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Fireplace Candle Ideas To Create A Cozy Space [30+ Photos]

A fireplace is a wonderful decor feature; it’s always an eye-catching piece in any room. A fireplace produces a mood and an ambiance, even if it’s non-working or faux. If you have a non-working or faux fireplace at home and want to style it to satisfy your space, you may choose candles or lights for a cozy feel.

Candles seem the most genuine after a real fire, and there are many ways to integrate them into your decor. In this article, we will get your creativity off to a great start and provide you with some wonderful inspiration for including candles in your faux fireplace design.

Let’s take a look at 30 gorgeous candle ideas for any faux fireplace:

Dark and Moody

Let’s start off with something so dark and dramatic that but certainly sets a romantic mood. This stunning all-black fireplace creates a bold and daring look but also adds small pops of white with the florals and lit candles. The ambiance here is total beauty and style.

Photo Credit: pearlandcoevents via Instagram

Continuing with more dark, moody, and romantic vibe, this fireplace setup is a little lighter than the last look but just as equally stunning.






Photo Credit: Jessie D Miller Master bedroom fireplace features an ornate carved marble fireplace mantel filled with lit candles and topped with a vase of spring blossoms, graffitied photo portrait and black and gold mirror framed by black walls.

If you really want to set a romantic, moody tone, you can’t go wrong with numerous candles. If safety is a concern, place your candles in glass hurricanes. This will not take away from your romantic tone, and the glass will add some class and style.

Photo Credit: sebestadesign via Instagram

Clear glass hurricanes are a beautiful way to display candles. The light is reflected off the glass, and they can be filled with decorative items for a festive look. Hurricanes are cheap to buy at discount stores. In addition to using them for centerpieces, clear glass hurricanes make a wonderful addition to any fireplace or mantel decor.

The fireplace above with candles shows a very ornate fireplace that is brought to life by using lots of different-sized candles on the mantel and many in the hearth. Consider pairing hurricanes with votive holders for an easy romantic style. Such a beautiful way to decorate a fireplace with flameless candles.

White and Bright

Let’s move away from dark tones and go to the other end of the spectrum and show you some looks that are clean, white, and bright. If you are a fan of white, you will love this next look as there is no color in sight.

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Miecznicka – French living room features walls clad in decorative wall moldings and ornate beaded crown moldings lined with a French marble fireplace filled with candles.

This next look adds a few pops of natural tones and blacks to set the white off but still keeps the main focus with bright white. This designer chose to use a mixture of pillars and candlesticks in the fireplace to add varying heights and dimensions, and it looks great, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your candle styles.

Photo Credit: Lonny – a neutral, minimal faux fireplace with lots of various candles inside and very laconic and minimal decor on the mantel
Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Outdoor Fireplace

You can use candles in outdoor fireplaces, too. This modern oasis uses extra-large pillar candles to create a dreamy and beautiful outdoor space.

Photo Credit: Jackson Paige – Chic long patio features a black pergola placed over modern wicker sofa and accent tables facing a pair of modern taupe outdoor chairs placed next to a white brick fireplace finished with a gray concrete mantle.

Candles On The Mantle

If you tire of having candles in your fireplace, you can always switch things up and move them up to your mantle for a while. Switching your look around keeps things fresh and prevents you from getting bored with your design style.

Photo Credit: Ashley Winn Design – Fantastic cabin home with floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace accented with re-claimed wood fireplace mantle. The Stone fireplace features a multipanel mirror and a collection of glass hurricanes with candles over a herringbone firebox. The fireplace hearth has built-in storage cubbies to house-cut firewood.

Simple and Sweet

You don’t always have to over do it. Sometimes a simple and sweet look is all you need. Here just a few pillar candles totally complement this clean and natural space.

Photo Credit: rubybyrds via Instagram

Small Fireplaces

Small fireplaces are perfect for pillar candles. Just a few here and there can set off a whole new look and make you space cozier and provide a more elegant vibe.

Photo Credit: whimsygirldesign via Instagram

Christmas Time

There’s no better time to put candles in your fireplace than at Christmas. This is a look that you can also carry through after Christmas and into your winter decorating.

Photo Credit: @kristina.despot via Instagram

If you keep your look simplistic and without red, you don’t even need to take it down after Christmas. You could leave this look up through the whole winter season.

Photo Credit: littlewarrenliving via Instagram
Photo Credit: lauriehomedeco via Instagram


Photo Credit: Lauren McBride Blog
Photo Credit: Cnieke – a faux fireplace with white pillar candles, neutral ornaments and stars for creating a Christmas ambience

Don’t Forget The Greenery

When working with candles in your fireplace, adding a touch of greenery can make all the difference. It adds a natural, earthy look that provides both a pop of color and texture helping to break up the candles.

Photo Credit: thelemondecor via Instagram

A simple, easy way to decorate your fireplace with flameless candles is to place them in the direction of the fireplace with a strand of artificial greenery.

The look above uses ivory-colored pillar candles at different heights to add variety and depth. Votive candles are also used. The greenery helps to tie the look together and adds a bit of color. The candles are spaced far enough apart to fill the space.

You could also push them closer together, which gives more of an appearance of logs burning the hearth when viewed at a distance. Either way, the more candles used, the better the glow. You’ll want to use enough candles to fill the space.

Varying Heights

Work with candles that vary in height to keep things from looking too uniform. This will lend to a more romantic and cozy ambiance.

Photo Credit: newengland_lizzy via Instagram

Taper candles are such a classic, elegant way to add ambiance to a space. Wax tapers can be messy and are not safe to have around pets and kids. With flameless tapers, you don’t have to worry about the risk of a fire.

This fireplace with candles look incorporates taper and pillar candles on different-sized holders.

Candles Stands

To set your candles in just the right place, you can use a set candle stand. This way, you don’t have to worry about candles toppling over or not looking right.

Photo Credit: patsworldstaging via Instagram

Fireplace candelabras or candelabrums are a striking way to decorate a fireplace with flameless candles and fill a space in a nonfunctioning fireplace.  Candelabra inserts come in many different shapes and designs and will fit a wide variety of decor styles.

Photo Credit: kira_turner via Instagram

These fireplace candle holders work best with smaller-sized flameless candles. LED votives or tealights will usually do the trick and are safer than traditional candles.

Candelabras can be placed into the fireplace as shown above or can rest on the hearthstone outside. The latter is a great option for those that sometimes use their fireplace but want an easy way to decorate it when not in use. Move the candelabra to the side when ready to start a fire.

Twinkle Lights

To add that extra twinkle of lights, work in some fairy lights around your candles so not only will you have the warm glow of a candle, you will add the cozy ambiance of twinkly lights.

Photo Credit: flamme_der_sinne via Instagram

Add a Lantern or Two

Along with candles, you can also use lanterns in your faux fireplace. Adding in lanterns will only add to your decor plus provide some different textiles for dimension and style.

Photo Credit: @updatemycape via Instagram

Lanterns and flameless candles go so well together – it’s a favorite way designers style them throughout a home.

The nice thing about the lanterns in this fireplace look is that they take up a good amount of space within the hearth. A minimal selection of decor items on the mantel balances this.

Too many decor items on the mantel, and this fireplace with candles look might be a bit too cluttered. The Luminara candles used in the lanterns add a soft glow to the fireplace in the evening hours.

Photo Credit: FireClay Tile – a large non-working fireplace with bricks inside, candle lanterns, flowers and whitewashed baskets is chic

Lanterns look especially beautiful at Christmas and can add that rustic cozy vibe that you are searching for.

Photo Credit: Blue Roof Cabin – a faux fireplace with a chevron wooden screen, a crate with pinecones, candles, fir branches and a blue lantern

Modern and Contemporary

If you like the modern look, you can still use candles in your faux fireplace. Group candles together and keep them close for a modern vibe. Stick with just candles and opt for simplicity.

Photo Credit: ladyofthehome via Instagram

If you don’t have a lot of vertical height in your fireplace, it’s best to opt for flameless battery-operated candles just to be on the safe side. There are tons of options available today that look so realistic, so if you’re afraid of the fake look, shop around and make sure you get something you really love.

Photo Credit: elleestpasbellelavie_ via Instagram

If your look is modern, don’t be afraid to add a little color in your candles. Sometimes just a punch of color is all you need in a space.

Photo Credit: OfDesign – a modern non-working fireplace with colorful candles inside looks bold and fun and sticks to the style of the room
Photo Credit: SimpliFire – a non-working fireplace with bricks inside and out and pillar candles for styling it right

Antique and Vintage

For a timeless look, incorporate vintage and antique pieces around your fireplace. You can’t go wrong with vintage brass candlesticks. These will add an aged look that will never tire and leave you with a stunning and attractive space.

Look around at vintage and antique markets for candlesticks and pieces to complete your look. Your brass candlesticks don’t all have to match, so you can build your collection over time. Just keep adding to them every time you come across one.

Photo Credit: happilyhuxford via Instagram

Use a Mirror

You can place a mirror behind your candles for a reflective glow. This will expand the look of your space and make your room appear larger. Plus, a mirror lends to a classy and elegant vibe.

Photo Credit: American Chimney – a faux white fireplace with a mirror screen and pillar candles, a sunburst mirror, vases on the mantel for decor

When used with candles, mirrors help bounce the light around and make it seem as though you are using twice the amount of candles. Mirrors can be placed in the back part of the hearth, as shown above. One mirror placed straight ahead or multiple mirrors placed at different angles can be used.

By angling the mirrors toward the middle of the fireplace, you’ll create additional views of the objects in front of the mirror. Consider arranging flameless candles and other decorative accents in front of the mirror for a bold look.  Additionally, an extensive mirror can be placed above the mantel to help broaden the space.

Use a Fireplace Grate

If you don’t burn wood in your fireplace or do it only on occasion, consider using your fireplace grate as a fireplace candle holder instead. Keep in mind that if you use your fireplace grate for fires, then it might be dirty and can get soot on the bottom of your candles. Consider placing a piece of cardboard in between the grate and the bottom of the candles to keep them clean.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping – a non-working fireplace of brick, with a metal stand for firewood and pillar candles on it

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using a grate with rungs that are close together or one that has an ember retainer on the bottom. This way, the candles will sit evenly on the grate. However, if your grate rungs are still too far apart, use a thin piece of wood or plastic sitting on top of the grate to provide support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candles were once only used for illumination and religious celebrations. Nowadays, they’ve become the norm in our home decor. Not only can adding a candle to your space bring a peaceful and charming glow, but it can also enhance its overall design.
Lighting candles in a fireplace is a stylish way to add the ambiance of soft, glowing fire to your home without the hassle of burning treated wood or messing with complicated outdoor charcoal fireplace starters. Candles are safe to burn in a fireplace — if it’s the correct type of fireplace.
A classic look is to place one significant item in the middle and then flank it on either side with matching items (vases or candlesticks, for example). Give your display room to breathe.
Candleholder height should be proportionate with candle height. This means that spindly candlesticks should never be taller in height than their taper candles, a short candleholder (not a votive) can better accommodate a larger candle, a slender candle stand is best topped with a stumpier-type candle.

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