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Delightful Upgrades: 25 Creative Bedside Lighting Ideas

Looking for a way in which you can alter the ambiance of a bedroom without plunging yourself in a major decorating revamp. Then lighting fixtures are undoubtedly the best option! Lighting can dramatically alter the appeal of an interior without trying too hard and you will not have to do anything drastically different in regards to the theme, color scheme of the room or even the placement of décor. While the traditional table lamp placed on the bedside table seems like the obvious choice, we bring to you a host of creative, stylish and trendy ideas that venture beyond the mundane. It is time to give bedside lighting a brilliant upgrade!

Ingenious bedroom lighting from Twils

There are plenty of factors that determine your choices when it comes to picking the right bedside lamps. It is often a smart blend of functionality and aesthetics that gets the job done along with the right spatial arrangement and existing recessed lighting in the room. From pendants to sconces, table lamps to floor lamps, here are 25 splendid bedside lighting ideas to get you started –

Trendy Bedside Pendants

If there is one trend in bedroom lighting that has caught on pretty rapidly in the last couple of years, it is the use of pendants as bedside lighting. Bedside pendant lights save precious space, free up the bedside table surface for and allow you to illuminate even the tiniest of bedroom corners with ease. Of course, the look as beautiful in larger bedrooms as they do in small, apartment bedrooms and you can even combine a couple of small pendant lights or try out cascading chandelier look to take captivating bedside lighting to a whole new level!

Minimal lighting fixtures for the small bedroom
Modern bedroom decor from Gruppo Tomasella
Pendant lighting next to the bed can save precious square footage
Round bedside tables with pendants above and a low-slung bed
Wooden frame gives the bed a modern, yet natural vibe
Bedside pendants free up space while providing more even illumination
Minimal and contemporary pendants for bedside lighting

Get Innovative!

When top designers across the world are getting creating with pendant and bedside lamp designs, why should you fall behind when it comes to using them in the bedroom! Get creating this spring and summer by combining a table lamp on one side of the bed with pendant light or floor lamp on the other to paint of picture of quirky contrast. LED strip lighting that is built into the bed frame is also a fun option for those who do not want too much accent of task lighting and would prefer a more moody, romantic bedroom.

LED strip lighting can also provide striking bedside lighting
Star-studded brilliance – Exquisite lighting fixtures dazzle with cascading brilliance
French design inspiration at its stylish best from Gautier
Metallic floor and table lamps are perfect for the industrial bedroom

Embrace the Geo Movement

Want to give bedroom a smart geometric focal point without having the change the backdrop? Exquisite pendants that bring geo patterns ranging from the simple triangle, to complex polygons are the perfect way to do precisely that. These ultra-modern lamps definitely feel like sculptural additions and demand as much attention when they are switched off during the day time as the do after sunset. Once again, you can free up the space on the bedside table of nightstand by removing the need for a table lamp while also benefiting from the style upgrade.

Fabulous bedroom in gray with sparkling bedside pendant
Goregous bedside pendant lights from Bontempi Casa
Snazzy pendant lights from Gruppo Doimo
Chevron pattern in the backdrop adds to the geo style of the bedroom

Adaptable Sconce Lighting

Speak of space-savvy lighting and sconce always tend to spring to mind instantly as they require absolutely no foot space and are incredibly adaptable as well. Sconces in the bedroom trump pendants for when it comes to settings that are specifically crafted for bibliophiles and those who spend an hour or two each night glued to their iPads before sleep. It is flexible arms of sconce lights that make them such a hit and with the wide range of sizes and styles on offer, they feel as much at home in tiny kids’ rooms as they do in large, luxurious bedrooms.

Oversized sconce lighting for the kids’ bedroom
Ultra-slim lighting fixtures disappear into the backdrop!
Felxible and adaptable sconce are great for booklovers

New-Age Table Lamps

If you are starting to think that we despise bedside table lamps for some concealed reason, then that is definitely not true! Pendants, sconce and even floor lamps allow you to switch from the more tried and tested bedroom setting of a bed with two bedside tables and matching table lamps to a pattern that is more fun and innovative. But those who still prefer the simplicity and convenience of a table lamp can also join in on the trend without seeming outdated. The trendy inspirations below lead you onto this new path!

Dark and modern bedside table lamp with flexible arm
Handmade Glass table lamp steals the show here!
Relaxing modern bedroom inspiration from Treca Interiors
Tiny table lamp in gray provides ample illumination
Beautiful crystal table lamp brings cheer to the setting
Combine contrasting bedside table lamps for a unique look

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