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40 Small Half Bathroom Ideas: Half Bath Decor for Powder Rooms

There are so many great things about a half bath — or sometimes referred to as a powder room. At first, it may seem an annoyance that these bathrooms are often smaller and tighter spaces, but when you think about it, with less square footage, you can quickly renovate these spaces without spending a ton of money.

This humble space gives homeowners the opportunity to take risks with their decor and get creative. The half bathroom — a room without the “bath” typically contains a sink and toilet and a few feet of room to dress up and decorate.

Photo Credit: Change & Co.

We have compiled 40 half bath spaces that we hope will inspire you to take the plunge and do something bold and beautiful with your half bath.

Statement-Making Wallpapers

The half bath is a place where you can take risks and experiment with bold decor ideas. Statement-making wallpaper is a great start. You don’t have to do the whole bathroom, though. Try adding wallpaper on the wall just behind the mirror or just a small part of the wall.

Photo Credit: Olly and Em

Daring and dark-colored wallpapers look great in the half bath or powder room.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hayes Design

A popular look is to complete the bottom half of the wall with board and batten or shiplap and then carry the rest of the wall with a patterned wallpaper.

Photo Credit: Terracotta Design Build

Pedestal Sinks

A half bath is an excellent spot for a pedestal sink. In most half baths, you are already short on room, so don’t take up a lot of space with clunky vanities; instead, opt for a decorative pedestal sink.

Photo Credit: A List Interiors

Given that half baths are used mostly for guests and main level use of the washroom, you don’t need a lot of storage in a vanity. Use this is an opportunity to showcase a vintage style with a custom pedestal sink.

Photo Credit: A-List Interiors

As an added bonus, pedestal sinks are easy to keep clean, too!

Photo Credit: Pure Salt Interiors

Bold Tile Work

Play around with bright and bold tile in the half bath. Since it’s a smaller space, it won’t cost you as much for tiles as a regular size bathroom. You can go for those more expensive, decorative pretty tiles without worrying about your wallet.

Photo Credit: Kara Adam Interiors
Photo Credit: Sarah Bartholomew Design

Tiling the bottom half of your wall is an excellent look in a powder room, but you could also go the opposite and do the top half behind your mirror.

Photo Credit: The Lifestyled Co.

If it’s in the budget, you can choose two different types of tile and do the whole wall. You will notice that blue is a popular color for the bathroom. It’s serene and calming, so you can’t go wrong with a blue tile.

Photo Credit: Mark D Sikes

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All Of The Above

You get this stunning bathroom when you combine the elements listed above: statement-making wallpaper, pedestal sinks, and bold tile work.

Photo Credit: Dina Bandman

Wall Sconces

An important design element to put thoughtful care and consideration into is choosing lighting fixtures. A half bath is an excellent place for wall sconces. Since the half bath is not your primary bathroom and most people do not use it to get ready and do things like makeup and hair, you can worry more about the style of the lighting fixture and less about whether it provides sufficient light.

Photo Credit: 22 Interiors

A set of matching wall sconces on either side of a mirror is a popular look for most half baths.

Photo Credit: Anne Chessin Designs

You can also hang a wall sconce above the mirror. You can’t go wrong with a classic farmhouse light.

Photo Credit: Purity Designs

While not typically used in a bathroom setting, hanging pendants look fantastic and totally steal the spotlight in this particular half bath.

Photo Credit: Tracy Lynn Studio

Color Framed Windows

Sometimes adding a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in the world. If you want to add a little punch and pizazz to your half bath, consider painting your window frames to match your decor and design.

half bathroom with color framed window blue pedestal sink with bold wallpaper
Photo Credit: Ashley Gilbreath

White and Neutral

White and neutral half baths are always a classic choice. Everything looks so fresh and clean. A bright and airy half bath is a look that will always be in style.

Photo Credit: Kate Marker Interiors
Photo Credit: Anne Chessin Designs

Bold and Black

One may think that black is not a wise choice for a small bathroom, but it can certainly be done. These half baths prove that you don’t have to limit your half bathroom to just neutrals. They are bold and daring without going overboard.

Photo Credit: Black Lacquer Design
Photo Credit: Sarah St Amand Design

Open Bottom Vanities

Shake things up from the traditional two-door style bathroom vanity and go with an open-bottom vanity. This will give you more room for decor, and since you don’t store a lot in a half bath, you won’t miss the space anyway.

Photo Credit: Bria Hammel Interiors

Bright and Daring Colors

Go big and bright in the half bath. Below are some bold color choices, and while these are not for everyone, you can’t deny that these bright and cheery bathrooms would impress any guest.

Photo Credit: DAG Design

Pops of yellow, green, and pink are not typical colors for bathrooms, but when it comes to the half bath or powder room, it’s fun to experiment and get creative.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Black Interiors

Balance out bright and bold colors with touches of white and pastels. They will blend nicely and allow you to have the color without overstimulating the space.

Photo Credit: Laura U Design

If you’re afraid of how to achieve a nice look with bright colors, try just adding in some pieces of decor without adding in elements that are permanent fixtures. This will give you a small taste of color, and you can see how you feel about it without fully committing.

Stunning Mirror Choices

Go bold and different with your mirror choice in your half bathroom. Since a half bathroom is not usually where you spend time getting ready, it’s an excellent opportunity to have a little fun with your mirror choice. Since practicality is not at the forefront, you can choose a mirror that is more about style and decor than about function.

Photo Credit: Lauren Leonard Interiors

Ratan is a stunning choice for a mirror and blends flawlessly for those that are after a bohemian feel to their half bathroom.

Photo Credit: Bella Mancini Design

A stunning and exquisite mirror deserves equally attractive bright colors!

Photo Credit: Amanda Reynal Interiors

This mirror is a perfect match for this geometric wallpaper and blends, but also has a bit of pop thanks to its unique texture.

Photo Credit: Edyta and Co.

Use your mirror in your half bath to play with different textures and looks. A mirror is not a costly commitment and is something that can be changed at a later date if you get bored or overstimulated with the look.

Photo Credit: Kristen Nix Interiors

This scalloped frame mirror makes a bold statement thanks to its eye-catching design and daring blue shade.

Photo Credit: JK Interior Living
Photo Credit: Kara Miller Interiors

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Wall Mounted Faucets

Modern and trendy designers are now gravitating toward wall-mounted faucets in the bathroom, particularly in half baths where counter space is often in short supply.

Photo Credit: Studio Thomas James

By mounting the faucets on the wall, homeowners can salvage their little counter space for decor or other items.

Photo Credit: Erica Bryen Design

Wall-mounted faucets are also much easier to keep clean, so that’s a nice bonus!

Photo Credit: Hazel and Brown Design

Wall-mounted faucets are available in so many different styles, colors, and fixtures. You are sure to find one that suits your taste and style.

Photo Credit: Isabella Patrick Design

Wall Mount Sink

Like the wall-mounted faucet, you can also opt for a wall-mounted sink in the half bath. This is especially perfect for powder rooms and half baths that are really tiny. Save floor space by installing a wall-mounted sink.

Photo Credit: Heidi Caillier Design

Often, wall-mounted sinks are smaller than traditional sinks in overall size and can be ordered in lots of different colors, or you can even paint them yourself.

Photo Credit: Chairma

Concrete Sink

Say goodbye to traditional porcelain and do something really different — a concrete sink!

Since a half bath is not used for doing everyday tasks like brushing teeth and washing faces, a concrete sink is best reserved for spaces like these.

Photo Credit: Graystone Custom Builders

Startling Floor Tile

When we say startling, we mean that in a good way. This eye-catching patterned tile design for the floor is a bold but gorgeous statement. Perfect for a small half bath!

Photo Credit: Amy Lind Interiors

We love the gold in this bathroom! It takes the style and elevates it to a rich, luxurious powder room full of class and elegance.

Tips for Decorating a Very Small Half Bath

If your half bath is on the extra small side, here are some quick tips to keep in mind to make the most of decorating this space:

  • Keep colors light and neutral
  • Mirror a wall (The reflection of light will do the same good work a window does)
  • Backlight your mirror
  • Use floor-to-ceiling tile (This will elongate the space)
  • Opt for a pedestal sink or a tiny corner sink
  • Amplify your space with high gloss paint that reflects light
  • Use stylish open shelving
  • Install a wall-mounted faucet

Tips for Refreshing and Decorating a Half Bathroom

  • Keep the clutter to a minimum – a half bathroom doesn’t need a ton of stuff, so don’t overcrowd it.
  • Bring in fresh scents – when using fragrances in the bathroom, pay attention to what season you’re in. Christmas, spring, fall, etc.
  • Keep up on switching out linens and towels – dirty used hand towels will give a dingy look to your bathroom, so make sure you are switching these out regularly.
  • Update your bath mat or rug – same as the towels; you don’t want dingy, dirty carpets in the bathroom.
  • Add in some greenery – warm up your bathroom space with fresh greenery. It can be faux or real; it doesn’t matter.
  • Introduce some art to the space – without art, a bathroom can feel cold and empty.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What is the purpose of a half bathroom?

A half bathroom is a small bathroom that contains only a toilet and a sink. They are sometimes called guest bathrooms or powder rooms. There is no shower or tub in a half bathroom; in most homes, it is located on the first floor.

Having the half bath on the first floor permits guests to use the facilities without feeling as though they have invaded your home. The half bath or powder room is usually very small, conveniently discovered, and seldom contains a window.

What should be in a half bathroom?

A half bathroom sometimes referred to as a powder room, typically consists of a toilet, sink, and mirror. Having an under-sink cabinet or another storage area for extra toilet paper, hand towels, and soap is optimal, but these things can be stored elsewhere if the space is tight.

What items should you keep in a guest half bath?

If you're having guests who will be using the half bath, you want to ensure that it is well stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels. Make sure that extra toilet paper is accessible and easily seen. A lack of toilet paper is embarrassing when someone is visiting your home.

How do you make a half bath feel cozy?

To cozy up a half bath, add a bath mat or rug. Make sure that there are plenty of hand towels and cute decorative soap bottles, and you can even add personalized bathroom signs. To make the space extra cozy, make sure it smells nice. You can use plug-in diffusers or essential oils.

How do you make a half bath look fancy?

Consider using gold fixtures if you're after a fancy vibe for your half bath or powder room. Working in gold faucets, mirrors, and wall sconces will immediately level up to a more luxurious look and style.

Where did the term \"powder room\" come from?

The term powder room originated around the 18th Century. The powder room was considered a closet-sized room where people applied extra powder to their wigs. The Victorian times kept the term \"powder room\" to discreetly excuse oneself.

You may be familiar with the euphemism \"powdering your nose,\" — as some women still refer to the half bath as the powder room when they use this phrase.

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