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25 Fall Kitchen Design Trends for 2020: Personalize and Celebrate!

Fall 2020 brings with it plenty of possibilities across the world and hope that the last third of the year will be far better than the pandemic-struck and difficult first eight months. There is hope in the air and with the arrival of fall, we look forward to both Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations once again – even if they are altered by the current Covid-19 situation. With a change in season, you also have new decorating and design trends that reshape interiors and promise to give our home a fresh new look. Some are easy to incorporate while others take a bit more time; but the best fall kitchen trends this year combine style with sensibility.

Gorgeous DIY Cutting Board Wall Art is the perfect DIY for the modern kitchen with a difference [From: Anderson + Grant]

Many design experts strongly feel that the current pandemic situation, social distancing norms and the overall economic impact of the last few months will strongly influence everything from home decorating to shopping trends in the coming months. Instead of the usual lineup of endless fall parties and constant hosting, kitchens will serve as more personal spaces this year where ‘connecting virtually’ becomes the norm. Form, functionality and unexpected splashes of color are all a part of the top fall kitchen trends for 2020!

Turn to DIY Solutions

The next few months are bound to see many turn to DIY solutions and new cooking recipes to ensure that their preparations for the Holiday Season go seamlessly. This is a trend that is largely influenced by our reluctance to go outside and shop for health and safety reasons. In the kitchen, small DIY projects can bring something new and personal without forcing you to shop or spend a fortune. A simple hexagonal wall shelf that adds geometric contrast, a DIY rug that adds color or sleek floating shelves that bring additional storage space – there are many great DIYs that require just basic crafting skills.

Fabulous DIY color-blocked spice jars for the chic and space-savvy kitchen [From: A Kailo Chic Life]
Use the pegboard to create a more organized kitchen with smart storage solutions
A simple wiry frame can transform the kitchen by creating a more organized countertop
Create our own fabulous DIY concrete kitchen countertop that makes an impact [From: A Beautiful Mess]
DIY hexagonal shelves are perfect for the trendy modern kitchen

Outdoors Come Alive Inside!

If you cannot spend more time outside, then bring the outdoors inside! That is the idea that seems to be taking over kitchens in 2020 and everything from a living wall and small herb gardens to sliding glass doors that connect with the garden are welcome in here! You can find your own little way in which nature becomes a part of the kitchen this fall. If you are blessed with a spacious home where garden sits next to the kitchen, then do take advantage of it. In small urban apartments, DIY planters usher in natural greenery while botanicals and nature-centric prints make an instant difference.

Series of fabulous windows and doors connect this modern kitchen with the outdoors
Sliding glass doors connect the spacious kitchen of the London home with the outdoors
Spacious modern kitchen in white finds innovative ways to connect the interior with the outdoors [From:: Dan Kitchens Australia]
Curtains add both color and pattern to this light-filled modern kitchen
Roof lights and floor-to-ceiling glass walls are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside [From: Lord Architecture]

Cleaner, More Organized Kitchens

A cleaner kitchen is a must this fall to keep your family healthy and safe and this starts with a kitchen that is far better organized. The ‘less is more’ philosophy is one that is bound to gain traction at the moment and no matter what your kitchen styles is, a de-cluttered space is an absolute must. Try out new modular cabinets and smart shelves in here that help tuck away additional kitchenware while a new pantry could help solve many of your storage problems.

Colors, smart organization and a mixture of varied storage ideas transform this kitchen [From: Lowe’s Home Improvement]
Combine closed cabinets with open shelves for that organized, picture-perfect kitchen [From: Heartwood Kitchens]
Ingenious small kitchen of New York home with lovely concrete countertops [From: West End Interiors]
Add open shelves to your kitchen island to give it a more eye-catching appeal
Beautiful farmhouse kitchen has a lot going on and yet is perfectly organized

Uplifting Splashes of Color

Fall is usually the time when we see fiery oranges and lovely yellows take over from the cloak of green outside. Celebrate this change of colors in the kitchen as well by infusing uplifting splashes of color in a space that is otherwise neutral. A backsplash in brilliant yellow, ceiling in blue, cabinets in red or just accessories that add pops of green everywhere – there are many, many possibilities to explore. Instead of just fixating on one color, think of color as a way to give the kitchen a unique personality that drives away blues.

Kitchen appliances and accent additions bring color to this neutral modern kitchen [From: Roux MacNeill Studio]
Kitchen island brings deep dark green to the kitchen while the backsplash pours in yellow
Modern farmhouse kitchen with brilliant splashes of yellow and blue thrown into the mix [From: Sixteen On Center]
Chairs usher in a splash of orange without taking over the kitchen entirely
Imaginative use of bright color in the small eclectic kitchen [From: Michael Lipman Photography]

Smart Eat-in Kitchens

Saving space and giving the kitchen a more ‘social’ appeal, smart eat-in kitchens are only going to be more popular in the months ahead. Eat-in kitchens come in a wide range of forms and the dining area in here can vary from the simple extension of the kitchen island into a dining table to the stunningly beautiful dining space that sits at the heart of a large kitchen. If you are someone who is just thinking about adding a small dining area in the kitchen, then a modest table and a few chairs should get you started in the right path. And those lucky enough to have a lovely little niche in the kitchen can transform it into banquette-style seating that gives you the diner experience at home!

Contemporary kitchen with blue cabinets, smart island and exposed brick wall [From: Magic Projects London]
Modern farmhouse style kitchen with space to dine and relax [From: West Visuals]
Extend the kitchen island to create a space-savvy eat-in kitchen that is the perfect social zone [From: Elementi Concept]
Exquisite modern kitchen with dining space is beautifully lit by the large sky light above

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