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Hillside Home with Captivating Sea Views: Old World Charm Finds New Expression

Charming you with amazing views of the distant sea and the valley just below, House in Jungão is a masterpiece that combines the old with the new in a seamless fashion. The house sits on a lot that was previously used for agriculture and a small hayloft existing on the site was transformed carefully to make a part of the dashing contemporary residence. Designed by AA.arquitectos, the exterior of the house feels both modern and classic at the same time thanks to the gabled roof form and the all-white sheen. Step inside and you will find even more modernity as bright paintings on the walls add color to an otherwise neutral white interior.

Gorgeous contemporary house in Portugal with a view of the sea

Life at this awesome Portuguese house is all about taking in the sights and sounds that just lay below and even at a distance. It is the lower level that contains the living area along with the dining space and the kitchen that sits in the space previously occupied by the hayloft. Minimal décor takes over in the dining room as well with a beautiful wooden table standing out instantly thanks to the monochromatic background in white. This theme of ‘cheerful and white’ is carried into the second level of the house as well containing the bedrooms, bathrooms and other private areas.

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Living room feels relaxing and stylish at the same time
Living room in white for the House in Jungão
Paintings add color to the white living room
Revamped house in Portugal offers beautiful views of the sea
Stunning view of the sea from the bedroom

Plenty of natural light, smart garden around the house with fruits, flowers and herbs and an idyllic scenery just outside ensure that this striking home in white feels inviting and refined at the same time. A perfect balance between the past and present! [Photography: Nuno Caldeira]

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Terrace space outside the house with a view of the distant sea
Dining room in white with wooden dining table
View of the terrace outside the house
Floor plan of House in Jungão

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