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Fall 2023 Home Decor Trends To Watch For This Year

Fall is the time of the year when we want to dress our homes in warm neutrals and add autumn accents. In 2023, we’ll see lots of earthy neutral schemes, natural textures, and organic shapes.

Are you ready to explore some fresh updates for the new season? Here, we share the top fall 2023 home decor trends that will help you set an inviting and cozy atmosphere in your home! 

Earthy hues

Dressing your home in earthy hues infuses the indoors with the natural landscape outdoors. Warmer tones convey the fall color spectrum, where the beauty of the fall foliage dominates. 

Last year, grays and bold tones dominated the design world. This year the trends turn to a softer and warmer color palette. The top color schemes are revamped with nature-inspired tones, from sand and oatmeal as neutrals to apricot and copper as warm accents. 

Bright accents are swapped out for muted and softer versions. Shades like paprika and terracotta will be an ideal choice for accents.

Photo Credits: Caitlin Marie
Photo Credits: Caitlin Marie

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is a versatile feature that flatters any space and style. This year’s fall trends feature a strong tendency for gallery walls, focusing on mixing and matching different styles of frames. Why not enhance your collection with ornate vintage frames and curate an Instagram-worthy gallery wall?

Photo Credits: Gathered Living


Woodgrain texture is a grounding element in rich and cozy interiors that can be implemented in small furniture and decor. A wooden picture frame or large bowl on a side table adds a touch of coziness to the space and easily blends in with your year-round decor.

Photo credits: Create Enjoy


As the weather gets colder, the embrace of plush fabrics warms our hearts. The luxurious feel of velvet sets the perfect fall ambiance and creates a cozy sanctuary where you’ll want to seek refuge from the chilly weather. Elegant velvet throw pillows in terracotta and deep green are perfect for making your home fall-ready.

Photo Credits: Unique Tailor Made


As natural materials make their way onto fall-inspired mood boards, stone is an ideal option for contrasting the warmth of wood. Its natural grain or veining adds a unique visual touch to the space. Marble and granite bring understated elegance to this room, in the form of decorative bowls and trays.

Photo Credits: Meghan Basigner

Trending paint colors for fall 2023

The 2023 fall color palettes are heavily inspired by nature. Deep green, terracotta, tan, and greige are the ultimate choices for curating a fall-ready interior. Aubergine and dark blue are daring choices for those who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement. 

Here are the trending paint colors for the 2023 fall season. Also, we share the exact paint brands that offer them. 

Deep green

As earthy tones conquer the design scene in fall, it’s time to embrace nature at its best. Muted green sets a calm mood while adding a touch of elegance. 

Benjamin Moore Boreal Forest is a gorgeous deep green that flatters both rustic and elegant styles. It is the ideal color for painting kitchen cabinets or creating a focal wall. 

Sherwin Williams Forestwood is another muted green to consider for your next painting project. It is a deep green that brings sophistication to a space. Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom is a mossy green-gray color, perfect for making a bold statement.

Photo Credits: Jenna Sue Design


Greige is a gorgeous neutral that creates a subtle base for layering with other colors. This tone perfectly balances gray and beige, remaining relatively neutral. It is often used as an alternative to crisp white walls to achieve subtle depth and introduce coziness. 

Greige is a versatile paint choice for any room. Its soft touch adds depth to a space, whether it is the living room walls, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom walls. 

There are so many greige paint choices on the market that differ in depth and undertones. Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige is a gorgeous gray with warm undertones. Accessible Beige is another versatile neutral that still has a touch of warmth. Agreeable Gray is a top seller being a light gray with a warm touch. 

The Benjamin Moore collection has a wide range of greige tones. Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, Classic Gray, Natural Cream, Balboa Mist, and Pashima are their top sellers in the greige category.

Photo Credits: Stefana Silber
Photo Credits: Jenna Kate


Terracotta conveys clay’s natural beauty, falling between brown and red-orange. It is the perfect color to introduce warmth to a space and prepare it for those rainy fall days when you want to stay home and cozy up with a blanket.

Benjamin Moore Cinnamon is a rich brown with a prominent orange undertone. Sherwin Williams Peppery is a comforting and inviting orange.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Moore
Photo Credits: Sherwin Williams

Dark Blue

When speaking of versatility and drama, dark blue has it all. It is a bold color that stands out but is easy to tone down with neutrals. 

Mixing it with cool grays creates a modern and refined color scheme. On the other hand, pairing with warm accents such as wood and polished brass strikes a harmonious balance between rustic charm and chic elegance.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is an exquisite deep color that acts like a neutral. We can envision dark blue cabinets paired with brass hardware for a modern rustic vibe.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams Naval is a gorgeous deep blue with a cool undertone. It is a bold color that makes a statement but perfectly complements neutral color schemes.

Photo Credits: Sherwin Williams


Neutrals have always been around, but now their presence is more prominent. Tan is one of the most popular choices, making its way into fall color palettes thanks to its versatility.

Sherwin Williams Natural Tan is a sophisticated neutral that induces serenity in a space. Thanks to its moderate warmth, it pairs perfectly with woodgrain and warm accents.

Photo Credits: Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan is a gorgeous beige tone with prominent warm undertones. This neutral color is the perfect base for layering your fall palette. 

Photo Credits: Benjamin Moore


The rich aubergine color is prominent on the design scene, perfect for those who want to make a daring statement. The rich purple that carries the color of eggplant is ideal for accent walls, powder rooms, or furniture. Benjamin Moore’s Eggplant is a perfect depiction of the natural color, a sophisticated purple with a hint of red.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Moore

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