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Dark Green Kitchens: 20 Gorgeous Ideas for those who Love an Overload of Green!

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Picking the right color for your kitchen is a task that is difficult at the best of times when you have clarity regarding the style you want in there. Things get a bit more confusing when you move away from the more popular hues like white, blue, gray and cream in the kitchen and delve into the exotic worlds of greens. Evoking the image of lush green forests and nature at its unbridled best, darker shades of green can be absolutely mesmerizing when used right. Adapting to different styles and settings, it is easy to work with dark and deep greens when you know precisely how you wish to shape the area around it.

Exquisite use of olive green in the traditional kitchen while marble contact paper adds extra sophistication.  [From: Bon Atelier Limited]

The best dark green kitchens use the color in a judicious manner and it is often used in spaces that are removed from the living area. This is in contrast with the modern trend of adapting an open plan kitchen that feels like an extension of the living area. Energetic, classy and even eclectic when it needs to be, this is a look at the best kitchens in dark green that we could gather from all over the planet. Enjoy!

Dark Green and White Kitchens

If there is one color that perfectly complements dark green in the kitchen, then it is undoubtedly white. A popular choice in this section is the blend of dark green kitchen cabinets and walls with a white backsplash, countertops in white and a ceiling in white. This is the most referred ‘formula’, but you can tweak it easily to ensure it fits with the style that you have chosen for the kitchen. Using marble to bring in the white element also is a smart idea in the contemporary kitchen. It adds a sense of sophistication without altering the color palette. Adding marble doesn’t have to be expensive either—marble contact paper can easily be used on laminate counters or as a backsplash.

Dashing modern farmhouse kitchen with industrial pot racks to offset the white and dark green [From: Ark Living]
Large floor lamp inside the traditional kitchen of London home steals the show [From: Fontana Art & Design]
Modern eclectic kitchen of New York home with connectivity with the outdoors
Traditional kitchen with stunning gold faucet and hardware highlight the dark green cabinets [From: Kitchen Architecture]
An overload of green in the kitchen along with white [From: Pete Helme Photography]
Balanced use of white and green in the space-savvy contemporary kitchen
Combining marble with dark green charisma in the narrow, well-lit kitchen [From: Greg Natale]

Pick from the many Styles on Offer

The selection of dark green cabinets for your kitchen in no way limits the styles that you can delve into. Eclectic is a style that works with almost any color you can imagine while tropical style kitchens are always inviting of green. Modern kitchens in green are a bit rarer, but that does not mean you cannot create a unique and amazing kitchen using the color. Farmhouse, and rustic kitchens with the hue coupled with textured walls feel cozy and inviting while delightful Mediterranean kitchens in deep green are as good as those in yellow!

Eat-in-kitchen with dark green cabinets and white marble backsplash is flooded with natural light [From: KA DesignWorks]
Eclectic kitchen in green for the small urban Moscow apartment
Gallery kitchen of mountain retreat with dark green cabinets, woodsy ceiling and stone surfaces all around [From: David Hecht Custom Kitchens]
Multi-colored kitchen with tiled backsplash, woodsy island and plenty of green [From: Caroline Hudson Design]
Patterned ceiling, dark green cabinets and white countertops create a country style kitchen
Chevron pattern dark green tiled backsplash for the kitchen in white with Scandinavian style [From: Atelier Plurielles Architectures]
Dark green cabinets coupled with black kitchen island and dazzling copper pendant lights [From: McCraw Design & Development]

Kitchenware, Lighting and All Else

One you have settled on the green of your choice (even with dark greens there are plenty of bright options round), you can think about other features that add to its impressive presence. Metallic accents and bright pendants stand out more vividly with a dashing dark green backdrop. Kitchenware can also be used as a decorative element in here while LED strip lights coupled with recessed lighting highlights exactly the features you want to showcase in your new gorgeous green kitchen. Be it breezy and casual or urbane and space-savvy, dark green is a winner in every kitchen across the spectrum.

Deep dark green cabinets coupled with shiny penny tile backsplash in the kitchen
Fabulous use of kitchenware to add metallic glint for the modern green kitchen
Blend of dark green and blue in the kitchen creates a picture of class and elegance [From: Brett Mickan Interior Design]
Brick coupled with darker shade of green in the modern-classic kitchen with unique cabinets [From: ukvartira]
Bright dark green and terracotta tiles for the kitchen with modern-classic style [From: Atelier Interior Design]

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