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33 Bathroom Tray Ideas To Help Beautify and Tidy Your Space

If you want to update your bathroom, then a decorative tray could be one of the most pleasing ways to do it. These trays are not only an effortless way to add storage space, but they also have several other benefits. Trays are generally thought of as serving boards. However, they may be used as decorative components in any part of the house, including the bathroom.

Placing goods on a tray makes your countertop seem cleaner and more organized and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom. You can also use trays in the bathtub and shower, too. In this article, we will show you the best tray looks for all around the bathroom and go over influential information about choosing a bathroom tray and its benefits.

Bathroom Tray Materials

The great thing about bathroom trays is the many materials that they can be made of. For example, bathroom trays can be made from materials that combine well with your overall bathroom design. A marble bathroom tray is a lovely choice, being one of the higher-end materials. If you want a more affordable bathroom tray, there are plastic and some ceramic trays that are ideal for a moderate bathroom.

Photo Credit: Jessica Leigh Interiors

If you want a high-end bathroom tray, leather trays, woven trays, and stainless steel trays are attractive choices. Other materials include glass and even some types of stone. If you plan on keeping your tray purely cosmetic, a stone tray is a very beautiful option for you.

Photo Credit: Maria Decotiis

If you are transporting your tray or moving it around, contemplate getting a metal or wooden bathroom tray due to the materials being a little cheaper. A wooden bathroom tray is also gorgeous, with many different types of wood to select from.

The Usefulness of a Bathroom Tray

Bathroom tray organizers are useful for several reasons. The primary reason for trays is to organize other items as efficiently as possible. Trays can hold just about any small toiletries or washcloths in order to organize things in a lovely and visually attractive manner. Another splendid thing about bathroom trays is that they can occasionally come paired with a soap dispenser or another accessory that can complement the tray beautifully.

Photo Credit: Becki Owens

Trays are also very useful for transporting items as well, just in case you need to move anything around your bathroom while keeping it organized at the same time.

You can put your trays in your drawers and vanities to give you more useful storage that can be more organized. If you happen to be cleaning your shower or bathtub, you can put the items you took out of your shower into your tray to guarantee that they stay organized and you can keep track of them. Altogether it is a good idea to have at least one or two trays in your bathroom.

Where To Put Trays in the Bathroom

There are many places in which you can put your bathroom tray, but some will certainly work better than others. Perhaps the best place to put your bathroom tray organizer is on your vanity or countertop. This is the most useful place for several reasons. The first reason is that this is where it will be the most convenient for you.

If you have the tray on your vanity, you can access any items. Bathroom vanity trays are very practical and valuable.

Photo Credit: Veneer Designs

You can also put your bathroom tray on a separate table. This is a common practice in many different bathroom designs. Stand-alone tables are very effective for several other things, including holding trays. Make sure that you keep your table in a convenient place always to have access to it. It is crucial to keep your tray within arm’s reach so that you are always near it when you need it.

What to Put on a Bathroom Tray

You can put practically anything you want on a bathroom tray. However, like where you can place them, there are several possibilities. You will likely want to put some of your most used bathroom items on the tray. For example, items such as soap or other comparable items. You especially want to focus on hand sanitizer, soap, or toothpaste. These items are easy to lose, so keeping them organized is a beneficial practice.

You can also place various items to organize your items more sufficiently. You might want to put a comb or maybe some jewelry on your tray that you might use later. It is essential to note that you can put whatever you want on your bathroom tray, so feel free to get creative. You could put in some lovely display items or use the tray to hold loose things you do not want to lose track of.

Stick with the Current Design of Your Bathroom

Just because a tray is one of the more diminutive items in your bathroom design doesn’t mean you should ignore it. You need to make sure that your small bathroom tray is acquiring attention. This means you must match a design with the rest of your bathroom. This should be a relatively easy approach, however. If your bathroom is centered around the colors white and black, get a corresponding tray.

Photo Credit: Greg Natale

If you use a suitable design in your tray, you’ll notice the benefits soon. Instead of a small accessory to a large bathroom, you have something much more. You will now have a gorgeous accessory that will complement the rest of your bathroom design.

If you have a bathroom vanity tray or bathroom counter tray, make sure it matches the location and surrounding atmosphere. This is something to regard no matter what bathroom design you have.

The Benefits of Portable Trays

One of the best elements of a bathroom tray is its portability. The ability to pick it up and move it wherever you want is an extraordinary benefit. If you have to move several small items simultaneously, just put them on your bathroom tray. You can then move them together without stressing about making numerous trips. They are also amazing if you do not want to drop anything.

Amy Sklar Design

If your tray has a lid, this process will become a bit easier. A lid will keep your items secure while you are moving the tray. This is not a paramount part of your tray, but it is worth consideration.

Cleaning a Tray

If you do have a bathroom tray with decor, it is going to require to be cleaned more often than other accessories. This is mainly because it will touch many items used for other things. If your tray includes soaps, toothpaste, or other items you will be touching frequently, you should clean the tray regularly. It is necessary to keep up with cleanliness to stay healthy and organized.

Functionality and Benefits

Bathroom trays are not critical to a functional bathroom, but they are very useful. Trays allow you to organize your bathroom accessories and toiletries. This is an exceptionally reasonable element of the tray, making it something you should consider.

Photo Credit: Lauren O Interiors

Organization is a key element in every bathroom design. There aren’t many accessories that do what a bathroom tray does, so keep that in mind. Whether you are trying to transport items or keep them in order, a tray will help you.

Should you buy a bathroom tray? The easy answer is yes. A bathroom tray is very beneficial for several reasons. In addition to that, bathroom trays can be extremely affordable. You can even decide to make your own.

Photo Credit: Martha O’Hara Interiors

This is one of the most pleasing things about a bathroom tray. They are versatile and will help you with many duties in your bathroom. You should probably include a tray in your bathroom to tie your area together. Affordable and trendy bathroom trays will upgrade any bathroom design.

Photo Credit: Grove Park

Now that we have gone over key benefits, here are some designs and styles to help you find a look that may be right for you:

Concrete Tray

Interior design fads emerge and fade; however, some stick around and help you make your house seem appealing while also reducing clutter. This concrete tray is perfect for your bathroom; paired with a matching soap dispenser, it creates a masculine bold vibe.

A concrete tray will not only keep your countertop clutter-free, but it will also endure a long time due to its robust components. It also helps that this tray complements a black chevron backsplash.

Photo Credit: Gonterman Construction

Basic Laquer

A basic pale lacquer tray is a good choice if you want something more contemporary. The tray’s low-edge appearance won’t take up much visible space in this bathroom. Placed on a complementing soapstone countertop, the tray, on the other hand, shines on its own.

Its rich exterior will go well with any bathroom countertop or vanity. This is ideal for storing your valuables and high-end perfumes.

Photo Credit: Amber Interiors

Flat Wicker

Perfect for adorning the top of the toilet, this flat wicker tray becomes a home for plants and makeup brushes and is a great idea for smaller bathrooms where counter top space is in short supply.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Francis

Ideally, you can also use a flat wicker basket on the countertop. The warm, rich tone of the wicker basket here is a great complement to the brass taps and granite countertop.

Photo Credit: Kerry Spears Interiors
Photo Credit: Markalunas Architect

Geometric Marble

Add some pattern and style to your bathroom countertop or vanity. This marble vanity tray has a unique geometric design that breaks up all the sterile white in this bathroom and allows for the homeowner’s style and taste to show.

Photo Credit: Design Works Home

Glass Standing Tray

Trays don’t have to be just on the counter! You can add a freestanding tray to your bathroom beside the tub or shower. This provides you with a small spot to put items like bath salts, lotions, or whatever else you want close at hand when taking a bath or doing anything else in the bathroom.


Photo Credit: Brandon Architects

Gold Frame Tray

To complement the hanging wall sconces, this gold frame tray is the perfect fit for this bathroom vanity. It adds a perfect touch of class and style without going too far and since the gold touches in this bathroom are so small, it keeps it’s modern look and feel.

Photo Credit: Jenna Wallis Interiors

Beveled Mirror Tray

Any type of mirror in the bathroom is a great idea. It will catch and reflect the light giving your space a larger feel and look — even from just a small beveled mirror tray.

Photo Credit: Susan Glick Interiors

Freestanding Vanity Trays

A freestanding white vanity tray adds a traditional and vintage look to any bathroom. This lovely bathroom features upper walls clad in blue and green floral wallpaper and lower walls clad in white subway tiles lined with a white bamboo tray table atop a marble herringbone floor. Every single detail in this bathroom is worth noting.

Photo Credit: Amie Corley

If white and vintage looking is not up to your tastes, this freestanding tray has a more modern and streamlined look. This spa-like bathroom features serene blue walls and a freestanding tub — the wood and metal tray is like the cherry on top!

Photo Credit: Robert Elliott Homes

Ornate Details

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact. The tiny ornate details on this bathroom tray make a huge impact to this space, and while it may not seem like much, this tray will does pull the whole space together.

Photo Credit: Kara Mann

Glass Tub Tray

How can something be so subtle yet make such a stunning impact!? This glass tub tray is the perfect example of how you don’t need bold and bright colors and finishes to make a statement. This clear glass tub tray is barely noticeable, but when it catches your eye, you can see how it shines!

Photo Credit: Rose & Funk

Add Some Shape

Ditch the traditional square or round tray and go for something with a few more angles. This octagon tray brings depth and dimension to this bathroom — plus the beautiful Tiffany Blue color screams class and style.

Photo Credit: Knight Moves

Bring Home the Gold

Gold makes such a rich and luxurious impact. A gold tray in the bathroom to place all your treasured toiletries makes a grand statement and will surely add an extravagant vibe to your space.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Brand Your Bathroom

Color is added to this sleek, monochromatic bathroom from Dresner Design with a touch of pink flowers tucked in a dark lacquered Chanel dish. The owner’s appreciation of classic fashion labels is reflected in this tray, which lends bold individuality to a minimalist contemporary style.

Photo Credit: Dresner Design

Tub Trays

If you want to soak in a nice hot bath, maybe set up a tablet to watch some videos and enjoy a glass of wine, then a tub tray is just what you need. This sliding adjustable tub tray is sleek and modern and will give you the perfect spot to put your things while you’re in the bath.

Tub trays are a much-needed essential, especially for free-standing tubs, because you don’t have a ledge to place your shampoos and toiletries.

Photo Credit: homesweetspaces
Photo Credit: Janie Molster

If wood is not your style, you can go with a wire sliding tub tray that is sleeker and less bulky.

Despite the adequate drainage provided by the distance between the metal rungs, it’s still simple to place bath things on this tray, unlike the other metallic variants where objects would fall backward and topple over.

Photo Credit: Marcus Design Inc
Photo Credit: JLCreative
Photo Credit: Studio DB
Photo Credit: Amber Interiors
Photo Credit: Patrick Ahearn
Photo Credit: Amy Sklar Design

Tips for Decorating a Toilet Tray

  • Get a Nice looking Tray
    Let’s start with probably the most important element — get yourself a nice tray! A regular tray works well on the back of the toilet as long as the dimensions fit – but you can easily make one from a rectangular piece of wood.
  • Keep Accessories Minimal
    You want this to feel decorated, not cluttered. Keep accessories minimal and stash the rest under your bathroom sink area. Or choose to store things you can stuff in a small but classy-looking container.
  • Add Florals/Greenery
    Nothing adds more life to a room than greenery or a vase of pretty flowers. Faux florals and faux greenery keep care to a minimum, especially in a low-light bathroom.
  • Raid the Kitchen Aisle 
    Use pretty glasses and jars to hold accessories like Q-tips and Cotton Balls. The best place to look for pretty bathroom accessories is often not where you think! The Kitchen Aisle at stores like Target can have some hidden gems of pretty glassware and storage vessels for your bathroom. Even thrift stores can be good for those unique and inexpensive finds.
  • Don’t Forget a Candle
    Finally, add a candle for a sweet smell and a pretty glow. It’s great for guests and when you want a relaxing soak in the tub!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a bathroom tray for?

Trays are generally thought of as serving aids. However, they may be utilized as decorative components in any part of the home, such as the bathroom. Placing goods on a tray makes your countertop seem cleaner and more organized and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom.

What is a vanity tray?

A vanity tray is the perfect blend of old-fashioned charm and contemporary practicality. It contains your “stuff,” but it appears far more deliberate than a sprinkling of ordinary jewelry and lip balm covering every surface.

What is the importance of a toilet vanity tray?

Bathroom trays aren’t necessary for a working bathroom, yet, they’re really practical. Trays help you keep your décor and products organized. This is a really helpful feature of the tray. Therefore it’s something you should think about.

What do you put on a vanity tray?

Vanity trays keep little objects like fragrance bottles, makeup, hairbrushes, and razors organized and out of the way. When you need them, you may quickly contact them.

What is a toilet tray?

A toilet tray or tank tray, or back-of-toilet tray is a small tray meant to sit on the back of your toilet tank.

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