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Crafted for a Serene Coastal Life: Meadow House in Sea Ranch

The rugged and charming coastline of California along with its many beautiful beaches has provided design and architectural inspiration for many decades. Some of the leading men and women of yesteryear who shaped midcentury style found life here their main source of creative impetus. Epitomizing this unique aura of homes on the California coastline, even while embracing modern aesthetics and a beachy zest, Meadow House in Sea Ranch provides a tranquil escape for an urban couple based in San Francisco. Designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture, the house is split into two distinctive parts to delineate public and private areas.

Meadow House in Sea Ranch, California

The main building contains the living area along with the kitchen, dining room and other social spaces, while the second structure holds the master suite along with the guest quarters. A gorgeous connector links both the structures and also offers a wonderful, protected walkway of sorts that lets those inside enjoy the wonderful ocean views outside. Another advantage of this site plan is the creation of the sheltered courtyard that is carefully protected from harsh ocean winds on gusty days.

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Sheltered courtyard connects the main living area from the building that holds the bedrooms

Living are aof the house combines Californianstyle with coastal flavor

Large windows and glass doors connect the interior with the fabulous view outside

Dining area and kitchen of the coastal house in California

Track lighting and natural light illuminate the living area

Bookshelves add color and style to the master bedroom

On the inside the color palette is largely neutral, with comfy décor and a flood of natural light shaping the ambiance of this coastal home. Locally sourced fir and the generous use of earthen hues turn the home into a visual extension of the lovely meadow outside! [Photographer: Joe Fletcher]

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Skylight brings ample natural light into the modern bathroom

Sheltered courtyard and outdoor spaces around the gorgeous Meadow House

Covered walkway connects the two buildings of the house

Coastal style home in California with a view of the ocean

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Fabulous Meadow House in Sea Ranch with ocean views

Meadow House Floor Plan

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