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Unique Apartment Renovation: A World of Books and Natural Greenery

It is not every day that you stumble across an apartment renovation that you can just look at and notice some of the top current decorating trends take center stage. It might have happened by pure coincidence, but this ingenious and fabulous apartment recently renovated for an owner who loves books and plants definitely fits the billing! The Rivaparc Apartment Renovation by Nhabe Scholae in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is all about showcasing the two most prized possessions of the homeowner – a vast collection of books and a lovely array of indoor plants. And the combination of the two just sweeps you off your feel with sheer novelty and unassuming charm.

Renovated apartment in Ho Chi Minh City with plants and books dominating the interior

The new apartment interior is largely clad in epoxy resin with the dashing gray floor bringing modernity and visual lightness to the otherwise industrial space. An exposed concrete ceiling and duct pipes in the backdrop preserve some of the original elements of the apartment even as large windows and lovely sheer curtains usher in filtered natural light. Décor takes a backseat here with the large bookshelf on one side in the living area welcoming you gleefully.

Gorgeous world of green sits between the grey epoxy floor and the exposed concrete ceiling
Modern minimalism meets industrial style inside the gorgeous apartment
Plastic curtains separate the bedroom from the living area
Wall of books in the backdrop is a trend that is set to continue in living rooms across the world
White sheers add a hint of textural contrast to the stoic apartment interior
Wonderful collection of indoor plants adds freshness to the apartment interior

Internal partitions used in here are flexible and breezy and the need for rigid walls is kept down to an absolute minimum. The bright and beautiful collection of plants on one side of the living area turns the small space into a private garden of sorts – a space to rest and rejuvenate even while being surrounded by the urban jungle! [Photography: Hyroyuki Oki]

Creating a room within a room using drapes and smart partitions
Creating a room within a room using drapes and smart partitions
Decor takes backseat to natural greenery and books inside this apartment in Ho Chi Minh City
Frosted glass doors inside the apartment combine privacy with proper ventilation
Floor plan of Rivaparc Apartment Renovation designed by Nhabe Scholae
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