sliding glass doors, large conference rooms, conversation nooks, relaxation zones and a striking entrance complete the contemporary office. [Photography: Krzysztof Strażyński]

Geo style pendants for the office entrance
Chevron and herringbone patterns in wood add individuality to the office space
Comfy custom relaxation zone in wood for office space
Serious work and relaxation come together inside trendy office
Series of wooden lockers at the entrance of the Poznan office space
Patterns broght in by wooden walls and pastel hues create a beautiful office setting
Small meeting rooms with color and individual style

The designed space is the answer to the needs of the contemporary employee. Entrance zones, due to the specific nature of the work in the company, are equipped with lockers for employees` private things. Clearly defined boundaries give the feeling of separating private life from the professional one.

Gray and white meeting room deisgn
Gray, white and wood shape the relaxing modern office
Modern office room in white and gray
Relaxation nooks inside the office with ample lighting
Sliding glass doors help create a more dynamic office interior
Sound absorbing partitions and indoor plants bring better acoustics
Ergonomic chairs for the modern office
Space-savvy and acoustic office space deisgn

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