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50 Fabulous Coffee Tables That Usher in a Golden Glint

Your coffee table choice can make or break the look of your living room. Serving you in more ways than one, it needs to hold your drinks, those swanky magazines and a book or two, and it also adds to the aesthetics of the living room when coupled with trendy accessories. Obviously, coffee tables come in endless shapes, sizes and hues, and you can even customize them to suit the specific needs of your home. Recent design trends have created an increase in metallic accents, and bringing this to the world of coffee tables are those sparkling delights in gold!

Gold coffee tables can vary from those with gorgeously polished brass to the ones that actually come with a gold leaf finish. Depending on the style of your living room, the amount of sparkle that you love and the ergonomic void it needs to fill in the room, you can choose a dazzling statement piece. The 50 radiant inspirations that we have put together should surely tempt you to add some golden glitz to your living space and beyond!

1. Creative, Contemporary Sparkle

Why pick just one coffee table when you can put two, three or even four more convenient alternatives in its place? Surprised? The trend of using smaller cocktail tables and side tables by clubbing two or more together is one that is quickly catching on. It is a look that works beautifully with golden pieces that seem to instantly infuse your home with an air of luxury and sophistication. The likes of the Gold Teardrop coffee table by Jonathan Adler is one of the many choices out there that perfectly captures this hip, classy style statement.

Sizzling living room in white and gold [Photography: Elad Gonen]
Marble-Topped Pedestal Coffee Table from West Elm
Contemporary living room with a fusion of Midcentury and modern touches [Design: Jeff Andrews Design]
Beach style family room with twin coffee tables in gold leaf and glass [From: Alise O’Brien Photography]

Not very keen on putting together 3 or 4 smaller coffee tables together in the heart of the room? Fair enough, since not all of us have the space to spare and the cash to splurge. Instead you can invest in a captivating lone centerpiece like the Marble-Topped Pedestal Coffee Table from West Elm. It is simple, minimal and yet carries with it a timeless Midcentury modern appeal that is undeniably appealing.

2. Curvy Coffee Tables

Bored with the clean straight lines that dominate your living room? In the world of contemporary design, the presence of a few flowing curves is an absolute must, as it breaks the visual monotony and brings excitement to the space. So, why not turn to the coffee table to achieve this look? Gorgeous gold leaf-finished, round coffee tables are not too hard to find, and each one of them brings something unique to the table. Whether you prefer a glass top or a more affluent marble-top look, the choices are clearly abundant.

Hard to miss the Mid Century Modern vibe of the Scalinatella Cocktail Table
Golden glitz meets jewel-toned beauty in this living room [Design: Dufner Heighes]
Nixon Cocktail table by Jonathan Adler with its intricate pattern
Shiny coffee table stands out thanks to the neutral backdrop [From: Siberian Floors]

Not every design aficionado will be happy with a simple round coffee table radiating golden hue and that is why we have stunning choices like the Scalinatella Cocktail Table that offer curves in a very different way! Look to the base of your coffee table to provide a more sculptural choice, when you are out searching for that perfect golden piece.

3. Timeless Golden Affluence!

Man’s love affair with gold is nothing new. It is the reason for countless wars throughout history, and it is a love that has withstood the test of time. There is little wonder then that the kings and emperors of the past (and a few of the present) actually filled their homes with decor clad in actual gold. Cheaper modern alternatives offer gold-plated design that captures this timeless look with intricate details, carvings and at times an antique finish that allows the coffee table to age elegantly. If you are shooting for a British Colonial, Victorian, Spanish Colonial, vintage or eclectic look, these might be just the thing for you.

Custom-sized Palazzo Cocktail Table from Ebanista and a gold framed painting [Design: Stephanie Wallace & Associates]
Mediterranean mansion with an entrance to remember clad in golden aura! [Design: Perla Lichi Design]
Love the use of empty god frames in this eclectic LA living space [Design: Unconscious On Canvas]
Square coffee table in gold with glass top oozes luxury [Design: Perla Lichi Design]
Gorgeous way to decorate the gold coffee table [Photography: Douglas Friedman]

Even contemporary homeowners can conjure up a timeless look with golden sheen without actually compromising on the style. While this look might not feature ornate patterns, it can take simple contemporary decor and give it a golden aura. The lovely Riverstone Tables in gold epitomize this approach to refreshingly innovative living room design.

4. Subtlety meets Sparkle

Some homeowners adore the warmth of yellow metal but shy away from using it, as they feel that it is a touch too loud visually because of all that shine. There is a perfectly acceptable middle ground here, as you can opt for coffee tables clad in brass that come with a matte finish. They will still give the room a cozy, inviting ambiance without going overboard. If you still have your heart set on a coffee table with a gold-leaf finish, think of those with a super-sleek and wiry base, which cuts back the amount of sheen on offer.

Elegant living room in grass green and gold from Hickory Chair [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Just the right amount of sparkle for the chic Jacques Cocktail table from Jonathan Adler
Glamorous coffee table in black and gold [Design: Platinum Series by Mark Molthan]
Relaxed beach style with a gold leaf coffee table at its heart [Design: Studio McGee]

5. Unique Coffee Tables in Gold

From tree trunks in gold finish to eclectic pieces that defy geometry and define personal style, getting that unique coffee table in gold is well worth the time and dough. Getting one of these inimitable pieces should be as much about reflecting your personality and taste as it is about the style of the room and the glam infusion that it needs. Maybe there is an old trunk in the attic or an existing coffee table that can be transformed with a golden cloak, instead of splurging on an entirely new piece. With the adaptive reuse of materials catching on, there is no reason why you can’t come up with the design of your custom coffee table in gold.

Modern apartment living room in gray with gold coffee table and a teal couch [From: luján + sicilia]
Delphine Cocktail Table with antique mirrored top and a polished brass frame from Jonathan Adler
Eclectic living room is filled with electric color and pattern [Design: JBM Designs]
Inimitable gold coffee table for the cozy porch with plush seating and fireplace [From: LandMark Photography]

Is gold not your thing? Then checkout these 50 Tufted and Upholstered Coffee Tables for chic and trendy alternatives!

Sherry Nothingam

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