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Space-Savers at Work: 20 Home Offices with Sliding Barn Doors

A craving for elements that take us away from the increasingly mechanized and sterile modern world and usher in a hint of rustic goodness is a trend that is on the up in the world of interior design and decorating. Fitting in with this ‘natural’ theme is the classic barn door that adds much more than textural beauty and visual contrast to the modern interior. A sliding barn door also saves up on precious square footage when compared to the traditional door that could take up as much as 7-9 feet of clearance space. And for someone who wants a unique and space-savvy home office, it is indeed the perfect fit!

Sliding barn door separates the home office from the small bathroom [From: Southland Building & Remodel / Megan Bob Photography]

Unlike in the case of bathrooms with barn doors, privacy is not the biggest issue for home offices, and all you need is a door that gets the job done while creating an interesting and fun entrance. Barn doors accomplish this with ease, and contrary to popular perception, you are not really bound by any particular style or look. Surprisingly versatile, it could be just the final jigsaw puzzle that completes your smart home office.

Rustic Farmhouse Beauty

One of the biggest reasons for this newfound love affair with the barn door is undoubtedly the rustic beauty that they bring along with them. Instead of sleek, contemporary sliding doors, the barn doors anchor a room with a neutral color palette far more efficiently and blend in with styles varying from farmhouse and eclectic to modern and industrial. A truly aged, reclaimed barn door seems even more special with all the cuts and nicks, especially if you have salvaged it from a cabin or farmhouse where you spent your summers as a kid!

Rustic home office is a great place to try out the classic barn door [From: Cornerstone Architects / Andrew Pogue Photography]
Stunning mountain views and rustic cabin style shape this lovely home office [Design: Centre Sky Architecture/ Photography: James Ray Spahn]
Modern aesthetics combined with farmhouse touches inside this smart home office [Design: Olsen Studios]
Barn doors make it easier to find space for the home office! [Design: Blake Shaw Homes]
Rustic and antique sliding doors add uniqueness to the small home office [From: Robert Elliott Custom Homes / Nathan Schroder Photography]

A Modern Upgrade

For those who cannot get their hands on a reclaimed barn door, there are plenty of affordable and equally appealing alternatives that you either custom order or buy from your local store. But, if you feel that the classic barn door seems out of place for your modern home office, then try out its more refined cousin that offers the same style but with a sleeker finish. These sliding doors are far less heavy than the all-wood, traditional barn door, and hence a lot easier to work with and install. Try out different configurations and explore various finishes before you settle in on what you love the most.

Give the classic barn door a cool, contemporary twist [Design: Dale Design / Photography: Scott Gregory]
Sliding doors save up precious square footage [Design: RD Construction]
Contemporary home office with a sliding barn style door [From: Nick Noyes Architecture / Photography by Ken Gutmaker]
Fabulous art studio with barn doors leading to the area that stores away the supplies [Design: Richardson Residential]
Chinese style added to the barn doors with unique panels [Design: Jennifer Reynolds – Jennifer Reynolds Interiors]

Explore Diverse Styles

We did talk about the barn door not being a hindrance to the style that you choose in the home office, and the inspirations below showcase that everything from Asian elegance to breezy beach style works with these charming sliding doors. Of course, instead of the all-wood look, you might want to make a few tweaks and alter the appeal of the door visually, but essentially the design outline remains the same. Industrial home offices look great with sliding doors that have a hint of metallic sheen, while styles such as Mediterranean and Asian demand more intricate patterns. It is all about creating an inimitable and stylish entry to your home workspace!

Industrial, barn-style doors conceal a spacious and traditional home office [Design: Weaver Custom Homes]
Beach style home office with sliding barn doors [Design: Heritage Homes of Jacksonville]
Brick wall and sliding barn door for the home office in revamped warehouse residence [Design: K+Architects]
There is plenty to do inside this home workspace [Design: C2 Architecture]
Traditional crafts room and home office rolled into one [Design: Great Neighborhood Homes / Photography: Spacecrafting]

Something Exceptional!

There are plenty of ways that one can use the barn door in the home office, and it need not always be relegated to the entrance of the room. Using a smart and colorful sliding, barn-style door for the open shelf and the wall-mounted entertainment unit next to it allows you to switch between the worlds with ease! An ultra-tiny home workspace nestled in a small nook in the bedroom, kitchen or dining space can also benefit from these beautiful sliding doors. From adding a chalkboard surface to this large door to decorating it with colorful graffiti, the ways of personalizing your home office barn door are seemingly endless.

Custom designed barn door for the traditional home workspace and library [Design: John Kraemer & Sons / Murphy & Co. Design]
Eclectic basement home office with colorful barn doors [Design: Green Basements & Remodeling]
Dramatic sliding doors separate the small home office from kitchen and dining area [Design: w.b. builders]
Industrial home office combines chalkboard paint and sliding barn door [From: Creative Spaces Interior Design / Tom Queally Photography]

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