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25 Awesome Boho Chic Living Rooms: Delve into Bohemian Charm with Modern Frills

If there is one style that we absolutely adore (even if we cannot quite manage to pull it off in our own homes) then it is undoubtedly beautiful boho-chic. It is a style that cobines exotic and eclectic brilliance of bohemian with modernity that keeps things anchored and paints a picture of serenity. Creating the perfect boho-chic living room is far harder than most other styles just because there are no set rules on what you can and cannot do in here. Knowing the origin of the style, the blend it delivers and the overall appeal it needs to exude can make things easier for you. Boho-chic is a style that fills the living room with joy and you will be hard-pressed to look away!

This is a boho chic living room where you find an overload of pattern no matter where you turn!

The best boho-chic living rooms reflect the personality of the homeowner and allow them to combine their personal collection with a charming and simple backdrop. It sounds inherently uncomplicated and yet there is a definite method to what you can add to this space and how different elements are bound together by a common factor. Be it bold prints, brilliant pattern, loud color or even just an overload of greenery, these brilliant boho-chic living rooms offer everything you can ask for –

More Boho than Chic

Since we already talked about how there were no real rules for the boho chic living space, you can start off with something simple and uncomplicated and then add other layers on top. The word ‘bohemian’ is French for gypsy and this is where all things boho originated. A collection of amazingly unique décor pieces that these travelling folk brought together forms the basis of bohemian style and this is why an overload of pattern and color in here is acceptable. A living room that is more boho than chic puts your personal furniture collection center-stage and allows you to work around them.

Hanging a hammock in the living room gives it that casual boho chic look without ever trying too hard [From: Paul Langston Interiors]
Leather makes the biggest impact in this eclectic modern living room [From: NEST Design Group]
Shabby chic and bohemian styles rolled into one in the small living space
Small living room with Mediterranean design and smart bohemian style that feels relaxing [From: Artisan Books]

That gorgeous Persian rug that you bought during your trip to Asia, a lovely cabinet in wood from the local flea market, smart accent pillows with tropical motifs and art pieces you collected over the years across many holidays can all combine to create that perfect boho chic living room. This is essential eclectic style with a global appeal, causal presence and a relaxing vibe that just does not go unnoticed.

White living room with boho chic style that gently embraces the eclectic [From: redimages]
Attic boho chic living room drenched in plenty of bright color
Color-filled eclectic living room illuminated by string lights is more boho than it is chic! [From: Prachi Damle Photography]
Giant clock on the wall and vintage decor take you back in time as you step into this lovely living space

Now for More Chic than Boho!

Not someone who is a very big fan of filling the room with an overload of pattern and color? Maybe you are just getting started with your art and décor collection and still want a living space that is boho-chic. Not to worry as this is the time when you can err more the side of modernity than on the bohemian part of things. Keep the backdrop as neutral as possible to ensure that the few dramatic décor and accent pieces that you have thrown into the mix feel that much more special. You can just pick two or three colors in here and stick to the palette and warm wooden finishes also look great in here.

Elegant boho chic living room with a backdrop that is more chic than it is boho in appeal [From: American Furniture Warehouse]
Minimalism combined with boho chic design ideas in the living room
Sculptural side tables and the Peacock chair take a place of prominence in this living room
Serene white backdrop coupled with some 1970’s vintage charm for the relaxing retro living room [From: Ellie Lillstrom Photography]
White is generally the go-to color in the boho style living room with a mix of colors and pattern [From: Prospect Refuge Studio]
Wood brings warmth and so does the decor in this white boho chic living room [From: A.Jennison Interiors / Jessica Glynn Photography]
Beautiful rug makes plenty of visual impact in this colorful modern eclectic living room [From: Rugs Done Right]
Bright colors of the 80’s and pattern of boho beauty coupled with chic backdrop in the living room [From: Touch Interiors by Bronwyn Poole]

Add Your Own Eccentricity

The thing we most adore about boho-chic style is the way in which it allows our own eccentricities (we all have them) to shine through. If you are a nature-lover, then you can fill the living room with greenery and the style agrees with you. If you tend to love modern art, then walls adored with trendy art pieces are the way forward; and once again the style agrees with you! In love with Hollywood? Want to pay a tribute to your favorite sport or athelete? Maybe you just want to fill the room with your amazing collection of bowls! The boho-chic room is an all-encompassing place where no one is excluded.

Boho chic loft living room inside the small home with white walls and ample natural lighting
Classic chaise lounge, TV stand with pattern, ottoman and fluffy throw bring boho magic to this chic living space [From: Irra Ariella]
Find your personal blend of modern and boho influences to create that picture-perfect living room [From: Home Exposure]
Going green in the boho chic living room in an imaginative style
Relaxing living room of San Francisco home with light pinks and a relaxing appeal [From: Sun Soul Style Interiors]
You can add plenty of personal touches like indoor plants and accent chairs to the stylish boho chic living room
Blend of fabrics, bright wall art and a cozy fireplace come together to create this fabulous living space [From: Drummonds Bathrooms]
Bohemian style living room with pops of bright color everywhere

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