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Living with Nature: Smart Chilean Home in Concrete, Wood and Glass

A home that becomes one with the surrounding landscape is increasingly becoming a popular demand with homeowners across the globe. Gone are the days when the suburban residence was an entity in itself that was disconnected from the scenery outside and boasted a polished, urbane interior. Nestled in a lush green neighborhood of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, ‘The House and The Trees’ offers precisely what its name suggests. This beautiful and relaxing home was designed by Iglesis Arquitectos to integrate effortlessly with the existing trees and greenery, even while providing a cozy and comfortable living environment.

Glass walls and doors blur the line between the interior and the garden

This was accomplished by keeping the structure of the home simple and minimal. It is the wooden ceiling and the concrete floor that act as two simple planes that define the residence, with the glass walls creating flexible boundaries between the interior and the garden outside. The interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces is seamless, and one feels as if surrounded by the lovely garden while sitting in the living area or the family room.

An open living space leads to the more private bedrooms and a wonderful home office / study that adds color and contrast to the overall picture. Unassuming, efficient and eco-sensitive, this Chilean home is truly one-of-a-kind! [Photography: Nico Saieh]

Concrete and metal shape the entrance of the distinct home

Swiveling door and smart foyer create a unique entry

Concrete front wall at the unique home in Chile

Living area and dining room with understated decor

Living room with glass walls next to the garden

Sitting area, family zone and living space at The House and The Trees

Wood ceiling and stone floor define the beautiful residence with cool indoor-outdoor interplay

The boundaries between inside and outside do not exist; spaces interact, generating views arriving always to the gardens and the abundant foliage outside. Services are ordered in closed volumes to indicate the access and configuring various yards.

Gorgeous use of framed glass walls brings the greenery inside

Home office with black workstation and bookshelf

Open design of The House and the Trees in Chile

Recessed lighting creates a cool ambiance inisde the family house

Sliding glass doors connect the sitting area with the garden

Pool area and garden of the stylish and open Chilean house

Natural landscape becomes an intergral part of the home

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