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The Hunt for the Perfect Table Runner

As textile design becomes more and more adventurous, it can still be surprisingly difficult to find a stylish table runner. The big brands may release only a handful of patterns, and if you’re not a fan of them, your search continues. Even when offering a range of colors, retailers sometimes still manage to leave the season’s hottest hues out of the fun. This fall, colors such as teal, wine and deep grey are all the rage, yet some of these shades are (very) slowly finding their way to the table. We’ve searched high and low to bring you the table runner finds below. From basic solids to trendy patterns (and even a few DIY favorites), get ready to plan your next tablescape…

Solid Staples

So you’re looking for a table runner in a solid hue… Hopefully the color of your dreams is available! We’ve included an array of shades in the offerings that follow. But boy, is it tricky to find one place that carries a thorough variety. If you can’t find what you want, you can always dye a basic white runner. If you’re short on time, hopefully you won’t have to…

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Let’s get started with Crate & Barrel’s Grasscloth Table Runners, available in Ruby Red, Orange, Mustard, Green, Aqua Blue, Corsair Blue, Violet Purple, Brindle Brown, White and Graphite Grey. Below we see the Aqua Blue and Graphite Grey selections (can’t wait until the grey is ready to ship in late October!).

Aqua table runner from Crate & Barrel
Deep grey table runner

Pottery Barn’s PB Classic Belgian Flax Linen Hemstitch Table Runner is made from European-grown flax fibers and is available in a range of neutrals, plus green, red and terra cotta. Below (right), we see the brand’s Velvet Table Runners, which are holiday-perfect:

Table Runners from Pottery Barn

This Gold Jute Table Runner from Crate & Barrel makes a lovely fall statement, and its metallic sheen is also ideal for the holidays!

Jute table runner from Crate & Barrel

If you were hoping to find a table runner or two featuring this season’s “it” colors, you can thank H&M Home, which offers linen runners in colors that include grey and teal (at a bargain price of $12.99)!

Linen table runners in grey and teal

This Faded Linen Table Runner from Zara Home would make a lovely base for decor in some of fall’s edgiest colors, from dusty rose and wine to eggplant and navy:

Linen table runner from Zara Home

Don’t forget the power of a bold stripe! While technically not filled with one solid color from edge to edge, this Contrasting-Edge Table Runner from Zara Home lets grey tones take center stage in a design that can live on your table from Halloween through the holidays:

Cotton table runner with a grey stripe

Interesting Patterns

If you follow textile design and you’re interested in hunting down table runners in some of the latest patterns, you may be surprised by how long it takes new motifs to filter down from pillows and sheets to tabletop textiles. In fact, many design houses offer interesting napkins and tea towels while stopping short of runners. A helpful tip: visit Etsy. This online marketplace is filled with artisans who have access to unique fabrics. For example, we’re loving the plus sign pattern featured on this table runner from Etsy shop KESS InHouse:

Table runner from Etsy shop KESS InHouse

Ombre style is alive and well on this handmade table runner from Etsy shop I Love Craftsy. Another reason to love this runner: its bargain price of $16.99!

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Ombre table runner from Etsy shop I Love Craftsy

There is a LOT of merchandise on Etsy, so make sure you’re very specific when entering search terms. When trying to hunt down a “shibori” table runner (learn more about shibori here), we found this beauty from Flora Poste Studio:

Shibori table runner from Flora Poste Studio

When it comes to table runners from big brands, there are definitely some treasures to be found. Modern design lovers will be delighted by Crate & Barrel’s Maeve Runner, which features a subtle geometric pattern of rings, as well as metallic shades of grey and gold:

Geometric table runner from Crate & Barrel

The Blue and Black Table Runner below (from CB2) is a perfect fit for dinnerware in violet, blue and ochre:

Patterned runner from CB2

Clever Solutions

Finell offers an innovative, durable table runner solution: 3D silicone placements that combine to form a runner! If you’re on a tight budget, these selections may be a stretch, but they’re well worth the investment. Not only is silicone easy to clean, it’s heat-resistant. In other words, the runner segments can double as trivets. Below we see the magic of Facet in Grey (first as a placemat, then as a runner made from combined placemats):

Facet placemat by Finell
Silicone table runner in gray

If you prefer rounded forms, check out Bubble, also from Finell. While you can purchase Facet in black, white, gray and red, Bubble is available in black, white, gray and mint. Below we see selections in black and white.

Bubble table runner by Finell
Silicone 3D table runner

DIY Table Runners

With a limited number of table runners sporting the latest trends, it’s no wonder so many DIY runner options have become popular in recent years! We end today’s post with a few of our favorites. For starters, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can always sew your own using a favorite fabric. We’re loving the geo pattern featured on this DIY Tasseled Table Runner from Makers Society:

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DIY table runner from Makers Society

This DIY Shibori Table Runner from Annabode couldn’t be easier to make…or faster! 30 seconds, in fact. That’s because it’s really paper that you can order for a reasonable price. Voila! Instant table runner:

DIY shibori table runner from Annabode

This DIY grid table runner from Paper & Stitch is fabulously modern and perfectly on trend:

DIY grid table runner from Paper & Stitch

Last but not least, HGTV‘s Rustic Twig Table Runner brings a bit of nature to your tabletop, making a festive statement for events and holidays such as Thanksgiving:

Earthy twig table runner

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect table runner, perhaps you found an item (or a creative idea) to pursue in today’s post. May your table be bountiful and beautifully adorned!

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