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How To Style Your Room With A Piano

These days, the piano has moved from simply serving a musical function to being a decorative centerpiece. There is no doubt that a piano atttracts a lot of attention and beautifies a room.

How To Style Your Room With Piano
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Many people would love to own a piano, but they worry about the best place to display it. That’s why we have come up with simple, often overlooked ways to showcase your piano without it being in the way.

How To Style Your Room With Piano
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Your room size and layout will often determine the perfect place for your piano.

How To Style Your Room With Piano
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How To Style Your Room With Piano
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Shifting items around may not be enough to give you the space you need for your piano. You need to know the best practical ways for your piano to shine without detracting from the overall decor.

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Whether you’re thinking of a grand or upright piano, these ideas will help you get the most out of your beautiful musical instrument.

Try it in a sunny area

The sunny room below allows you to enjoy the view outside of your home. Put your piano beside the window, as the power of natural light can not be overestimated.

Source: blythekirkwoodrealtor

A focal point

Let the piano serve as the central focus in your room. This grand piano shines and pairs perfectly with the seating and solid white background, making the space look stunning.

Source: Steinway & Sons

Place it under a staircase

If you have a staircase in your home, instead of filling that awkward gap with clutter, try placing your piano there instead. It’s a great way to utilize the space.

Source: Growlerhomes

Pair with gold curtains

This antique wooden piano looks stunning with the gold curtains and the herringbone floor.

Source: Stein

Black piano

This black piano shines in an elegant and sophisticated way. It teams up with the wall color and the simple floor tiles. A black piano can elevate the casual spaces in your home.

Source: vassofishes

White piano

This white piano is elegant and blends perfectly into the vintage-feeling setting of this living room.

Source: Schimmel Pianos

Harmonious furniture

This living room is absolutely lovely. Just look at all those elegant touches like the blue sofa and the small planter beside it. These pieces all provide a fantastic contrast against the black grand piano and bright walls.

Source: modsydesign

A nice touch for an awkward corner

Decorate an awkward or unused corner of your room with a grand piano. The colors and textures here come together to create a cozy, welcoming family room.

Source: HGTV

With a beautiful rug

Nobody would mind attending a private concert in this fabulous room! Professional and amateur pianists alike deserve a beautiful space that’s dedicated to their art.

Source: HGTV

Along with the elegant wall-to-wall rug and the beautiful chandelier, the piano helps to anchor the room.

Source: emdesign

Provide your audience with unobstructed views of your performance by adding a pair of stylish armchairs to the wall opposite the piano.

Right beside the fireplace

Positioning your piano beside the fireplace will allow you to enjoy the cozy comfort of a crackling fire while warming up on the keys.

How To Style Your Room With Piano
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