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This Kid-Friendly Family House Welcomes You with Bright, Open Spaces

Originally built in the 1930s and extended in the 1970s, Hoddle House in Victoria, Australia was in urgent need of a modern revamp that facilitated the modern lifestyle of its young owners. Turning this mundane and poorly planned home into a breezy modern delight filled with ample natural lighting are the creative folks from Freedman White, who redefined the floor plan to transform the house into a more kid-friendly setting. The old laundry space evolved into the new open plan living area that is connected with the rumpus room, dining area, and of course, the lovely yard.

Gray brick exterior of the house gives it a modern appeal

The new and the old combine here effortlessly, with much of the original structure being preserved and given a modern sheen so that it blends in with the relaxing, contemporary style. One of the most interesting features of this house is the rumpus room that currently acts as the playroom. Connected with the deck, living area, barbecue zone and the yard, adults in the house can keep an eye on the little ones spending their time here from pretty much everywhere! Add to it the fact that the room is largely devoid of permanent fixtures and rigid features, and it can be easily turned into an additional family room, home office, or even a guest space a few years down the line.

Modern home renovation in Victoria, Australia

Open deck and yard space of the house connected with the living space

Sliding glass door and large sheer curstains for the breezy and well-lit living space

Neutral color scheme for the open plan living and dining space with pops of bright blue

Dining space with Nelson pendants, bright blue chairs and an access to the yard

Contemporary living room with a cozy reading nook in the corner

Understated modern décor and large open areas that flow into one another ensure that the kids have plenty of space to explore and enjoy in an unhindered fashion. Sliding glass doors and large windows bring in the outdoors beautifully, even as large sheer curtains filter out harsh sunlight on hot summer days. Efficient and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the young family, there is plenty to like about this smart Aussie home! [Photography: Jeremy Wright]

Sliding doors and high windows bring in ample natural light

Unique design of the playarea connects it fully with the outdoors

Floating wooden vanity in a contemporary bathroom in white

Floor plan of the Hoddle House in Australia before renovation

Contemporary single level renovated house in Victoria - Floor plan

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