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What Is The Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style?

Hollywood glam is a classic interior style that will never go out of fashion. The mix of bold colors, upscale fabrics, and uncluttered designs adds glamour to the space. In this post, we reveal more about the history of this style and share tips for creating a luxury space with Hollywood glam vibes.

The origins of Hollywood glam style

Hollywood glam style emerged in the 1930s, an era that was referred to as the “Golden Age”. The style is exquisite, with high-end finishes that reveal the Hollywood glam. Billy Haines is considered the pioneer of this style, which has remained popular through the years.

The Hollywood glam style embraces high-end fabrics, luxurious details, and upscale finishes. Bold jewel tones are prevalent, showing a true sense of style. Complemented with golden or brass details, they create a bold pace that stands for luxury. 

It is all about bringing a dose of glamor into everyday living, creating uncluttered spaces with an upscale feel. This style implements Art Deco with modern styles, creating a tasteful combination that feels and looks expensive. Hollywood glam has elements of mid-century, neoclassical, and boutique hotels. However, it is all about implementing the right mix. A carefully curated interior fuses the different styles, creating a tasteful space that conveys luxury.

Glam interior (from Melissa Paddock)

Color scheme

The color scheme for this style features bold colors. Purple, gray, red, blue, and green are some of the standard color choices, present in deep hues that feel extravagant. Gold and brass are used moderately in the form of accents that strengthen the upscale decor theme. However, the classic black and white combination is also present. Make sure to use the color moderately, keeping a minimum of two colors in your palette. Building a solid foundation for layering colors grounds the space, resulting in a tasteful design. 

Bold colors (from Home Style For You)

Use of patterns

The combination of remarkable colors and intriguing patterns creates a unique interior filled with extravagance. Patterned flooring and fabrics are a common way to add a visual touch to Hollywood glam interiors, complementing the bold color choices. Animal prints, geometric patterns, neoclassical, and art deco motifs are often used to inject a dose of personality into the space. 

High-end finishes (from Houzz)

Upscale textures

Hollywood glam is all about bringing glamor to everyday living, so feel free to layer upscale materials to create the perfect interior. Velvet and plush fabrics will bring an elegant feel to the room. Glossy lacquered finishes bring texture to play while adding a touch of elegance. Metallic details complement the decor theme with a refined look. 

Luxury and elegance in Hollywood glam (from Houzz)


When choosing the furniture, there are a few principles to follow. Hollywood glam implements smooth lines and lush upholstery. Think of a tufted velvet sofa as a gorgeous statement that films your living room with a glam vibe. Ornate Art Deco furnishings and antiques can complement the style.

Combination of glam and traditional (from Houzz)
Velvet fabrics dominate in Hollywood glam style (from Houzz)
Upscale feel (from Houzz)
Bold details (from Houzz)
Luxury chandelier (from Elie design studio)
Luxury foyer (from Bonham and Bonham)

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