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Trendy Textural Beauty: 25 Home Offices with Brick Walls

If there is one room in the modern home that has evolved leaps and bounds in the last few years, it is undoubtedly the home office. Homeowners these days are opting for a spacious, stylish and dedicated home office ahead of even spaces like the formal dining room and the playroom. It is easy to understand this shift, with many of us more inclined to take work home now than ever before. Both smart technology and wireless connectivity have turned the home office into a ‘must-have’ for almost everyone. And today we take a look at how you can elevate the style quotient of your home office by embracing exposed brick walls.

Over the last few months, we have featured the very best living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms that tap into the charm of the brick wall, and today we complete this series by finally shedding the spotlight on the home office. A home office with brick walls is both fashionable and has an air of traditional elegance that brings together the best of both worlds. Beautiful, bold and definitely dashing, here is a collection of the very best from all over the world –

Painting It White!

Even though exposed brick walls look great in certain rooms, many of us are worried about too much red that they bring. This essentially disturbs the color scheme of your home office and might turn an otherwise neutral and relaxed setting into something far more audacious. A simple solution here is to whitewash the brick wall to give it that rustic appeal and ensure that it easily blends in with the rest of the ‘white’ in the room. A whitewashed brick wall is unique in more ways than one, and its naturally ‘uneven’ finish makes it a cool architectural feature. Those seeking more refinement can turn to several coats of white paint instead.

Work desk adds color to the contemporary home office with brick wall [Design: Jill Wolff Interior Design]
Ingenious home office design combines modern and traditional styles with ease [Design: Bespoke Architecture]
Let the bricks painted in white create a unique and neutral backdrop in the home office [Design: Vintage Renewal]
Whitewashed brick wall in the home office adds textural contrast without disturbing the color scheme [Design: Chango & Co]
Dark and light walls bring in visual contrast in the home office [From: Adrian Wilson interior photography]

Trendy and Timeless

There are several different styles one can try out in the home office with a brick wall backdrop that ranges from the contemporary to the classic. While it might not have been cool to have an exposed brick wall surface a decade ago, things have changed completely with them topping the trends chart in recent times. Styles like industrial, traditional and eclectic obviously work seamlessly with the beautiful brick wall in the backdrop, but adding one to a polished modern home office has its own range of benefits. Apart from the obvious textural variance that it offers, a smartly finished and sealed brick wall ensures that the home office feels completely different from the rest of the house.

Brick veneer is a perfect option for those who do not have a brick wall to showcase [Design: Todd Arenson Construction]
Eclectic home office with exposed brick walls and full of color and creativity [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Exposed brick wall backdrop is perfect for the industrial home office [Design: Palmer Weiss Interior Design]
Antique brick walls steal the show in this home office mudroom combo [Design: Katie Emmons Design]
Arched windows and brick walls give the home office a traditional and timeless look [Design: Isler Homes]
Brick wall in the home office is both timeless and fashionable [Design: Spacesmith]
Series of open shelves and closed cabinets create ample storage space in this home office [Design: Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez]

Accent Brick Wall

Sure, you love the exposed brick wall look and would want to get in on the trend as well. But not all of us have homes where we can simply peel off the plaster on top to find beautifully aged brick walls. Brick veneer is a great alternative here that allows modern homeowners to get in on the fun without actually longing for those timeless brick walls. You can start off by choosing it as an accent feature in the home office, and if you love the look, then it is pretty easy to take it into other rooms of the house as well.

Contemporary home office with brick wall and striking wall art [Design: John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods]
A simple and urbane way to bring in contrast into the home office with accent brick wall [Design: Paramax Homes]
Accent brick wall for the modern home office [Design: Rockefeller Partners Architects]
Smart workspace design for more than one user [Design: Kenneth Brown Design]
Turn the lone brick wall in your home office into a gorgeous gallery wall [From: Mullet Cabinet]
Vintage file cabinet is the showstopper in this eclectic home office [Design: SuzAnn Kletzien Design]

For Those Small Spaces

Designing a small home office or even that tiny little workspace in the corner of the bedroom is something that requires plenty of skill and smart utilization of available space. While we normally preach about a backdrop that reduces ‘visual clutter’, brick walls work surprisingly well even in these small settings. The key here is to keep color in the room to a minimum and to ensure that the brick walls do not seem too garish or out of place. Do not try to combine two or three drastically different finishes in the small home office with brick walls, and stick to a more monochromatic look.

Home office with brick wall, custom wooden shelves and comic strip-styled wall art [Design: Stephen Fletcher Architects]
Make use of the vertical space on offer in the small home office [Design: platform design]
Small home office with iconic Airia Desk and the Bubble Lamp [Design: Adrienne DeRosa]
Turn even the tiniest nook in your home into a lovely workspace [Design: S&K Interiors]
Industrial home office with exposed brick wall [Design: MW Architects]
Home office with daybed and open bookshelves above [From: Increation]
Small and ergonomic workarea in the living room [From: Elizabeth Felicella Photography / Buy Some Damn Art]

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