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16 Fabulous Ideas That Bring Wallpaper to the Stairway

With newfound love for wallpaper starting to spread its wings in homes across the globe, we have already showcased several inspirations ranging from brilliant bedrooms to gorgeous kitchens draped in wallpaper. Today, it’s the turn of the often forgotten and overlooked staircase and the stairwell wall that offer a great opportunity to create a captivating focal point while using wallpaper that you truly adore. Unlike in the case of the living room, bedroom or dining space, the wallpaper choices here are not constrained by the style, theme or color palette that define the rest of your home.

Graphic black and white wallpaper adds chic beauty to the interior [Design: Lynne Parker Designs]

There are two different ways that you can go when it comes to giving the staircase that trendy wallpaper edge. One can either opt for a pattern that complements the style of the staircase or go in a completely tangential direction and create a surprising burst of color and unexpected pattern. It is time to step up the style quotient!

It’s All about Color!

Every time one thinks about wallpaper, the first thing that comes to mind is a world of energizing and exciting colors that enliven even the blandest of settings. If your staircase needs that additional pop of color along with a subtle pattern, then wallpaper is the easiest way forward. Far more effective than just paint, wallpaper instantly grabs your attention, as it offers both visual and geometric contrast, and the tall stairwell wall is the perfect spot for it. How you add wallpaper to the staircase depends a lot on the style of your staircase and its specific design. Adding wallpaper to the stair risers is one such cool option for those looking to do it with subtle, understated flair.

Circus wall panel wallpaper adds color to the staircase design [Design: Gruber Home Remodeling]
A splash of purple for the contemporary staircase [Photography: Chris Snook]
Custom multi-color, striped wallpaper enlivens the stairway [Design: JWT Associates]
Use wallpaper to usher in color and personality [Design: Lisa Borgnes Giramonti]
Orchid wallpaper turns the stairway into a delightful setting [Design: Benco Construction]

A Backdrop to Remember

We absolutely love the use of wallpaper for the walls that act as a background for cool, space-saving spiral staircases, as it seems to transform the entire ambiance of the area. Instead of the old, boring white, simple gray or any other monochromatic look, use the wallpaper to breathe life into this setting and give it a completely new look. Custom, handcrafted wallpapers can take this approach to an entirely new level, as they give your interior a sparkling, snazzy personality of its own. When using the wallpaper for the staircase wall, make sure that its pattern is repeated elsewhere to give the interior a more balanced and classy appeal.

Eclectic and cheerful backdrop for the festive staircase [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Hand painted wallpaper steals the show here [Design: Yrmural Studio]
Gorgeous use of wallpaper with elegant green pattern [Design: Hansen Architects]
Space-saving spiral staircase with a backdrop draped in wallpaper [Design: GLM Ltd]
Fabulous wallpaper complements the hue of the wood around it beautifully [Design: Period Homes]

Infuse Some Pattern

One of the biggest reasons for the revival of wallpaper in the recent past is the ability of designers to produce patterns that go easy on gaudy colors. This basically means you have plenty of modern wallpaper options that only add pattern to the interior while leaving the color scheme of the home undisturbed. Designs such as the Woods Wallpaper are quickly achieving the status of modern icons precisely because of this reason! No matter what eclectic and exotic pattern you are after, there is contemporary wallpaper out there that can deliver it in cool, neutral hues.

Beach style interior with pops of bright color [Design: Anthony Baratta]
Chic wallpaper in gray with paisley pattern for the staircase wall [Design: Rad Design]
Turn your stairwell wall into a stunning focal point [Photography: Elad Gonen]
Innovative way of using popular Woods wallpaper for the staircase [Design: Vanillawood]
Wallpaper brings vintage pattern to the stairway [Design: Elizabeth Reich]

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