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35 Laundry Room Shelving And Storage Ideas for Space-Savvy Homes

A dedicated laundry space should offer ample space with innovative shelving and plenty of storage space. From standalone units to custom wooden shelves and modular cabinets, this is a look at the best ways to transform your laundry rooms with efficient storage.

Modern farmhouse style laundry in white and red
Baskets, cabinets and shelves combine for perfect laundry room storage [From: LA Ray Architect]

One of the biggest benefits of having an exclusive laundry room is most definitely all that additional storage space that comes along with it. Shelving and storage in any room is all about utilizing the available space to the hilt. Here are some lovely inspirations that will help you plan for your own laundry room as you decide on the kind of shelves that work best for you.

Laundry room with plenty of shelf space
Floating shelves and colorful baskets light up the room!

by VanBrouck & Associates

Open shelving with exposed brackets reinforces the industrial look of this laundry room

by Normandy Remodeling

Fabulous box shelf units along with freedomRail storage solutions
Smart shelving units idea for a small laundry room

by Transform

Use sleek shelves to create an airy space
Woven baskets add textural contrast to the contemporary room

by Regina Sturrock Design

Lovely folding table and basket arrangement drive home the colorful charm

by Diane Gordon Design

Narrow laundry room design with plenty of shelving space

by Andrew Roby General Contractors

The Bigger Picture!

Creating the perfect laundry room is all about efficient use of space. There is no point in just throwing a bunch of shelves together along with a few storage options if they do not fit the particular style and dimensions of your own laundry room. That is precisely why we have presented you with images of laundry rooms in their entirety wherever possible and this is exactly the approach you should take home as well. Since most laundry rooms are often compact areas, use the vertical room that is available, even as you combine a variety of shelving units.

Cabinets with Kirei panels and quartz stone countertop

by Susan M. Davis

Compact laundry room with combination of shelving and storage options
Ergonomic laundry room design with beautiful white shelves

by Redbud Construction Services

While closed shelves help tuck away all the mess and keep the room tidy, open floating shelves add a sense of airiness and buoyancy to the space. If your laundry room is sufficiently large, then load up on the closed shelves and just add a freestanding rack for storage.

Beautiful laundry room with ample storage and shelving

by Shenandoah Cabinetry

Stylish shelves coupled with wicker baskets
Utilize the corner space to create more storage options

by Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Open cupboards allow you to add additional storage options
Custom cabinet design for the laundry room

by Cameo Kitchens

Add Color and Contrast with Shelves

Shelves and storage baskets are not just there to add functionality. Form is an equally important part of design and hence bring in some aesthetic value with a bit of visual and textural contrast. Add lovely black shelves with a hint of gloss if you have an all-white of neutral backdrop. Refreshing combinations like blue and white also work brilliantly. Remember that the laundry room is also an extension of your home and a fresh and vibrant atmosphere inside will enable you to get your work done more efficiently!

Blue laundry room with plenty of shelf space
A splash of red along with the minimal design
Gorgeous black cabinets steal the show here!

by Kitchens & Baths Unlimited

Smart and sensible placement of the shelves is an absolute must and always plan for the work area and how much of it needs to be left open so that you are not cramped. More storage means an automatically more ordered space. Make sure you allocate and organize resourcefully so that you are not left searching among piles of dirty linen.

Brilliant basket organization and layout

by Hawk Construction

Dark wall cabinets and shelving in the laundry room

by Patterson Custom Homes

Plenty of open storage area coupled with cool shelves under the sink
Cool turquoise combined with pristine white in the modern laundry room

by Great Neighborhood Homes

Laundry room cabinets with pre-finished metallic doors

by Reaume Construction & Design

A Balance of Elements

Beautifully stacked pretty baskets, labeled fabric bins, tilt-down drawers, slide-out shelves and pull-down hampers; you need a bit of everything in the laundry room. Add a couple of cool floating shelves and you can even create a lovely display as a couple of family photographs are neatly placed next to the wicker baskets. Do not opt for a monotonous look unless you are going for a semi-minimalist theme. With pop-up ironing boards that slide out when needed now available, you can add one of these as well to complete your storage options.

Design a smart and adequate work area in the laundry room

by Streamline Design – Kevin Simoes

Use the vertical room that is on offer
A deep sink makes for a more ergonomic laundry room design

by Tina Kuhlmann

The perfect laundry room is one that serves the particular needs of your own family the best and each one of us has different space and task constraints. But, no matter what the design of the room is, always remember to stack up on the storage units. You simply cannot have enough of them!

Configuration of the shelves makes the washers standout

by Kaufman Homes

Freestanding shelves in the laundry room offer design flexibility

by Dennis Mayer

Mud room and laundry combo with a lovely backsplash and cool shelves

by College City Design Build

Contemporary laundry room comes with entertainment options as well!
Sleek and stylish all-white contemporary laundry room!

by Design First Interiors


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