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Design Inspiration: 25 Bedrooms With Reclaimed Wood Walls

Adding reclaimed wood to your home is an affordable, easy and creative way to give the interior a quick facelift without having to splurge on a major makeover. With each passing week, reclaimed timber is climbing up the ‘hot trends’ chart, and it is barely a surprise that a generation surrounded by polished artificial surfaces is now falling in love with the warmth of wood! Adding reclaimed wood in spaces like the kitchen and the modern bathroom can be a tricky affair at the best of times. But when it comes to the bedroom, this task becomes a whole lot easier. And it is undoubtedly the reclaimed wood feature wall that is the most popular choice of them all.

Vivacious reclaimed wood accent wall for the industrial bedroom [Design: Jen Chu Design]

Bedrooms with walls clad in reclaimed wood have a certain sense of tranquility, an inviting aura, and natural charisma that sets them apart from the mundane. Turning even the sophisticated contemporary bedroom into a relaxing, personal sanctuary, reclaimed wood walls make a big impact both in terms of aesthetics and the mood of the space they adorn. With that in mind, here are 25 of the very best bedrooms that have embraced this trend gleefully. Hopefully they will inspire you to do the same as well!

Cozy Contemporary Bedrooms

We feature smart home renovations, additions, extensions and revamps on almost a daily basis here at Decoist. Many of these projects not only see a complete transformation of the interior, its ambiance and style, but also old attics, sheds, garages and unwanted extensions being done away with in favor of contemporary extensions. It is wood drawn from these structures that can revitalize your bedroom by transforming itself into a stunning accent wall. Sure, reclaimed wood does need some work, and you will always find some scrap and unusable material in every pile. But be patient and let your old home become a part of your new bedroom!

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Murphy bed and pull-out nightstands disappear into the reclaimed wood wall when not needed [From: David Agnello Photography]
Reclaimed cedar fence turned into a fascinating feature wall in the rustic bedroom [Design: Blansfield Builders]
Reclaimed wood wall feature for the contemporary bedroom [Design: Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage]

The reclaimed wood accent wall in modern and contemporary bedrooms is all about adding textural contrast without actually going overboard with color. Choosing a wood that is subtle in its finish is a good option as it does not disturb the existing color palette of the room. It is often the headboard wall that is clad with reclaimed wood and this tried and tested approach is a classic that never fails. Those seeking even more unique and exquisite can consider wooden planks arranged in chevron or herringbone pattern for their amazing reclaimed wood wall.

Serene and stylish contemporary bedroom with a wood accent wall [Design: Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design]
Tranquil bedroom in white uses reclaimed wood all around! [From: 82mmphotography]
Wall draped in reclaimed wood is an instant showstopper in the contemporary bedroom [From: Jason Snyder]
Elegant reclaimed wood headboard in the contemporary bedroom [Design: Carriage Lane Design-Build / Photography: Stephani Buchman]
Lovers of rustic design will enjoy the presence of reclaimed wood in the contemporary bedroom [Design: Habachy Designs]

A Rustic Embrace

Modern bedrooms are increasingly moving towards a more natural vibe, and the reclaimed wood wall is the perfect way to strike a balance between the refined and the rustic. The warmth of wood and its unique texture are showstoppers themselves when used in polished urban spaces. Reclaimed wood with its aged look, unique flavor and little nicks and dents becomes even more special when surrounded by concrete, stone and glass. The type of reclaimed wood you choose, and its richness, distressed finish and overall appeal will determine how rustic your bedroom feels.

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Fabulous bedroom with rustic and shabby chic styles rolled into one [Design: Shades by Design]
Gorgeous beach style bedroom with a unique reclaimed wood accent wall [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
Modern rustic bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall [Design: Mindful Designs]

Unlike in the case of the contemporary room, you need not limit the reclaimed wood to just the accent wall in the rustic bedroom. In fact, the room feels a lot more like a ‘cozy holiday cabin’ if you cover more than one wall with the material. Apart from the woodsy charm, this also dramatically cuts down on construction or renovation costs and gives the bedroom a classic, aged look that wood found on the shelves imply cannot deliver.

Reclaimed wood is the star of this rustic bedroom [From: Timberbuilt]
Smart reclaimed wood wall brings a hint of cabin style to the modern bedroom [Design: Alan Mascord Design Associates / Photo: Bob Greenspan]
Spacious and serene rustic bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall that frames the view outside [Design: Sunlit Architecture]
Cozy rustic bedroom clad in wood and metal [Design: Tomahawk Log & Country Homes]
Birch wood and reclaimed wood wall are perfect for the comfy rustic bedroom [Design: Locati Architects / Roger Wade Studio]

Explore Diverse Styles

Every time there is a design or decorative element, we always want to take into account its versatility and adaptability before fully embracing it. Reclaimed wood comes up trumps in this regard, as it can easily become a part of bedrooms with diverse styles and themes. From farmhouse, bohemian, shabby chic and industrial to minimal and beach style, there is absolutely no restriction on the style of the bedroom while using reclaimed wood. Sure, certain bedrooms require a more restrained approach than others when it comes to reclaimed wood, but get it right and you will be left mesmerized!

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Farmhouse style bedroom with a modest reclaimed wood feature wall [Design: barnboardstore]
Iron bed and reclaimed wood wall bring plenty of texture to the boys’ bedroom [From: Haus Interior Design / Helen John Photography]
Reclaimed wood brings traditional barn charm to the contemporary bedroom [Design: Creative Floors / Photography by Melissa Ann Barrett]

Reclaimed wood brings plenty of character and contrast to most bedrooms and because of this it is best to keep the rest of the room as simple and understated as possible. Too many hues, textures and unnecessary accessories can create a cluttered atmosphere. Let this exceptional addition shine through and ensure that you bedroom décor does not take away from its natural splendor.

Reclaimed wood wall with chevron pattern steals the show in this bedroom [Design: Studio Revolution]
Renovation projects give you an opportunity to reuse wood in style! [Design: Dovetail Construction]
Small, space-savvy loft bedroom and bathroom [Design: SHED Architecture & Design]
Creative way to add reclaimed wood to the contemporary bedroom [From: Hilary Walker]
Exquisite bedroom of Philadelphia penthouse with accent wall crafted from three different types of reclaimed wood [Design: Groundswell Design Group]

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