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Ceiling Design Trends: 20 Bedrooms with Ceiling Beams that Make a Bold Statement

We are heading into that part of the year again when we take a look at the trends that are going to shape the year ahead in the world of design and decorating ceilings while also looking back at the best of the year we are leaving behind. But one trend that is cutting across these traditional lines in the world of bedroom decorating is the use of the gorgeous and striking ceiling beams. A feature of the homes from nearly a century ago, the ceiling beams were a structural requirement that found little space as construction techniques evolved. A love for the vintage and the growing popularity of styles like rustic, industrial and farmhouse has once again seen the ceiling beam come back into fashion!

Awesome contemporary bedroom tells you that ceiling beams need not be simple and straight [From: Sweet Sparkman Architects]

A bedroom with ceiling beams is one that feels vastly different from the more contemporary and minimal bedrooms that feel ‘disconnected’ at times. Cozy, elegant and even modern when they intend to be, this is a look at the best bedrooms with ceiling beams from all across the globe. From the innovative to the classic, ceiling beams in bedrooms make an impact every single time.

Finding the Right Style in the Bedroom

A bedroom with ceiling beams is not limited to classic, industrial and farmhouse styles alone. They work equally well in the modern bedroom and play an even bigger role visually. While the rustic bedroom with ceiling beams ensures that the beams blend into the overall visual of the backdrop, in the modern bedroom they stand out visually with ease. They add textural and material contrast in a world dominated by polished finishes and lots of man-made beauty. A bit of natural warmth brought in the by the ceiling beams coupled with creativity is the perfect way to give something different to the boring, old bedroom!

Mediterranean style bedroom with dark wooden ceiling beams and a neutral color scheme [From: Dettaglio Interior Design]
Modern Mediterranean style bedroom with mellow yellow shade and wooden beams
Rustic farmhouse style bedroom has a wooden ceiling and weathered stone walls [From: AE Interiors]
Stunningly spacious Mediterranean style bedroom in green with a comfy ambiance [From: Nor-Son]
Bedroom of the vacation home with tropical style has a relaxing appeal and connectivity with outdoors [From: Soucie Horner]
Ceiling beams of the contemporary bedroom visually complement the window frames [From: Charles Clayton Construction]
Cream and white bedroom feels relaxing and spacious

When the Ceiling Steals the Spotlight

Keeping the rest of the room as neutral as possible is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the ceiling beams stand out visually. Painting them in a different color also helps with this and repeating the wooden tones elsewhere gives the bedroom a curated and classy presence. This can be done with bed frames in the same finish, window frames that are similar to the ceiling beams or even bookshelves that feel like an extension of the beams above. The best bedrooms with ceiling beams are those that use them in an understated yet, dashing fashion.

Striking dark wooden beams add visual contrast to the bedroom while giving it a classic appeal [From: LaBella Associates]
Structural wooden beams can also add aesthetic charm to the bedroom in neutral colors [From: Parker House]
Using the wooden ceiling beams in the polished bedroom with style
Wooden ceiling beams play a big role in the overall design of this cozy farmhouse style bedroom [From: Mary Prince Photography]
It is the bed that steals the show in this lovely rustic bedroom in white
Simplicity of the ceiling beams lets them take a backseat to the more prominent features in the room

Trendy White, Rustic and More

When it comes to ceiling beams, there are plenty of different styles, finishes and hues to choose from. But the most popular among them all is undoubtedly the wooden beams painted in white. They either blend into a neutral backdrop that already uses white or stand out visually because you are using a darker hue for the backdrop. No matter which route you take, these ceiling beams always come up trump. Fabulous wooden logs that for the modern rustic bedroom or those that accentuate the vaulted ceiling with their grand presence – the choices are aplenty.

White ceiling beams and unusual plan of the bedroom gives it a unique look
Whitewashed ceiling beams blend into the white backdrop of the bedroom with ease
Wooden logs acting as ceiling beams in the cozy Mediterranean style bedroom with fireplace in the corner
Beautiful textured walls and lovely wooden ceiling beams for the modern rustic bedroom
Log-like ceiling beams are perfect for the double-height rustic bedroom in wood
Tranquil and pleasing white and wood bedroom idea [From: Holmes Hole Builders]

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