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Smart Makeover: Space-Savvy Modern Bedroom in White and Wood

Your bedroom is a safe refuge that you can turn to after a long, hard day to rest, relax and find energy for another busy day. At least, that is what to needs to be! Revamped to meet the needs of a fast-paced urban lifestyle, Bela’s Room in Sudoeste, Brasília is a delightful 22-square meter space that seems to pack in quite a lot without too much fuss. The old bedroom was disorganized and dreary before Lez Arquitetura stepped in to completely transform the ambiance and give a chic, cheerful new vibe. Inside the bedroom you have a wood and white backdrop that ends up stealing the spotlight even with its understated presence.

Bela’s bedroom in Sudoeste, Brasília with a refined wood and white color scheme

A series of smart solutions ensured that the architects were able to fit in everything that the bedroom’s residents wanted into the lovely little space. The old wardrobe was replaced by a more efficient and space-savvy design that also features sliding mirrored doors. This new feature gives the bedroom an airy and light-filled aura and transforms it into a space that is much bigger than it really is. On the other side is a slim white, custom study desk that also features hidden spaces for a mirror that pops open and compartments for accessories.

Creative workspace and makeup zone in the small bedroom
Gorgeous wood headboard with herringbone pattern and lovely LED strip lighting
Modern and Scandinavian styles are cleverly intertwined in the bedroom
Open box-style, wall-mounted cabinets for the space-savvy modern bedroom
Relaxing and fabulous modern bedroom in wood and white with herringbone pattern headboard and smart storage
Sliding mirrored doors for the bedroom wardrobe add more visual space to the modern white bedroom

There are additional features like the shoe rack under the bed that cleverly slides in when not in use and the chevron pattern wooden headboard with LED strip lighting that brings a warm glow to the neutral backdrop. Contemporary, chic and not ‘obviously feminine’, this is the perfect bedroom alteration that has it all! [Photography: Gabriella Chiarelli]

Slim bedside lighting with metallic glitz brings contrast to the modern wood and white bedroom
Slim space above the headboard decorated in an understated fashion
Wall-mounted TV in the bedroom along with a slim storage space below
Bedroom study space along with storage units for beauty accessories and a space-savvy mirror

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