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Opera: Timeless Italian Kitchen Wrapped in Contemporary Elegance

The kitchen is one part of the home that requires the perfect blend of form and ergonomics, with one complementing the other in a seamless, natural manner. There are endless personalized choices with each modern kitchen, and today we have a Michele Marcon design that aims to combine classic, old world charm with modern glitz and glamour. The fabulous Opera Kitchen from Snaidero finds its roots in the gorgeous Italian style that is renowned across the globe. Yet its very contemporary presence and smart solutions ensure that it perfectly fits in with your fast-paced urban lifestyle.

Spacious and elegant Opera kitchen complements the style of the living room

At its core, Opera keeps things simple, uncomplicated and highly efficient, as it relies on clean, straight lines, a sense of lovely proportion and a blend of natural materials with synthetic surfaces that bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern. Large open shelves, stylish islands with ample storage space and a wide-ranging array of drawers and brilliant lighting turn this cool kitchen into a natural extension of the living space. By replicating some of the design elements and finishes used in the kitchen and in the living area as well, one can create an effortless visual connectivity between both spaces.

Neutral color palette of the Opera kitchen in black and gray

Modular open wall units add to the storage space in the kitchen

Smart Opera kitchen blurs the line between the living and kitchen area

Ingenious handle design brings back its prominence into the modern kitchen

Unique backdrop and metallic lacquered finishes bring glamour to the kitchen

Versatile and functional kitchen surfaces from Snaidero

Each Opera kitchen can be customized to the tiniest of details to ensure that it fits in with the existing theme and color scheme of your home. With prominent handle designs that can add a touch of glittering metallic charm and compositions that maximize the space on offer, Opera is an absolute dream for those who prefer a dashing blend of sophistication and efficiency.

Stylish modern Italian kitchen with modular adaptability

Central hood becomes the focal point of this kitchen composition

Kitchen island with plenty of cabinet space

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