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Gorgeous Fall Mantel Decor Display Ideas

No experience compares to the feeling that comes along with sitting by an appealing fireplace on a crisp fall evening. That’s especially true when you’re surrounded by seasonally appropriate elements like fragrant candles, eye-catching pumpkin patterns, and colorful foliage to bring the outdoors in.

Source: Homebnc
Source: A blissful nest

Adding seasonal touches to your mantel is a simple way to incorporate the colors and elements of the season into your living space.

Source: Southern living

Consider colors such as delicious plums, brilliant yellows, magnificent fiery oranges, and warm browns. You can replicate fall motifs with seasonal symbols such as woodland creatures, autumn foliage, acorns, and symbols of the harvest to create a cohesive look.

Source: Clean and scentible

Baskets, cushions, blankets, frames, mirrors, and vases are just some of the items you may utilize to create a unique fall display.

Spooky Scene Halloween Mantel Decor

Source: Curated interior

Make frames and silhouettes frightening by decorating them with witch hats, pitchforks and scythes, fangs, and devil horns, among other things.

Source: Good Housekeeping

This mantel is adorned with intricate cutouts of candelabras and sticks that are “lighted” with gold flames to create a warm glow.

Source: A pretty life in the suburbs

Using black upholstery tacks, attach paper bats to black sewing trimming to complete the look.

Finally, drape your fireplace with a painted wood garland, and set out some blazing red and orange decorations over it to complete the look. Cut spooky shapes like snakes from black foam core and stick them to craft blocks that have been pre-painted.

Sense of Place Fall Mantel Decor

Fall Mantel Decor Displays
Source: The seasonal home

This rustic scene is a true representation of the American countryside. Collected leaves, branches, and landscape artwork in autumnal colors all contribute to a strong sense of autumn in the exhibit.

The brick pavers used to construct the fireplace facade were salvaged from an old family home, adding to the scene’s warmth.

Black Crow Wreath Halloween Mantel Decor

Source: One kindesign

Wreaths and bows aren’t simply for the entrance to a home. Hanging a draped bow, such as this black one, above a fireplace mantle as a macabre holiday focal point is a great place to start. For maximum impact, add some pumpkin-shaped candles as seen here. 

Copper and Wheat Fall Mantel Decor

Source: Overstock

Using copper vases and long wheat stalks, this simple mantel arrangement is given some interest by the addition of framed artwork.

Fall Mantel Decor Displays
Source: Homebnc

Another natural element in the den is provided by the pinecone-filled bowls.

Super Spider Halloween Mantel Decor

Source: BHG

This eight-legged creepy-crawly mantel decoration would delight anyone who does not suffer from arachnophobia—the fear of spiders.

Rainbow Pumpkins Fall Mantel Decor

Source: Fun365

With this bright and cheerful rainbow-colored style, you can take your look beyond the traditional, darker, fall palette.

Source: Good housekeeping

Keep your decor within a family of colors, such as all pastels, or a natural palette that includes cream, green, and apricot, if you’re concerned about it being too bright and daring.

Plant-Covered Mantel

Source: Bless this nest

With this plant-covered mantel, you can enjoy the wilderness without leaving the comfort of your own house. Incorporating a variety of leaves, moss, candles, and wooden embellishments, this fall mantel decor puts a natural spin on things.

Fall Mantel Decor Displays
Source: Homebnc

Mounted Deer Head Fall Mantel Decor

Source: Gena Aston

Symmetry dominates this natural fireplace in an Arkansas home. A mounted deer head serves as a stunning focus that brings together the whole room.

Source: Deanna

Magnolia leaves collected from the yard snuggle into glass vases on both sides. The distinctive taxidermy even complements the arrangement of furniture. Romantic lighting and a two-tier candlestick spread a pleasant light through the entire living room.

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