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Serene Mountaintop Escape Unveils Bird’s-Eye View of Santa Barbara Coastline

The idea of a lovely holiday home that takes you away from your busy urban life and gives the family a perfect chance to bond while reveling in the beautiful surroundings is one that we all cherish. Bringing this idea to life with a sense of unmatched splendor and curated charm is the fabulous Toro Canyon House. Providing the homeowners with a gateway that unravels the rugged charisma of the gorgeous valley, surrounding national park and the distant Santa Barbara coastline, this is a house that fuses modernity with a design that can withstand the wear and tear caused by the elements.

Toro Canyon House outside of LA set in a stunning natural landscape

It is three cleverly placed courtyards that define the overall design of the house, crafted with great care by Below Magid Construction. The courtyards not only blur the line between the interior and the landscape outside, but also offer protection from the strong winds and shelter the outdoor lounge area and the pool deck. Stone and thick boardform concrete walls with a rough finish ensure that the modern home blends aesthetically with its natural backdrop.

Each space inside the home flows into the next, and lovely walkways add to its relaxing demeanor. It is obviously the views that the residence offers, which transform it into a truly exceptional retreat, that sooth your senses and transport you to a healthier and happier world!

Giant US flag adds color to the living room with spectacular mountain view

Stackable doors open up the home to the majestic views outside

Open courtyards and openings bring the view into the kitchen

Beautiful bedroom design with geometric rug

Nature and Toro Canyon become an integral part of this luxurious bedroom!

The site strategy is one of slow revelation and discovery of the house and- ultimately- the view. The road, which had to be built for access, brings the visitor to a point below the house- where a formal stair leads up to the entry sequence.

View of the bedroom from the spa-styled bathroom

Large stone wall with fireplace shapes a cozy courtyard

Relaxing pool area of the exclusive LA home

Lavish deck and pool of the Toro Canyon home

Cleverly designed home offers courtyards and walkways that protect it from high winds

Majestic view of the distant Santa Barbara coastline from the fabulous home

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