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20 Rooms with Ceiling Spotlights

Spotlights have the power to strategically illuminate a room. Whether you opt for directional spotlights on tracks, the recessed variety, or lighting mounted directly to the ceiling, many options await you. Today we present a collection of beautifully designed spaces featured ceiling spotlights, as well as a section at the end of post focused on where to buy these versatile lighting wonders! Enjoy, and may the photos below illuminate your path to design greatness…

Spotlights in the Living Room

We begin with the living room, as this space is often the largest in the home. Lighting it can be a challenge, so don’t hesitate to scatter ceiling-mounted spotlights throughout the room, as shown below by a collection of Stonco CLD 1500 PAR 38 lampholders. [from Balance Associates Architects]

Rustic living area with ceiling spotlights

When choosing a color for your spotlights, consider how prominent you want them to be against the ceiling. Metallic lights really pop, while darker colors such as black add style to rich-hued ceilings without taking them over. [from Urban Home Magazine]

Ceiling spotlights in a modern eclectic living room

You can also mount spotlights to ceiling beams and trusses for added drama, as shown in the expansive living area below. [from Jennifer Robin Interiors]

Living room spotlights on ceiling trusses

Don’t fret if you’re conflicted about mounting lights directly to your ceiling. Consider other elevated spaces such as the tops of bookshelves. This way your ceiling is unobstructed, and as a bonus, you can easily shine the light on the books or objets d’art of your choice! [from Redmond Aldrich Design]

Bookshelf spotlights near the ceiling in a living area

For a sleek approach, consider recessed spotlights, which appear as brilliant circles in the ceiling rather than protruding lights. They are effective illuminators with an understated modern look. [from Lonny]

Recessed spotlighting in a modern living room

Scatter the recessed lights throughout your ceiling, or line the edges of the room with them, as shown below in this modern space featured at Lonny:

Recessed spotlights in a modern living room

Spotlighting the Kitchen

Spotlights in the kitchen can shed some light on your cooking endeavors, and they have the power to shape the look of the space. For example, below we see spotlights on tracks, and they add an industrial feel to the room. [from Hall + Bednarczyk Architects]

Spotlights in a kitchen with green accents

Notice how the spotlights in this next featured kitchen add a bold glow, shining on the island and making that rectangular bowl of fruit seem quite epic! [by Olson Photographic, from Callaway Architects, LLC]

Kitchen spotlights add drama

The spotlights in this next featured kitchen are white like the ceiling. The result is a light and airy feel that’s also well illuminated! Perfect for a culinary space with a tropical vibe. [from Jeffrey Berkus Architects]

White ceiling spotlights in a kitchen with tropical accents

How elegant is the rustic kitchen below, which features a beautiful wood-paneled vaulted ceiling?! The spotlights are small and at the edge, allowing the ceiling to truly shine while they light from the wings. [from Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio]

Subtle spotlights in a kitchen with high ceilings

Don’t hesitate to combine directional spotlights with other forms of lighting such as recessed spotlights, or pendant lights, as shown below. [from FINNE Architects]

Variety of lighting selections in a modern kitchen with a warm glow

Bed and Bath Spotlights

Using spotlights in the bedroom and powder room can add a soft touch, creating just the right amount of drama without being overpowering. Wooden beams hold the spotlights below in this showpiece of a sleeping space. [from BarlisWedlick Architects]

Modern bedroom with wooden beam spotlights

White directional spotlights with LED bulbs rest between the beams in the next bedroom, and they illuminate the artwork, as well as the area near the headboard. Evening reading made easy! [from Sanders Pace Architecture]

Ceiling spotlights in a contemporary bedroom

Spotlights are perfect for powder rooms without windows. Use them over the sink for illumination that adds clarity to your morning routine. [from Lonny]

White bathroom with a wall-mounted spotlight

Below we see recessed spotlights in a powder room filled with white and wooden tones. The feel is clean and modern, with a warm glow of course! [from Lonny]

Spotlights in a white powder room

When the powder room is gleaming, the spotlights can bounce off the tile, adding even more illumination to the space. Below we see the reflective effect in a powder room with dark taupe walls. [from Goodfellas Construction]

Recessed ceiling lights in a modern bathroom

A similar look is achieved in the next featured powder room. Doesn’t the space look clean? The lighting adds to the overall shine of the room! [from TCP Lighting Blog]

Spotlights reflect in the tile of a modern bathroom

Where to Buy Spotlights

Wondering where to purchase spotlights? If you’re on a bugdet, there are plenty of affordable options from sources such as Amazon.com and  IKEA.

Spotlight from IKEA

You can also turn to lighting retailers such as Lumens.com, LightingDirect.com and DestinationLighting. Below we see the energy efficient Kichler Design Pro 4 Light LED Rail Kit from Lumens:

LED rail kit from Lumens

Also from Lumens is the wine glass-spaped Axis71 Vino LED Spot Light, a directional light crafted from heavy iron and featuring LED lighting. Mount it close to the wall to spotlight specific items (such as artowrk), or aim it at greater distances for a general lighting effect.

White LED spotlight

Will you be adding spotlights to your interior in the near future? Tell us about your design plans by leaving a comment below…

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