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How To Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter at any time of the day.

Not only do mirrors brighten your room, but they also give it an illusion of depth—making it look bigger than it is.

Source: Decor puzzle
Source: Decoratorist

There are many fun, inspiring ways to incorporate mirrors into your home decor but let’s get the basics right.

Use the right size

It’s best to go for mirrors that will complement the size of your space.

You should not go for an extremely large piece if the space is not big enough. Also, consider the height of your mirror if you want the room ceiling to seem taller.

Source: Decoholic

Maximize your mirrors with placement

Placing a mirror where the natural light comes from is very important. It enhances the light and makes the room seem brighter.

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For instance, you could hang a mirror between two windows.

Strategically place the mirrors to make your small room appear bigger and give more life to your space.

Position your mirror adjacent to a window

Source: Decoholic

Placing a mirror in the correct place will allow for the optimization of natural light.

To achieve this, place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the light and reflect it throughout the room.

Use mirrors instead of pictures

Source: Sioux city journal

Mirrors can be used as an alternative to pictures and paintings in a room.

It can be positioned and displayed just like a picture to fill up an empty space on the wall.

Placing a mirror in the dining room gives it an attractive natural light

Placing a mirror in the dining room in such a way that it reflects light onto the table is very attractive.

Hanging your mirror properly

Use a wall hook to ensure the mirror is balanced on the wall, and be sure to use two, one on each side. You don’t want a mirror slipping off the wall!

Source: Furniture pick

Using a wire or string to hold the mirror may not be your best bet. Be sure and use a hanger that’s meant for heavier objects such as mirrors.

Affix a mirror to your door

Source: Pottery Barn

Instead of leaning your full-length mirror against a wall near the door, why not try putting it directly on the door?

So just before you step out, your mirror can help you ensure that you look just how you want.

Make a statement wall

Source: Residence style

You can use mirrors to create a beautiful wall gallery. Some decorators like to display mirrors and paintings together on a wall, while some love to use mirrors in symmetrical patterns.

Source: Residence style

Whichever style you choose, a mirror gallery wall is a great idea.

Highlight the wall around the mirror

Source: Style motivation

Instantly add a whimsical touch by adding a different color to the wall where your mirrors hang.

Bedside attraction

Mirrors usually attract a second glance, so you want to place your mirrors to draw the eyes up and around the room.

Source: Trendir

Try mirrored tiles

Source: My furniture

Mirror tiles are so glamorous and sparkling. They make a great reflective surface, and you can use them anywhere: in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining, etc. You can also mix them with other types of tiles for variety.

Source: Homify

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