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Beautiful Beach Style Meets Relaxing Bohemian Vibe Inside this Gorgeous Island Home

Tybee Island is the northeastern-most of Georgia’s Sea Islands and is a gorgeous setting that is perfect for a relaxing modern beach house that takes you away from constant urban rush. Designed for a couple living in Atlanta by Rethink Design Studio, this fabulous island beach house is set on this picturesque island and combines a relaxing beach style with bohemian flair to offer the best of both worlds. On the inside, the home is simple, elegant and uses a color scheme that perfectly epitomizes classic coastal appeal even as gentle pastels and curated décor bring in signature West Coast bohemian vibe. It is an imaginative blend of colors and styles!

Bohemian chic meets beautiful beach style inside this lovely Island home

As soon as you step inside the house, you are engulfed by a sense of serenity and coziness and this extends well beyond the living room in white, wood and blue. The dining area features banquette seating that saves space with the small and efficient kitchen set in the backdrop. Wooden ceiling beams add textural contrast throughout the house even as sliding barn style doors add farmhouse beauty. Furniture inside the house is also made out of wood with the refrigerator adding a touch of metallic glint to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Delightful blend of bohemian and beach style create a relaxing bedroom
Living room of the Beach House on Tybee Island in Georgia
Lovely banquette seating for the beach style dining room saves space in style
Modern beach style bathroom with thin wooden vanity and a couple of baskets for storage
Pastel colors are perfect for the bohemian beach style bedroom

In the bedroom light blues and pastel greens turn the coastal theme into a more bohemian backdrop with simple nightstand and bedside tables bringing symmetry to the small bedrooms. A beach house that leaves you charmed!

White and wood brings a relaxing beach style to this Tybee Island house
White is the go-to color inside the spacious beach style house
Blue, white and bohemian touches create a relaxing beach house bedroom
Blue, white and bohemian touches create a relaxing beach house bedroom
Comfy reading nook and relaxation space inside the house
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