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Change of Flow: Redone Gallery Blends Work and Home in the Heart of London

The Flow Gallery House in Notting Hill is not an unknown address for those who love art and are frequent visitors exploring heart of London. But its transformed new avatar is definitely one that will surprise all with an interior that combines the gallery established by Yvonna Demczynska in 1999 with a newly created home. The idea was to merge work and personal life while having a clear boundary between the two. The live/work space designed by John Pardey Architects makes life easier for Yvonna Demczynska even as the exterior street façade is left untouched because of its historic value.

Revamped Flow Gallery House in London brings work and home together

The new interior was created by excavating below the existing gallery and creating a new level that sits slightly below ground. This also gave the architects an opportunity to shape a functional and spacious mezzanine level above that holds the bedrooms and the private areas. Much of the previous gallery entrance remains unaltered and its white walls along with lovely display can be viewed by guests on invitation. It is the new lower level that houses the living space, kitchen and dining and borrows from the color theme of the gallery.

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Gallery area of the house in white stays classy as ever
Gorgeous display of iconic vases and art work welcomes you at the gallery
Gray couch along with wooden shelves for the open plan living
Lower level living area of the Gallery House in London
Mezzanine level of the new interior leads to the bedrooms above

There are no dull corners here as white and a flood of natural light ensure that the house feels as cheerful, relaxing and modern as possible. A perfect synergy between work and leisure! [Photography: James Morris]

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Newly added mezzanine level helps create a cool living area below
Renovated house finds new space with an excavation that adds living areas and bedrooms
Staircase to the mezzanine level in wood and steel
Street facade of the Flow Gallery house remains intact
Bedroom on the mezzanine level with private balcony and shades of purple
Combining gallery and home designs with a smart renovation in London

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