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Modern Home Offices with Concrete Floors that Last the Test of Time

One room that has become more and more central to smart homes across the globe in the last decade or two is the home office. It is technology and changing lifestyles that have allowed us to bring more and more work home with each passing day. The home office is now more than just a space where you spend a couple of hours each day to check on mails and other essential stuff. Modern home offices have to take on a whole lot more of workload. This means you need flooring for the home office that can put up with all the traffic that the home office sees. And nothing stands the test of time like a concrete floor with its simplicity and understated presence.

Fabulous contemporary home office in white and concrete with ample natural lighting [From: Elad Gonen]

Most modern home offices are draped in neutral hues and colors like white and gray feel like the natural choice in here. A hint of wood can bring warmth to these spaces but it is the concrete floor that anchors these spaces and gives it a base from which you can work upwards with ease. Cutting across design styles and offering a durable flooring solution, it is concrete that comes to your rescue in the urban setting. From the small home office with concrete floor to those with spacious, bright appeal, here are some of the best home offices with concrete floors –

Cutting Down on Costs

Compared to most other flooring types used in modern homes, concrete is arguably the most cost-effective both in the short term and in the long term. You will not have to worry about splurging a fortune for the home office floor and this makes concrete a perfect practical choice. Apart from the fact that concrete floor keeps the costs down, it also does not need as much attention as it ages ever so gracefully. Since most home offices do not really need the fanciest aesthetics when it comes to the floor, this is a choice that makes plenty of sense. Here, it is ergonomics that precede sheer form!

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White is a color that works beautifully with concrete floors [From: design junction]
Wood, white and concrete in the modern home office make for a fabulous combination
Using multiple storage options in the home office to create a more space-savvy and curated look [From: MAK Design + Build Inc]

Easy to Maintain Floors

Unlike many other flooring materials, concrete is super-easy to clean. Just a mere mop once in a while will do the trick and even the natural cracks and imperfections that creep in over time feel just fine. Concrete is a sustainable flooring idea as it is already used in the creating of most home bases and slabs. This cuts down the necessity to use additional materials and a beautiful concrete floor can be made even better with a simple polish. Whether you like the wabi-sabi idea while using the concrete floor or something more elegant and coupled with a cozy carpet, this is an idea that comes with plenty of perks.

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Gorgeous modern industrial home office in wood and concrete
Maximizing space in the small home office with ergonomic décor [From: Rebecca Naughtin Architect]
Spacious, double-height home office and studio with splashes of color and sliding barn-style doors [From: Richardson Residential]

Letting the Room Take Over!

When we think of concrete floors the first thing we recollect is the way in which they let rest of the room feel that much more special. A beautiful concrete floor takes backseat to the more prominent features in the room and even a neutral backdrop in white feels far more natural in here. Simple accent colors can appear much brighter and with the right lighting, you have a home office that is both pleasing and efficient. Concrete floors are not just sturdy but largely slip-resistant and this makes them safe even for those who have kids around the house.

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Concrete floor gives the white home office a dash of textural beauty [From: GriD architects]
Concrete is the perfect element to try out the wabi-sabi look in the modern home office
Beautiful lighting accentuates the yellow accent wall in this home office [From: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects]

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