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Sliding Doors Alter the Dynamics of Light-Filled Barcelona Apartment

Cheerful, bright and practical, this refreshing modern apartment in Les Corts, Barcelona was renovated by Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge to maximize the flow of light and available space. Nestled in a building that was originally built in the 60s, the apartment is just over 83 square meters, and the idea behind the revamped floor plan was to make the most of every inch on offer. This was done by doing away with unnecessary internal partitions and using a sliding glass door to separate the bedroom from the living and dining area. A small entry leads into the open living space that flows into the dining room and adjacent kitchen.

Cheerful modern Barcelona apartment in white

With a closet-bedroom-studio space on one side and an additional bedroom on the other, the light-filled Spanish apartment offers plenty despite its modest size. Two large glazed windows and sliding glass doors between the small balcony and living area fill the interior with plenty of sunlight and ensure that the new, white apartment does not seem dull like its predecessor. The use of white throughout the apartment also cuts down on visual fragmentation and gives the architects more design freedom when planning for individual spaces.

Even though color is kept to a minimum inside the apartment, warm wooden surfaces, a striking mosaic floor in the kitchen, and a balcony along with an open bookshelf in the living room offer ample visual contrast. [Photography: Adrià Goula]

Entry of the small Barcelona apartment renovated to create a more modern living atmosphere

Home workspace and balcony of the cheerful apartment

Modern apartment in white with sliding walls and doors

Small balcony and large glass doors bring in plenty of light into the apartment

Smart sliding door creates a partition between the bedroom and living area

Floor in mosaic tiles adds pattern to the kitchen

Dining area and kitchen in white with wooden accents

A game of visual diagonals is created by the opening of a large sliding door, providing a fluent spatial relation in-between the different areas of the apartment while giving a wider perception of space. Closet-bedroom-studio area is connected with dining-living-terrace area in a unique environment where daily life activities take place in a natural way.

Floor plan of the renovated apartment in Barcelona

A look at the floor plan of the renovated modern apartment in Les Corts

Model of the renovated apartment in Les Corts

New model of the apartment creates more open space and seamless connection of various rooms

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