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Stunning Views, Ski Slopes and a Cozy Ambiance: Crystal Clear in Olympic Valley

Lake Tahoe and Olympic Valley are renowned across the globe for their majestic mountain views and fabulous ski slopes that attract many enthusiasts from all over the US. It is in the heart of this beautiful landscape that Crystal Clear designed by Aspen Leaf Interiors sits. Draped with wood on the outside, the home tries to combine the cozy atmosphere of a classic mountain home with sleek, contemporary aesthetics to offer the best of both worlds. The interior of the house is simple, unassuming and devoid of bold color to ensure that the focus remains firmly on the landscape outside.

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The multi-level house uses windows in an efficient fashion to improve both the smartness of the interior and to give it a more airy, open appeal. Large sliding and folding glass doors connect various rooms with the large deck and pool area that becomes the new ‘social zone’ of the private home. The indoor-outdoor interplay is efficient, with skylights and gabled ceilings creating a sense of cheerfulness and space. Beautiful chandeliers also enliven the living and dining areas, with even the kids’ bedroom and adult bedrooms embracing the neutral color scheme.

Wooden cabinets and wonderful fireplaces add contrast and warmth to an interior that otherwise is homogenous. A nifty staircase connects the lower living area with the bedrooms on the top level, even as the spa zone next to the deck completes a modern home that is understated and exquisite.

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Sherry Nothingam

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