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Trendy Bathrooms that Combine Gray and Color in Sensational Style!

The past few seasons have seen plenty of attention being showered on gray and its many shades. When it comes to neutrals, nothing currently beats the charisma and popularity of gray. This obviously means more and more of us are starting to use the color in places where white was otherwise the gold standard. Contemporary bathrooms present one such setting, and instead of the simple white backdrop, homeowners are now starting to experiment with gray at its diverse best. While this is a great idea on many levels, a bathroom devoid of all color can quickly seem drab and boring. Today, we intend to drive out this boredom with some colorful zest!

Floating vanity, rug and accessories bring blue to this bathroom composition in gray (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

It should come as no surprise that any bold color works well with the millions of shades of gray when used right. A bathroom clad in neutral hues also allows you to switch between seasonal accent colors and changing trends without spending a fortune on redecorating. From snazzy reds to beautiful blues, zesty orange to delicate pink, here is how you can add color to the gray bathroom in style –

Have You Considered Pink?

Pink might not really be a color of choice for most in the modern bathroom, but it surely stands out from the pack and gives the gray bathroom a snazzy, cheerful appeal. Since the color is inevitably associated with all things feminine, you cannot really escape this aspect while using it in the bathroom as well. But those daring enough to try hot pinks and bolder fuchsia will be able to fashion a modern bathroom that is anything but girlish! Look beyond the stereotype and you will easily see how this combination of gray and pink can create a cozy and comforting escape.

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Sensational bathroom in soft grey and pastel pink with an air of femininity [Design: Benjamin Moore and Kohler]
Hot pink brings brightness to this classy contemporary bathroom in gray [Design: ALX Interiors, Inc, Alexandra Fernandez]
Gray bathrooms allow you to switch between accent hues with ease [Design: GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations]
Small transitional bathroom in gray with pink accents [Design: Armstrong Keyworth]

Gray and Blue Bathrooms

Blue bathrooms are simply timeless, and they never fail to impress. But this winter, try out something beyond the usual and venture beyond the classic color duo of blue and white by bringing gray into the spectrum. Gray and blue as a combination is far more exciting and it presents you with a wide range of opportunities, as you can even add white as the third color in the room. Lighter shades of blue can also be used extensively, even as gray takes a backseat in these elegant bathrooms.

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Light-filled contemporary bathroom in blue and gray [From: Interior Intuitions / Teri Fotheringham Photography]
Small beach style bathroom in blue with a hint of gray [Design: PVA Developments]
Victorian style bathroom with fabulous, bright standalone bathtub [Design: Cotterell & Co]

Refreshing Presence of Green!

Green and gray is a less common combination in the bathroom (or for that matter, in any room of the house), and it is hard to pull off unless you get the balance absolutely right. You might want to stay away from very dark shades of green when combining it with gray in the bathroom, as it can create a dull and at times garish atmosphere. Lighter tones of gray combine with lime green and olive green, with a matte finish working well in classic, Victorian and shabby chic style bathrooms, while contemporary bathrooms in gray benefit from simple pops of green.

Contemporary bathroom in gray with green shower area [Design: Brett Zamore Design]
Fabulous traditional bathroom in pastel green and gray with lots of natural light [From: Branca, Inc]

Spunky Orange and Serene Gray

When it comes to blending gray with a bright color, orange is our personal favorite. Considered a risky choice until recently, orange is being used far more extensively in modern bathrooms, and even a small dose of this energetic hue can completely alter the visual appeal of your bathroom. Orange is peppy, spirited, cheerful, fun and vivacious – everything that you might say gray is not! And as with everything else in life, opposites work brilliantly well, even with color palettes.

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Contemporary bathroom in white, orange and gray [Design: van Ellen + Sheryn Architects]
Orange gives cheerful spunk to the contemporary bathroom [Design: J.A.S. Design-Build]
Subtle use of orange in the gray bathroom can make a big difference [From: Bristol Design and Construction / Holland Photography]
Window frames and towels in orange add a cool, colorful touch to the serene bathroom in gray [Design: Jody Brettkelly]
Orange feature wall for minimal bathroom in gray [Design: Morgan Harris Architects Ltd]

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