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51 Stunning Black Vanity Ideas for a Stylishly Unique Black Bathroom

Designing a stylish and eye-catching bathroom requires careful planning and attention to detail, and one of the most impactful elements you can incorporate is a black vanity. Whether you are aiming for a sleek modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, a black vanity can serve as a stunning centerpiece that anchors the room. This versatile piece can seamlessly fit into various styles, from contemporary to rustic, depending on the material and finish you choose. Black vanities are particularly effective in bathrooms that already feature neutral hues, as they provide a striking contrast that can elevate the entire space.

Photo Credit: Walmart – Black bathroom vanity with marble top and twin rectangular sinks

Since many among us strictly stay away from black, the idea of adding a black vanity to the bathroom might feel a touch shocking to begin with. But black is the perfect color for a bathroom that is already filled with plenty of white, gray, and other neutral hues. A beautiful black vanity anchors the breezy bathroom and gives it a focal point you simply cannot take your eyes off! Striking, versatile, and often sensational, here are 51 bathrooms that showcase the beauty of the black vanity ideas.

Black Vanity and Bathroom Style

The perception that black vanities work in only polished, modern bathrooms is just a misconception that is being fanned by those picture-perfect bathrooms in catalogs and décor magazines. The black vanity can easily fit into any style you already have in the bathroom. It all depends on the material that you choose and the finish. A vanity in polished stone or with man-made finishes obviously looks great in the minimal, contemporary, and transitional bathroom. On the other hand, a dark wooden vanity with a distressed finish is perfect for traditional, shabby chic, eclectic, and rustic spaces.

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Modern beach-style bathroom with custom dark vanity [Photo Credit: Echelon Custom Homes]

Basic black works as a chic wardrobe staple, and a striking bathroom accent, too, which further highlights these marble vanity ideas. While you can deck out the walls or the floor in your favorite shade, we just love how black cabinets can make a space pop and keep stains hidden more easily. Before you go picking out ebony wood finishes, you can rest assured knowing that having an all-black vanity cabinet doesn’t mean your washroom will be gloomy.

Photo Credit: Bravehart Interiors via Houzz – Modern retro bathroom idea in black and white with pops of gold

Even in light-filled, beach-styles bathrooms that are usually draped in white and blue, the black vanity seems to fit in effortlessly. It brings a completely different aesthetic to the coastal-style bathroom and sets it apart from the more mundane designs. The ornate and slim table in black that serves as a gorgeous vanity is a perennial winner in the retro and art deco-style bathrooms with a modern touch.

Rustic wooden vanity with granite countertop and stone sinks [Photo Credit: Pinnacle Mountain Homes]
Photo Credit: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors via Houzz – Sparkling black bathroom vanity seems to blend into the black, wallpapered backdrop.
Photo Credit: Kingdom Builders via Houzz – Beach style and modern aesthetics are combined seamlessly in this black-and-white bathroom.
Beautifully crafted black table with ornate design acts as a vanity in this glamorous powder room [Photo Credit: Roselind Wilson Design / Daniel Swallow]
Farmhouse-style bathroom with stone wall and twin black vanities [Photo Credit: Cameron Custom Builder]

Finish and Placement

We already talked about how the material you choose for the black vanity can define your bathroom style. Take this a step further by carefully selecting the vanity’s finish and the fixtures and accessories around it. Beyond the glossy lacquered and matte finishes, consider the material used for vanity handles, the sink, countertop, and the bathroom fixtures. A dark vanity with a white marble countertop is a hot favorite among homeowners, and those who love warm metallic glint can throw in brass handles and bathroom fitting. If you prefer cooler metallics, then chrome handles and fittings are the way to go.

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Combining the allure of black with woodsy warmth for a unique vanity [Photo Credit: Décor Aid]
Gorgeous black vanity for the traditional bathroom in white [Photo Credit: Vanessa Francis / Stephani Buchman]
Photo Credit: CID Interieur via Houzz – Polished floating vanity in black brings contemporary dazzle to bathroom in white

Consider where you want to place your black bathroom vanity to create the biggest visual impact. This is where you need to find balance between practicality and form and sometimes sacrificing a few inches of precious space can give you big aesthetic perks. Repeating the hue of the black vanity in the bathrooms also helps in creating a more elegant and curated space.

Photo Credit: Elsie Interior via DecorPad – Stylish powder room with a gorgeous black vanity and wallpaper in gray and silver
Vanities with worn and distressed finishes are back in trend [Photo Credit: Native Trails]
Photo Credit: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design via Houzz – Bathroom in gray and black with a contemporary vanity that offers display space

Storage and Display

Modern floating vanities have brought with them a whole array of exciting storage and display options that were previously unavailable to homeowners. Now you can choose a lovely black vanity that also offers plenty of cabinet space and a few open shelves for the neatly folded towels in white! Again, the black backdrop of the vanity gives you an entirely new range of decorating options that you never had with a white or wooden bathroom vanity. Enjoy this decorating freedom and try out colors like red and orange as you turn the bathroom vanity into a showstopper!

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Black vanity with brass handles, fixtures and a white, marble countertop [Photo Credit: Heidi Caillier Design]
Large black vanity with ample storage space and open shelves for the traditional bathroom [Photo Credit: RW Anderson Homes]
Photo Credit: Walker Zanger via Houzz – Moroccan-style bathroom with modern appeal and vanity in dark wood
Silvery legs of the black vanity give it a more contemporary feel [Photo Credit: Designer Shylo Preston]
Photo Credit: Pninit Sharet Azulay Interior Design – Small black and white bathroom of renovated Tel Aviv apartment
Photo Credit: Element 5 Architecture via Houzz – Bathtub, vanity, and medicine cabinet in black present a picture of curated elegance in the bathroom

Black Vanities and Small Bathrooms

Since bathrooms are typically some of the tiniest rooms in your home, your first instinct may be to style an all-white design. But contrary to popular belief, dark colors can honestly make a small bathroom feel wider and more spacious—and their moody vibe is an ideal way to bring personality to your space.

Contemporary bathroom features a black bath vanity with brass gooseneck faucet under a black penny tiled mirror and light gray and black mosaic tiles.
Photo Credit: Mrs Paranjape

Black bathroom cabinets have a way of suggesting opulence. But as you can see from this simple yet stunning bathroom, even a simple vanity looks just as classy.

Chic black and white powder room features a black sink vanity fitted with a black marble sink matched with a matte black wall mount faucet fixed to a wainscot wall under a frameless vanity mirror.
Photo Credit: Collective Studio

If your bathroom is exceptionally small, a floating vanity may be a better option for you. By keeping your vanity off the floor, your space will appear much larger.

Bathroom features gold pulls on a black floating sink vanity with a white countertop and a brushed gold gooseneck faucet under a tall black vanity mirror flanked by long white and brass sconces.
Photo Credit: Emily Kates Design

We have Ashe Leandro to thank for this chic black bathroom. The floating vanity with wall mount brass fixtures makes an already jaw-dropping bathroom even more sophisticated.

Bathroom features a black marble floating sink vanity with an antique brass cross handle faucet under a tall black box frame mirror.
Photo Credit: Ashe Leandro

Black Vanities and Color

While black and white are a classic and safe choice for the bathroom, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little color to make your vanity pop. In fact, there are lots of colors that are complementary to a black vanity. While you will want the black vanity to be the focal point of your bathroom, you can offset the dark color with a hue that will soften and complete a stunning look.

Black and Blush Pink

This black vanity encased in a stunning pink marble is a showstopping piece in this bathroom. The rest of the bathroom picks up the black hue throughout the accessories and allows for a soft blush pink on the wall to carry a subtle tone throughout the room.

Modern bathroom features a black bath vanity with pink marble countertop under black arched vanity mirrors flanked by bulb sconces on gray mosaic backsplash tiles.
Photo Credit: Greg Natale

Although there are only two pieces of blush pink in this small bathroom, it just shows that you don’t need a lot of colors to create a visually appealing space. Less is more in this case!

Contemporary black and white bathroom boasts a black washstand accented with a black quartz countertop. A polished nickel faucet kit is fixed beneath a mirror panel framed vanity mirror hung from a wall clad in black and white wallpaper lit by glass sconces.
Photo Credit: Laura U Design

Black and Green

We love this stunning green contemporary wallpaper that is like a massive piece of art wrapping around this bathroom. Notice how the designer opted to have the vanity blend into the wainscotting around the wall making for a seamless style and look.

Chic contemporary green and black powder room features walls clad in green and black wallpaper accented with black wainscoting and a black shaker washstand donning a black marble countertop. The washstand is finished with a matte black faucet kit mounted under a malachite mirror.
Photo Credit: Mrs Paranjape

Slick and Shiny

Black and gloss go together like peanut butter and jelly. This cool contemporary bathroom with a modern twist shows how you can go all black yet not feel like you are in a cave. The large mirror reflects light off the tiles, creating a shiny and glossy effect.

Modern black bathroom features black glazed grid tiles, an oblong vanity mirror over a black wooden floating sink vanity with a black leathered countertop and a matte black wall mount faucet.
Photo Credit: Lisa Staton
A black slipper chair sits at a black drop down makeup vanity topped with a statuary marble countertop and flanked by black his and hers bath vanities. A polished nickel faucet kits are fixed to white framed vanity mirrors finished with nickel and glass sconces.
Photo Credit: Bria Hammel Interiors

Master bathrooms often have two separate sinks with a sconce between them. However, this washroom takes the his-and-hers layout to the next level by adding a third section for primping and even has space for a vanity chair. The saturated black cabinet finish and the all-black hardware create a dark, monochromatic look in this bright space, which we love!

Black and white master bathroom features black vanity mirrors hung from a vertical shiplap wall over a black dual washstand donning matte black hardware and a white and gray marble countertop finished with matte black faucets.
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design
A pink runner sits in front of a black dual bath vanity accented with black hardware and brushed gold faucets fixed under black framed mirrors lit by oil rubbed bronze sconces.
Photo Credit: Lux Decor
Bathroom features a full length gold mirror flanked by long brass and glass sconces and white subway tiles with black grout over a black dual bath vanity with marble look countertop and oil rubbed bronze vintage faucets and black mosaic floor tiles.
Photo Credit: Lisa and LeRoy

Black Marble

If you want to impact, go with a black marble floating vanity. Not only will your bathroom instantly have a more luxurious and rich look, but your vanity will also act as a focal point for the entire room and create a visually appealing centerpiece.

Contemporary black marble floating sink vanity with towel shelf sits under a triangle mirror on black geometric tiles.
Photo Credit: Amy Storm & Company

Dark and luxurious, this powder room features stunning sunburst wallpaper and an eye-catching free floating marble vanity. The cozy, comfortable style leans towards a modern and elegant look.

A brass mirror hangs from a wall clad in gold sunburst wallpaper over a black marble sink vanity with a brass faucet it.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel Design
Fixed to shiplap trim, gold and black sconces flank a square gold beveled mirror is hung over a honed black marble floating sink vanity finished with a brass faucet kit fixed to a black marble backsplash.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Classic Black and White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

It’s difficult to pull off an all-black bathroom unless it’s enormous or has lots of natural light, but black, along with white, can be used in all sorts of interesting ways to show off your design skills. This is why black and white will always be a classic choice for the bathroom.

Black pulls on a black washstand vanity balanced with stunning white marble countertop and a matte black gooseneck faucet. A black metal framed mirror keeps the black and white theme with a sleek thin frame flanked by contemporary black and white sconces.
Photo Credit: Studio McGee

Graystone Custom Builders did away with typical drawer hardware for this vanity cabinet and opted for finger pull cutouts instead. The lack of pulls and knobs allows the gorgeous black cabinet design to speak for itself without any visual interruptions.

Gray and black mosaic floor tiles lead to a black washstand contrasted with a white countertop and fitted with a polished nickel gooseneck faucet mounted in front of an oak beveled vanity mirror hung under a clerestory window.
Photo Credit: Graystone Custom Builders
Black dual washstand with black matte faucets and slim black metal framed mirrors flanked by black and white sconces in a transitional bathroom with a glass enclosed walk-in shower.
Photo Credit: Studio McGee

The black cabinetry in this bathroom stands out beautifully thanks to the contrasting white walls, marble countertop, and, of course, the luxurious white marble floor. This bathroom has us swooning!

Marble and brass sconces on a frameless beveled vanity mirror above a black washstand with a white quartz countertop and brass pulls.
Photo Credit: Micah & Co

Add in Gold Touches

If you want to elevate your classic black and white look for a bathroom space, add in some gold touches. Gold complements both black and white and will take your bathroom from simple modern farmhouse style and give it that sleek and refined look that it’s missing.

Brass and glass sconces flank a frameless vanity mirror mounted above a black washstand donning brass pulls and white marble countertop finished with a matte black gooseneck faucet.
Photo Credit: Alexandra Kaehler

Use gold in your hardware, lighting, and taps to further enhance your favorite black bathroom vanity ideas. You can also install gold towel bars and toilet paper holders. Just make sure if you are using gold to stay away from polished chrome or silver as you don’t want clashing going on.

Black hexagon floor tiles in a transitional bathroom designed with a black shaker washstand, brass pulls and a thick marble countertop.
Photo Credit: Reena Sotropa

This traditional-style bathroom has a black vanity and large cabinets on either side. Modern light fixtures and minimal faucets give the space a touch of contemporary style.

Brass knobs complement a black shaker washstand contrasted with a white quartz countertop completed with a vessel sink. The washstand is finished with black linen cabinets and is positioned beneath a black framed vanity mirror
Photo Credit: Lexi Westergard
Chic black bathroom features black trellis floor tiles leading to a black washstand adorned with brass hexagon knobs and a polished brass faucet. The faucet is mounted in front of a frameless vanity mirror finished with long brass and glass sconces.
Photo Credit: Sarah St Amand Design
Gold and black master bathroom features a tall brass mirror over a black marble sink vanity with a towel shelf and brass faucet.
Photo Credit: Amy Storm & Company

Fancy Tile Work

The great thing about a black vanity is that it gives you a chance to get creative with your tile work around the bathroom. Since black can complement many different looks and colors, you can have fun with your tiles. Floor tiles and shower tiles can be creative and unique.

Contemporary bathroom features a blue cage pendant over a black and white sink vanity with a matte black gooseneck faucet, a black framed vanity mirror, black and gray shower tiles and white hexagon floor tiles.
Photo Credit: Raili Ca Design
Chic gray and black bathroom boasts a gold metal French chair placed on gray and black hexagon floor tiles at a black dual donning black pulls and a thick marble countertop. Aged brass faucets are fixed in front of a marble backsplash and beneath vanity mirrors mounted in front of windows.
Photo Credit: Creative Tonic
Bathroom features a black dual washstand with black marble countertop on a black and white marble hexagon floor and black chevron cabinet doors.
Photo Credit: Geoff Chick
A brass and glass globe sconce lights a vanity mirror hung over a black sink vanity adorned with black hardware and a gray marble countertop finished with a brass hook and spout faucet. The washstand sits on blue hexagon floor tiles.
Photo Credit: Heidi Callier Design
Chic black and white powder room features a glossy black mirror mounted on black and white wallpaper over a black wooden washstand topped with polished black marble and a sink with a polished nickel faucet.
Photo Credit: Rose & Funk

We forget how stylish monochrome can sometimes look. This handsome bathroom design is masculine and polished, without feeling like the wall tiles and cabinet’s darkness is overbearing.

Contemporary bathroom features white black and gray mosaic shower tiles, black floating sink vanity adorned with monstera leaves in vase.
Photo Credit: Crystal Sinclair Designs

Black never goes out of fashion, so using it ensures that your decor doesn’t go stale. With a few decor tweaks once in a while, you can refresh a black bathroom at a low cost.

A black washstand sits on black and gray quatrefoil floor tiles and is topped with a white marble countertop finished with an oil rubbed bronze gooseneck faucet. A black metal framed vanity mirror is flanked by black and gold sconces.
Photo Credit: Amber Interiors

If looking at all these black vanities has convinced you that you need a black vanity in your bathroom, but maybe it’s not in the budget, don’t forget that there’s always paint! Painting anything black is always easier than any other color and will give an old outdated vanity a modern and stylish update!

Choosing the Right Type of Vanity Ideas for Your Black Bathroom

There’s more to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity than just color. One of the most essential considerations you should apply is the type. This can help you narrow your options down the line. Here are some of the most common vanity types that you can choose from:

Pedestal Vanities

A pedestal vanity is favorably versatile, and the primary advantage of getting one is the fact that it takes up little space in the bathroom. It’s easy to install and quite simple overall, but it doesn’t offer any sort of storage or counter space.

Floating Vanities

If space is an issue in the bathroom, a floating vanity can be one of your most suitable options. It’s designed to be mounted on the wall and doesn’t take up any space on the floor. On one hand, that means less storage, but on the other hand, it gives the bathroom an open and airy look which is critical if the room is small.

Free-Standing Vanities

This type of vanity comes in an assortment of different shapes and offers an abundance of freedom in terms of overall size, storage, and additional features. A freestanding vanity can have two sinks or numerous storage drawers or shelves. It’s also not mounted on the wall or the floor, making it easy to move it around or replace it if needed.

Vanity Cabinets

You could consider this a type of freestanding vanity in many ways. A vanity cabinet gives you some storage in the form of drawers, shelves, or cubbies and often includes a countertop. It can be paired with various different types of sinks.

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Integrating a black vanity into your bathroom design can elevate its style and sophistication. Whether you are leaning towards a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, eclectic vibe, a black vanity can serve as a stunning focal point. The versatility of black bathroom cabinets and black vanity mirrors allows for endless decorating possibilities. Pairing these elements with contrasting colors and finishes can create a balanced, visually appealing space that stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color bathroom vanity is the most popular?

White bathroom vanities continue to be a popular choice, and they are probably the most popular, but with so many different design trends, it’s hard to narrow it down to which is the most popular.  Popular doesn’t always mean the best when it comes to choosing a vanity color, though. Whether your decor style is traditional, coastal, or contemporary, a black bathroom vanity can be just as stunning and versatile a centerpiece that will work with most interiors.

How can I brighten up my bathroom if I have a black vanity?

If you are opting for a black vanity but still want a bright and airy-looking bathroom, make sure you use neutral color tiles, incorporate layered lighting and have large mirrors to reflect lots of light.

What Are Some Inspiring Black Bathroom Ideas?

Black bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek, modern aesthetic. Whether you’re considering black tiles, fixtures, or even an all-black theme, there are countless ways to incorporate this bold color into your space. From matte black finishes to glossy surfaces, the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match with metallic accents or natural elements like wood and greenery to create a balanced look.

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