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Homemade Festive Cheer: 25 Easy DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Shopping and decorating for the festive season is never complete – even when you are just a day or two away from the big day itself! This is when easy DIY projects and your crafting skills come in handy, as you make the most of the few precious hours heading into Christmas Eve to decorate your home and to usher in more holiday cheer. Despite the popular notion that DIY projects need to be completed well in advance if you want your home to be ready for the festive week between Christmas and New Year, it is always better late than never!

Chic and beautiful Christmas tree garland [From: The TomKat studio]

With that in mind, we have a roundup of relatively easy-to-craft Christmas decorations that range from the simple to the stunning, to help you get into the holiday mood. Some of them take no more than 20 to 30 minutes, and you can pick and choose exactly the projects that you feel will enhance the festive atmosphere inside your home. Get crafting!

A Gorgeous Christmas Tree

At the heart of a beautifully decorated home or even yard during the Holiday Season is a gorgeous Christmas tree that is filled with sparkling ornaments and homemade adornments. This year, stack up on the DIY side of decorations with everything ranging from custom banners to cool fresh flowers, lace and even burlap. The projects below not only allow you to create these Christmas tree decorations on a budget, but you can get many of these done in absolutely no time whatsoever.

Colorful and brilliant DIY floral Christmas tree [From: Design Love Fest]
DIY mini Christmas tree [From: Hands Occupied]

You can even explore the quirky side of Christmas this year and move away from the mundane with ideas like the cool Christmas tree decorated with giant alphabets. It is an idea that will allow even your little one to join in on the fun. Turn it up a notch with custom DIY pineapple ornaments, or turn to a space-saver like the mini Christmas tree if you simply do not have the room to spare for a larger tree.

Gorgeous DIY pineapple ornaments from Brit + Co
Kids Christmas tree with alphabets as ornaments [From: A Night Owl Blog]
Burlap, lace and sparkling silver ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree [From: Love Grows Wild]

Sparkling Candles and Lighting

If it is the Christmas tree that is the center of attraction in every elegantly decorated home and office during the holiday season, it is lighting that truly makes the biggest impact. String lights are undoubtedly the traditional favorite in this regard, and you can even use these sparkling delights beyond the holiday season. But this Christmas, take it a step further with a cool burlap garland that is combined with dazzling string lights. Those who prefer a more rustic Christmas with a woodsy cabin can try out the cool wood candle holders or the Peppermint Striped Candlesticks. It is time to get creative!

Easy holiday candle DIY idea {From: Inspire me Heather]
Illuminated burlap garland DIY [From: create craft love]
Rustic wood candle holders with festive style [From: Marty’s Musings]
Sparkling way to decorate the stairway in DIY style [From: on Sutton place]
Super-easy Christmas-shaped candles from Pop Sugar
Use chalkboard, string lights and a few ornaments to create your own DIY Christmas Tree [From: Hunted Interior]
DIY Christmas canvas with twinkle lights [From: A Pumpkin and A Princess]
DIY Christmassy Peppermint Striped Candlesticks [From: Simply Kierste]

A Creative Christmas Display

DIY Christmas signs are a perennial hit, and with your own homemade holiday season signs, you can convey the exact message of your choice. This means a move away from the stereotypical Christmas boards in green and red and a turn towards something fun, witty and personal. Combine these smart displays and message boards with twinkling lights and place them above the fireplace mantel, and you have a bright and unique focal point in the living room. We also love the idea of a DIY stocking holder that is both easy to craft and super-fun.

DIY framed Christmas card display [From: Reasons to Skip the Housework]
Fabulous DIY message board with Christmassy charm [From: Liz Marie Blog]
Paper Christmas lights garland – DIY Idea [From: stubbornly crafty]
Unique Christmas ornament tree with chevron stripe pallet [From: mommy is coocoo]
Decorate your living room in style this Christmas with the DIY Stocking holder [From: Becki Adams]
DIY Christmas sign without all the red! [From: lake girl paints]
Vintage and industrial DIY Christmas decorating idea with letters and lights [From: craftcuts]

A Festive Centerpiece

Finally we move on to a series of easy-to-craft DIY centerpieces that can be placed on the festive dining table, the living room coffee table or even the smart fireplace mantle. While one depicts Santa navigating through snow, another combines the latest decorating trends, geo motifs and metallic glint to craft a centerpiece that will last beyond the next few weeks. Pick and a choose a centerpiece that fits with the style of your home and the theme you have picked for Christmas decorations this year. Happy Holidays!

DIY crochet snowflake coasters are perfect for the festive tablescape [From: katrinshine]
Easy DIY Christmas centerpiece idea from Good House Keeping
Neon DIY Christmas centerpiece
Coffee table centerpiece with DIY Christmas style [From: Savvy Southern Style]

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