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Italianate Victorian Home in Melbourne Restored and Extended in Style

Smart extensions of Victorian homes are becoming all too common Down Under, and many of the classic residences in cities like Sydney and Melbourne have already traveled down this path. It is often a smart choice that is dictated by the needs of a modern family, changing lifestyles across the globe, and of course the poor state of the original structures. But this fabulous home dubbed ‘Garth’ gives a stylish, contemporary twist to this idea with a timber extension that is sculptural, stylish and keeps away the excessive heat of harsh summer days.

Restored and extended nineteenth century Italianate Victorian home

Designed by Ola Studio, a series of timber beams act as a pergola of sorts, while a simple deck extends the living space further into the rear yard. The new extension contains the new living space connected with the garden, a smart modern kitchen and an open dining area. Glass walls coupled with wooden slats bring with them a sense of privacy without hindering the flow of light, while the existing, upgraded Victorian house at the front is given a smart facelift. Three bedrooms along with a bathroom are nestled in this part of the house, even as the top level holds the master bedroom, terrace and a spacious library.

Series of simple structures give the old Victorian home a stylish makeover

Contemporary exterior of the extension is dark and elegant

Kitchen becomes the social zone of the extended Melbourne home

New dining area with glass walls overlooks the rear yard

Revamped kitchen design with a fabulous wooden island and tiled backsplash

Striking features of the original home kept intact like the fireplace

Illuminate wooden staircase leading to the bedroom level

Striking lantern style penfdant lighting for the stairway

The transformation combines the aesthetics of the Victorian home with contemporary style without compromising on practicality, comfort and ergonomics. A transition between the old and the new is still distinct and yet feels seamless with an air of relaxing calm. [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

Spaciou and light-filled bathroom in white

Fabulous floating vanity in wood with giant mirror above

Entrance to the classic home at teh front with a modern Victorian vibe

Wooden slats filter in sunlight and give the homeonwers adequate privacy

Traditional exterior of the old Victorian home

Ground floor plan of the revamped and extended Melbourne home

Floor plan of second floor of Garth

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