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20 Festive Dining Rooms that Welcome the Holiday Season Gleefully!

The Holidays are well and truly here. If you have not already thought about how to host that perfect family dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then now is the time to get started. With this week almost coming to an end, the weekend is a time when we fully get into the festive spirit and check out all the options before some last minute shopping and decorating. The dining room has become a relic of sorts in many contemporary homes where it is the eat-in kitchen that often gets the most attention. Yet during the Holidays, the fabulous dining space is once again in demand and we share with you ways in which you can usher in the festive look without splurging a fortune.

Gorgeous Christmas-themed tableware, mugs and more used to decorate the dining table [From: Target Home]

The best place to start in the dining room is undoubtedly the table itself and bringing ‘Christmas joy’ to the table often means a table runner with festive motifs, tableware in red and white and other decorations that accentuate the chosen color scheme. Be it a contemporary dining room with understated elegance or a more traditional dining space with timeless charm, this is a collection of the 20 smartest ideas that bring home the festive spirit on a budget –

Colors that Usher in Festive Spirit

Nothing says Christmas like décor in red and white and it is perennially the most popular Holiday color scheme all across the globe. Throw in a bit of green as well with an indoor plant and some custom decorations and you have a dining room that feels more than just festive. Tableware in red, candles and centerpieces that are simple yet striking ensure that you just need many different ‘little things’ to create a stunningly beautiful Holiday-themed dining room without burning a hole in your pocket. Sometimes hanging a banner in the backdrop or decorating the window with wreath outside helps accentuate this appeal.

Picture-perfect dining room to host many a happy Holiday feasts! [From: AMR Interior Design & Drafting]
Use red and white table runner and tableware to add festive appeal to the modern dining room [From: Rikki Snyder]
Wreath outside the window and dining table decorations bring Holiday cheer to this dining room in San Francisco [From: Megan Hansen]
A hint of red can turn the beautiful winter dinner party into one that is more Christmassy!
Alter the seat covers and the tableware to bring in the Holiday theme
Christmas-themed dining room with beautiful red window shutters that steal the spotlight [From: Marvel Home Decorating]

Space for the Christmas Tree

There are plenty of places where you can put the Christmas tree in your home, but placing it in the empty corner of the dining room gives the ‘family dinner’ a more dreamy and charming appeal. The snow-covered Christmas tree in the backdrop, chandeliers decorated using baubles, table runner with a festive look and lovely candles on the fireplace mantle in the backdrop combine to create the picture-perfect dining room. For those who do not want to go down the usual red and green route can use gold, white or other popular hues for a Christmas-themed dining space. We also love the idea of modern minimal dining spaces in gray with improvised holiday themes that feel trendier and unique.

Decorate the dining room corner with a snowy Christmas tree as you head into the Holiday Season [From: Houzz]
Farmhouse style dining room decked out with Christmas decorations everywhere
Festive gray and white dining room with a unique Christmas tree and modern Scandinavian style [From: Louise de Miranda]
White and green without a whole lot of red makes for a more elegant eclectic Holiday-themed dining room [From: Houseology Design Group Limited]
Banners, baubles and Christmas ornaments transform this farmhouse dining room into one with Holiday cheer [From: Susie Watson Designs]
Choose the right color scheme for your holiday decorations in the dining room

Unforgettable Family Holiday

Adding a bit of festive cheer to the dining room does not have to involve an extensive dining room makeover. A wreath here, mistletoe there and a few red accents can get the job done just as well. But ensure you still have a clear focal point in the room and clarity about the final look you wish to achieve. If your dining room is an extension of the living space, then the theme in one area needs to complement and accentuate the other. In open plan living spaces it is best to weave things together for a Holiday theme that is curated and eye-catching.

Mistletoe balls and bells hanging from the chandelier make for a fun festive decorative piece [From: Lowe’s Home Improvement]
Moving away from red and green to white and gold for the Christmas dinner party
Use string lights to usher in the festive look with an understated appeal!
Use the dining room with festive charm to create that picture-perfect family photograph
Combining Christmas decorations with custom gallery wall and eclectic touches in the dining room [From: sarah & bendrix]
Decorating the dining room fireplace mantle for the Holidays [From: Robeson design]
Gold and white is a popular color scheme this Christmas when it comes to Holiday decorations

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