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Kitchens with Concrete Floors: A Sustainable and Durable Trend!

Your kitchen floor sees plenty of traffic and in a home with kids and pets, spills, dirt and a few slightly chipped spots are all too common. Maintaining your kitchen floor can be an absolute challenge at times and the more polished it is, harder it becomes. In such a scenario, concrete offers us a welcome alternative. Concrete floors offer a multitude of advantages both functionally and aesthetically. And the best part is that concrete floors are no longer considered ‘sterile’ or cold. Thanks to a spurt in industrial style kitchens and greater interest in cost-effective interiors, concrete has now become a trendy choice!

Contemporary kitchen with tiled backsplash and concrete floor [From: Andre Tchelistcheff Architects / Seong Kwon Photography]

Giving your kitchen floor a concrete finish can be achieved easily of you still in the design phase of your new kitchen. The task gets a touch trickier for those looking to replace their existing kitchen floor with concrete sheen. Here, you need to strip away the additional layers on top to find the concrete base below and then you can add another additional layer on top along with the right finish to achieve the desired look. Either way, you will have a kitchen floor that is durable, sustainable, affordable and ‘cool’. Here are a few gorgeous kitchens that showcase the beauty of concrete floors –

Modern Kitchens with Concrete Floors

The idea of a modern kitchen and the seemingly traditional notion of a rough concrete floor might seem at odds on the surface of it all. But even concrete floors with a matte finish blend in beautifully with the polished aesthetics of a contemporary kitchen when done right. A more polished finish with glossy glint will cost a touch more than that dull concrete floor. But it is well worth the extra dough for those looking to give the kitchen a brighter and spacious visual appeal.

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Light oak shelving combined with polished white finishes and a concrete floor

In modern home where the kitchen is increasingly acting as the transition zone between the interior and outdoors, a concrete floor makes for a sensible choice. It can visually connect the interior with the patio outside, can stand the test of elements along with direct sunlight and is also pretty cost-effective. A perfect kitchen floor indeed!

Modern kitchen in black and white with marble island and concrete floor [From: Concepts Interior Design]
Dramatic modern kitchen and dining extension for cottage in Melbourne

An Industrial Aesthetic

It goes unsaid that concrete floors and industrial kitchen spaces are a match made in design haven. If you have exposed brick walls, duct pipes and wooden shelves in your industrial kitchen, then concrete floors are a great way to complete the look. Apart from the textural contrast they bring, these floors also store heat during the day and release it slowly after sundown. This helps in passive heating and cooling of the house and cuts back on your power bill as well. Of course, adding a rug or two to this space makes the hard concrete floors safer and also lends visual warmth!

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Modern kitchen with brick walls and space-savvy arrangement [From: Dimpat]
Open duct pipes, brick wall and concrete floor create a lovely kitchen for open plan living
Light-filled industrial kitchen with concrete floor and a lovely island, breakfast bar [From: SQ Projects]

Economical and Versatile

Depending on the finish that you seek, polishing a concrete floor will cost you anywhere between $2 to $9 for each square foot and that definitely reduces you kitchen construction costs dramatically when you compare it with wood, terrazzo or stone flooring. Beyond the economics of it, concrete floors are incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Simply mop away the dirt every once in a while and you are good to go! Concrete is also much more durable than most other materials used for kitchen floors and should serve you well for years to come.

Small kitchen of the open plan living with concrete floor
Concrete serves both the indoors and the outdoors with ease [From: Indyk Architects]

Create Your Own Style

Do not let the concrete floor limit the style of your kitchen. Industrial, contemporary and minimal are not your only options here! Eclectic kitchens full of color and personality look even more stunning with concrete flooring. Depending on the type of polish, traditional, beach style and rustic kitchen spaces can also play host to concrete goodness. With most modern homes featuring an open plan living, you might switch over to a concrete floor entirely after you.

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Double height rustic kitchen with gorgeous pendant lighting [From: Highline Partners]
Gorgeous eclectic kitchen with rustic, metallic finishes and a flood of blue [From: Simone Morciano]
Traditional kitchen with blue island and concrete floor [From: Christian Gladu Design]

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