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Trendy Blend: Industrial-Farmhouse Style Interiors Make a Brilliant Impact

There are times when styles move up and down the trends chart very quickly and even before you shift to one, there is another that is ‘flavor of the season’. As a rule, we generally do not believe that you should move between styles all too often as it can be taxing and very soon, you will not really have anything ‘new’ to try out. Smaller changes to the overall chosen look and theme makes for a more sensible approach to redecorating. Yet, there are times when we do want to switch to a different style because it just has been so long. And for those who wish to do so this summer without getting trapped in the urban-modern decorating approach, an industrial farmhouse is a great alternative indeed!

Gorgeous industrial farmhouse-style bathroom with hexagonal gray floor tiles. wooden ceiling and lovely dark-framed shower area [From: Forte Design Studios]

Combining elements of two styles that do not seem far off from one another, industrial farmhouse is a style that is quickly making a surprisingly big impact in 2020. It definitely is not a look many of us predicted at the start of the year, even if we did talk about generous use of wood and dark-framed windows. This is a style that feels refreshing, inviting and even modern at times while offering ample functionality all the time. From the bathroom to the bedroom, dining area to kitchen, this is a look at the best industrial farmhouse style interiors that offer ample inspiration heading into the second half of the year –

Elements that Feel Common

There are plenty of aesthetic element that feel common in both industrial and farmhouse styles. For starters, you can use wooden panels with weathered finish or even recessed wood in both these styles to give the room a cozier and comfortable appeal. Both the styles place a very high value on practicality and ergonomics feels like a consequence of the functionality that comes first. Industrial spaces also easily embrace metallic finishes and these also sit snugly in farmhouse interiors where different textures are always welcome. This makes a combination of industrial and farmhouse styles seamless!

Discover the right balance between an industrial farmhouse and modern as you go along
Industrial kitchen with exposed brick wall backdrop and sleek wooden floating shelves with farmhouse style [From: Jane Kim Design]
Sliding chalkboard door can replace your modern door in this style of home
Spacious Florida kitchen in white where different textures find space next to one another [From: 2id Interiors]
Bar stools and pendants bring edgy vibe to this kitchen

Amalgamation of Textures

Features like antique French wood doors, sliding barn doors, dark-framed windows with metallic tinge, bronze accents and lovely chandeliers in metal are all little features that go on to create a fabulous industrial farmhouse setting. It is a space where you can create a bridge between both the styles by veering more towards the one or another. Some spaces might just feel more industrial than farmhouse because of excessive use of metal, while others are the opposite because wood shapes the backdrop. Do not worry about this balance and let your decorating choices make the decision for you.

Kitchen island on wheels from Shanty 2 Chic is perfect for the industrial farmhouse-style kitchen
Pendant light and large wooden table brig industrial and farmhouse touches to this dining area [From: Dessa Lea Productions]
Sliding barn style door is just perfect for the industrial farmhouse-style kitchen
Decorating the bedside table and finding the right pendant in the industrial farmhouse style bedroom with also rustic touches thrown into the mix! [From: Kathy Ann Abell Interiors]
Farmhouse style and industrial style come together with this bedside sconce design

Where Color is Secondary

One of the things that we noticed with most industrial farmhouse interiors is how you really do not need too much color in here to make a big impact. The many different textures in here already bring a whole lot to the table and often it is a modern white backdrop that gives these finishes a chance to shine through. Keeping the backdrop neutral in here works in more ways than one as you have an option of switching to another style down the line with far less redecorating. Despite the popularity of gray and beige in 2020, white still is the neutral of choice in these homes.

Polished bathroom in white with gray cabinets and ample natural light [From: Lindye Galloway Interiors]
Spacious and light-filled industrial-farmhouse kitchen with a modern backdrop [From: NKBA]
Modern house embraces industrial and farmhouse touches to usher in best of both worlds! [From: Kristina Crestin Design]


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