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All About the Outdoors: Energy-Efficient Multi-Level Home in Vienna

Crafting a low-energy modern home is all about getting the ‘bones’ of the house right and adding additional, energy-efficient features that allow it to cut back on power consumption. This large home in Vienna, Austria designed by Zoran Bodrozic is one such delight that seems to maintain an open, inviting ambiance despite its eco-friendly credentials. Dubbed PÖHÖ33, the house is spread across four different levels, and each level seems like a natural extension of the one below. It is the ground floor with its sweeping living area, kitchen and dining area that sets the tone for the private levels above and the basement below.

Contemporary private home in Vienna, Austria

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An interesting feature of the home’s design is the innovative use of black in every room that anchors the large, open spaces and defines them in a minimal fashion. Be it the staircase, the wall with shelves in the living room, the modern fireplace or the kitchen workstation; black holds sway inside this Austrian home. The black, white and wood color palette lets the home standout visually, even while ensuring that the smart, contemporary aesthetic is not lost whatsoever.

Contemporary private home in Vienna, Austria

Multi-level contemporary home in Vienna

Outdoor dining area and pool of the modern house in Vienna, Austria

Pool and deck of modern home in VIenna

Elegant and modern living area of private home in Vienna

Gorgeous and track lighting and pendants in black for the interior

Kitchen and dining room with plenty of black

Track lighting in black and Tom Dixon pendants in the same hue add to the dramatic appeal of the dining space, with a beautifully-lit stairwell leading to the top floors. It is the rear of the house that completely opens up towards the large deck, pool and spa zone outside, thanks to the extensive use of glass walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. [Photography: Robert Niederl]

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Dark backdrop of the staircase adds to the appeal of the living area

Modern fireplace and black backdrop in the living room

Dark stairwell in black

Bedroom in white with a black fireplace and ample sunlight

Indoor pool and spa area of modern home in Vienna

Large open deck and pool of the POHO33

First level floor plan of POHO33

Second level floor plan of POHO33

Floor plan of the third level with private spaces

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