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How To Make The Industrial Living Room Style Work For You

Known for its rough and unfinished look, industrial style is a favorite for many. Designing an industrial living room means that you need to merge the signature features while providing the utmost comfort. The exposed brick wall, leather sofa, bold light fixtures, and outstanding rugs are the desired aesthetics for this style.

Creating a living space with an authentic industrial vibe might be challenging for you. However, we have you covered. In this post, we guide you through the process of designing an industrial living room like a professional designer.

Embrace the Beauty of Concrete

Rough and unfinished aesthetics are a signature feature of industrial style. Therefore, concrete surfaces are widely welcomed. Whether it is floor, ceiling, or walls, make sure to get the most of its natural beauty. Polished concrete is a perfect finish for flooring. If you wish to add a touch of warmth to concrete walls, play with warmer elements such as slate and wood. 

Unique charm (from Houzz)

Grounding color palette

The industrial style features a curated mix of earthy neutrals that create a soothing atmosphere. The colors mimic the industrial finishes, such as brick, patina, concrete, and wood. The color palette of warm neutrals, reddish-brown, rusty orange, and gray makes the space feel cozy. The colors will bring the room to life, creating a pleasant ambiance that makes the unrefined industrial space feel more like home. However, you can always add color to highlight specific features. Think of adding a splash of color to an exposed brick wall. 

Sleek finishes and industrial style (from Houzz)

Choosing the right furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture, there are a few aspects to consider. Chunky pieces of furniture with a masculine look are the best choice for industrial spaces. A leather Chesterfield sofa will bring an exquisite vibe to the room. A coffee table made of reclaimed wood will complement the mood. DIY furniture made from pallets will work, as well as pieces made of distressed wood. 

When it comes to finding furniture, it would be best to try thrift stores. This furniture will have a naturally worn look, so it will perfectly fit the industrial vibe you want to bring into the living room.

A touch of warmth (from Houzz)

Layer textures

The industrial style incorporates a carefully selected mix of textures for that ultimate visual touch. Your living room should embrace unrefined and rich materials to recreate the authentic look. The warmth of the wood will contrast the bare concrete’s sterile feel. Complement the raw materials with soft fabrics to create a balance between the unfinished and the cozy. 

Industrial style loft (from Houzz)

Introducing wood is one of the best ways to contrast the cold feel of the unfinished features. In a room with exposed pipes, wooden furniture will add a touch of coziness. Distressed wood will add a visual touch with its grained texture. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to match the wood in your living room. The industrial style allows layering, so you would want to avoid the matchy look. 

If you want your living room design to look intentional while mixing and matching, there is one rule to have in mind. Professional interior designers use repetition to achieve a tastefully designed space. This means that you must repeat the elements through the room for a more intentional look. 

String lights add charm (from Houzz)

Organic materials

Organic materials will bring a natural feel to the cold space. Therefore, don’t mind mixing and matching them in your industrial living room. A wool rug will add a touch of warmth to the bare concrete floors. Solid wood furniture is another excellent choice to consider. A camel leather sofa will ideally fit the style, creating a cozy seating area with a ton of style. 

Relaxed living room (from Houzz)


Light fixtures add a finishing touch to your living room. Industrial style lights are made of metal and often look edgy and rough. Whether you need simple light fixtures that won’t overpower the other design elements or bold choices that bring charm, you can always find the right fit for your needs. 

Camera lights mounted on the ceiling are a refined choice that perfectly matches the aesthetics. On the other hand, making a statement with long pendants will add a decorative touch. Or, opt for rustic light fixtures that mimic the old factory look. 

Modern and charming living room (from Houzz)

If you prefer the contemporary vibe, geometric light will work the best. With all these options available, it is all about choosing the right fit for your preferences.

Mix of colors (from Houzz)

Oversized art

Adding a few decorative touches will strengthen the decor theme. When choosing the correct details to match your industrial living room, you will never go wrong with oversized art. Large typographic prints make a bold statement on bare concrete walls while fitting the vibe and adding a touch of personality to the space. The artwork design should borrow colors from the living room’s color scheme for cohesiveness. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make your oversized art by framing wallpaper. 

Cowhide rug adds style (from Houzz)

Keep scrolling to see our take on industrial living room inspiration!

Exposed brick walls (from Houzz)
Chesterfield sofa is a signature element (from Modsy)
Airy and bright feel (from MyDomaine)
Simple industrial living room (from Houzz)
Charming living room (from Houzz)
Modern industrial style (from Houzz)
Add a pop of color to industrial style (from Houzz)
Charming industrial vibe (from Houzz)
Mix of organic textures (from Houzz)
Neutral living room (from Houzz)
Colors in industrial style are welcomed (from Houzz)


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