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Best Bedrooms with Painted Floors: Seasonal Trend with a Difference

It is barely news that all of us tend to instantly associate summer with the images of a sun-soaked beaches, sand, surf and all things bright and cheerful. It is a time of the year when tend to shed the coats of winter and spring for good and you are more than happy to spend majority of our time outdoors rather than inside. This also means your home gets a makeover both in terms of the colors you tend to use and the overall style statement. Some prefer to turn to styles like beach, coastal and tropical for that authentic summer-inspired freshness while others might want to introduce the spirit of the season with subtler changes. But today, we are taking an entirely different approach with painted floors in the bedroom.

Blue is a popular choice for the floor color in small and chic beach style bedroom [From: LDa Architecture & Interiors]

Bedrooms with pained floors come in different styles and hues, but they are especially popular in summer when the painted floor feels that much more captivating. Maybe it is the abundance of natural light, maybe it is how the look works well with more cheerful styles like coastal and tropical or maybe it is because we tend to associate the image of painted wooden floors with the classic beach house! No matter what your reason might be, this is the perfect time to give your bedroom a fabulous facelift by embracing this hot seasonal trend. Time to paint your bedroom floors in color you love the most!

A Whole lot of Blue

Blue is one color that never seems out of fashion no matter where you use it and which time of the year it is. It looks great when donning kitchen shelves, highlighting the dining area, becoming part of the backdrop in the spa-style bathroom or in the bedroom where neutrals take over. It is barely a surprise then that blue for the bedroom floor does not disappoint as well! Painted blue floors easily blend with a wide array of bedroom styles ranging from contemporary and Scandinavian to beach styles, farmhouse or even rustic. There are plenty of shades to choose from as well and while lighter, pastel blues feel good in larger bedrooms with more colorful backdrop, dark blues are ideal for small bedrooms with an otherwise monochromatic white look.

Blue wood painted floor in the small beach style bedroom with ample natural light [From: Duffy Design Group]
Light blue painted wood floor along with striped rug adds color to the fabulous beach style bedroom [From: Schranghamer Design Group]
Attic bedroom in modern beach style with painted floor in blue [From: MANDARINA STUDIO interior design]

White and Light

Speaking of white and monochromatic, you have bedrooms with painted white floors that offer advantage beyond mere aesthetics. The obvious one is how you have a wooden floor that is also the same color as the walls in the room and so avoids any visual fragmentation of limited space. White floors also give the tiny bedroom a much brighter, inviting look and help in reducing dark corners. It is an approach that is perfect in Scandinavian, minimal and shabby chic style bedrooms where white is always welcome and you have ample light as well.

Coastal themed kids’ bedroom with bunk beds and wooden floor painted in white [From: DeLeers Construction]
Modern Scandinavian style bedroom in white and gray [From: Deco STHLM]
Brilliant use of colorful bedding brings life to this monochromatic Paris bedroom in white [From: Olivier Gay Architecture & Design]

Think Beyond Just Beach Style

If you are thinking beach style for your bedroom as summer starts to heat up, then the idea of a painted floor is something you will automatically embrace. But this trends also fits in seamlessly with many other styles and you can think of colors beyond just white and blue as well. Pastel green is a wonderful choice for those who want a stylish shabby chic bedroom while painted floors in darker green help usher in farmhouse or tropical styles. In contemporary bedrooms, go with a more daring option like black or dark gray for the floor giving the room a sense of sophistication without taking away from its bight, open ambiance.

Gorgeous farmhouse bedroom with painted floor in green with white and wood all around [From: Historical Concepts]
Smart and elegant modern bedroom with painted pastel green floor at its gentle best [From: Andra Birkerts Design]
Wooden floor painted gray gives the modest beach style bedroom a more sophisticated look
Dreamy attic bedroom with pastel green walls and floor in matching hue creates a monochromatic backdrop [From: Rizzoli New York]
Black painted floor adds contrast to the modern coastal bedroom in white with blue bedding [From: MTM Woodworking & Design]

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