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Opulent Contemporary Retreat in Aspen with Majestic Elk Mountain Views

Mountain retreats are often comfortable spaces that combine classic design with woodsy charm to deliver that unmistakable cabin-styled escape. They bring back memories of many childhood summers and winters or even that one special holiday where the entire family came together for an unforgettable vacation. The Lookout House designed by Rowland+Broughton Architecture moves away from this curated traditional image and brings modern aesthetics to a mountain home that is surrounded by the imposing Elks in Aspen, Colorado. Here you get a delightful blend of the old and the new that veers more towards new-age design and polished aesthetics.

Contemporary home in the Elk Mountain Range in Aspen with a modern-classic design that feels organic

On the outside, it is the glass and metal frame that makes the biggest visual impact with concrete slabs filling in the blanks. Step inside you find more of the same with a color scheme that largely utilizes just gray and black all around. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and picture windows bring in both natural light and the expansive scenery outside as the mountain range leaves you enthralled. By keeping most of the interior neutral, you allow the views outside to make a bigger visual impact even as the art collection of the homeowner adds more color and contrast to every room.

Entry to the house feels both modern and captivating thanks to the imposing mountain backdrop
Fireplace sits at the heart of the contemporary living room with comfortable couches all around
Uncomplicated frame of the house coupled with glass and concrete makes it a modern delight
White walls in the hallways act as a gallery-style setting for the art work to be displayed
Banquette style dining and kitchen of the house in neutral colors and ample natural light
Blank white walls throughout the house are used to display the lovely art collection of the homeowner

Gallery-style walls in white are another important feature of the house that adorn the hallway, bedrooms and living areas that ensure that the art collection is not lost amidst the distant Rocky Mountains. Expansive outdoor sitting areas, fireplace and other curated hangouts complete this sophisticated hideaway. [From: Brent Moss]

Glass railing for the wooden staircase gives your home a more modern and airy appeal
Marble and wood bathroom in white offers a lovely monochromatic backdrop
Modern gray and white bedroom with fabulous mountain views in the distance
Picture window frame perfectly captures the view of distant mountains and the scenery beyond
Single-wall Bunk beds for the kids bedroom
Curated gardens and outdoor areas around the house with smart light, comfortable chairs and a fireplace
Main level floor plan of The Lookout House in Aspen, Colorado

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