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Cheerful Beach Style Living Rooms with Fireplace Perfect for the Holiday Season

Casually chic and relaxing, contemporary beach style and coastal themes bring an air of freshness and sunny charm to your home. As the chill of winter takes over outside, those who love warmer times and cannot live without all that brightness and serenity tend to take refuge in interiors with modern beach style. The style is simple, elegant, easy to create and adaptable. It is a style that allows you to flood the living space with ample natural light along with recessed lighting that leaves no room for dullness. As we transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas, move away from the usual trope of cabin-inspired rustic look and turn to beach style in the living room; with the added perk of a dashing fireplace thrown into the mix!

Beautiful fireplace, chaise lounge in blue and a couple of club chairs create this sophisticated modern living room

The beach style living room with a fireplace is an idea often overlooked because of the cliched idea that it is a style that best fits tropical and semi-tropical weather and summer months. When the weather outside is toasty warm or even hot, why do you need a fireplace at all? Well, this winter, move beyond this cliché and welcome in the beach style as you get ready for the Holiday Season ahead. Engaging and energizing, you will instantly notice the many ways it alters the dynamics of your festive celebration even while creating a much more cheerful atmosphere. Here is a look at some of the best beach style living rooms with a fireplace

That Stunning Focal Point!

There are plenty of things you can say about the different fireplace options out there ranging from the classic fireplace in stone to the contemporary hanging fireplace, but you just cannot argue about their singular visual impact. The fireplace steals the spotlight in any room it adorns and in the beach style living space, draped in neutral hues and white, it makes even more of an impact. Placing it in the corner does save additional space while a double-sided fireplace adds charisma to both the living area and the dining space next to it. Stacked wood next to the fireplace is another trendy way to add to this eye-catching central piece.

Sophisticated contemporary beach style living space with a striking fireplace area [From: Photography by Leigh Ann Rowe]
Wall art above the fireplace adds even more color to this beach style living room [From: Boardwalk Builders]
The fireplace mantle can be decorated in more ways than one in the beach style living space [From: Alabaster Staging and Design]
Pops of blue throughout the room accentuate the beach style of the room [From: Penelope Daborn]

Brightness Cutting Across Seasons

As we alluded to this earlier, beach style in the living room is a look that easily cuts across seasonal constraints. It is one of the top trending styles almost every year for over two decades now and you just cannot go wrong with the look. With simple tweaks and changes in accent colors, you can turn the beach style living space into one with a more nautical flavor while earthen tones, beige and subtle changes in decorative pieces can usher in a more distinct coastal vibe. Whether it is warm neutrals coupled with wood, black and white stripes, red and blue splashes or a refined modern space with beach-themed overtones, everything works well in here.

Skylights bring ample natural light into this beach style living space with fireplace [From: Houzz]
Spacious open-plan living area with a fireplace and lovely water views [From: Younger Homes]
Textured walls coupled with fireplace and comfy couch in the small living space [From: Houzz]
Modern beach style living room with a cozy fireplace that becomes the focal point in winter months [From: SSS Studio]

Decorating Around the Fireplace

If stacked firewood around the fireplace is not the look you prefer, then there are many other options to liven up this space in the living room. A bookshelf that is an extension of the fireplace mantle is a popular choice while a built-in bench next to the fireplace provides a cozy nook to hangout during the cold winter months. You can either let the fireplace be the focal point around which you place the couch and other seats or add a secondary seating area around it in the living room. Of course, as Christmas rolls along, there will be no dearth of decorating options around the fireplace.

Gorgeous modern beach style living room in gray with a lovely fireplace and stacked firewood next to it [From: Unique Homestays]
Lovely modern fireplace in the corner of the beach style living room and dining area [From: AMA Studio Interiors]
Slim contemporary fireplace pretty much disappears into the backdrop inside this small beach style living space [From: Hayne Architects]
Coffered ceiling adds to the beach style of this relaxing living space [From: Waterlily Interiors]

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