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18 Creative Ideas to Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors

Living in a big city often means being surrounded by walls of concrete and stone. There may be little space for greenery, and many of us do not have the luxury of taking a leisurely stroll in our own backyard. But that does not mean you give up on trying to add a bit of natural freshness to your interior. And the lovely collection of ideas on display today will not only spice up your home, but will also bring a new-found zest to your culinary skills as well! That’s right; it is time for a practical and beautiful indoor herb garden.

DIY herb garden with mason jars for the modern home [Design: Portico Design Group]

Growing herbs indoors does not require a whole lot of space or effort, and the best part is that you can start off small—really, really small. Instead of thinking about an expansive herb garden, think of just one or two herbs that you regularly use in your cooking and absolutely love. From here, it is all about improvisation and expansion! So, are you ready for some herb-tastic inspiration?

Think Outside the Box!

When you think of indoor herb gardens, the kitchen is obviously the place that first comes to mind. Yet you can easily cultivate a lovely herb garden beyond the kitchen and fill it with perennial and seasonal species that can create a lovely, natural focal point in any room of your choice. Most herb gardens do not require a whole lot of water, and a little sunshine will do. The windowsill is often the perfect spot for a small herb garden at home, and everything from DIY Mason Jar designs to old tin cans converted into potters can get the job done neatly. Custom shelves and planters make the process a lot easier and are ideal for those who are not too keen on DIY solutions.

Stylish crates are perfect for a small indoor herb garden anywhere [Design: Van Wicklen Design]
Custom shelves in the kitchen are perfect for a cool, indoor herb garden [Design: Kohler]
Blend some of your favorite plants with kitchen herbs [Design: Tabor Design Build]
Contemporary kitchen with an ergonomic herb garden [Design: Tendances Concept]
Small herb garden in the kitchen also doubles as an aesthetic addition [Design: Bright Green]
Put those old tin cans to good use [From: Colleen Brett]

Good Old Pots

When it comes to an indoor herb garden, it is really hard to top the aesthetic and functional presence of charming herb pots. These small and elegant pots come in a variety of designs, finishes, shapes and sizes. The best part is that you can create an herb garden that matches the style and theme of your existing kitchen, and the cute pots can add both color and patterns as well, when needed. Once again, it is the windowsill that plays host to the herb pots, but for those looking for space-saving solutions, a series of herb pots hanging from a rail is the ideal option.

Space is never a constraint for a small herb garden in the kitchen [From: Chris Snook Photography]
Turn to small planters for a simple indoor herb garden [Design: Moment Design + Productions]
Colorful herb garden brings liveliness to the white contemporary kitchen [Design: Mobilificio Marchese]

The convenience of potted herbs ensures that you can move them around when needed, and they can grace everything from the living room coffee table to the kitchen counter, depending on both the time of day and the season. Wall-mounted ceramic pots can create an elaborate herb garden that over a period of time can turn the boring wall into a living masterpiece in green!

An easy way to grow herbs indoors [From: Dear Lillie]
Herb pots also bring metallic glint to the kitchen [Design: A.M. Benzing Architects]
Minimal modern kitchen in white with potted herbs [Design: TLA Studio]
Small herb pots on a rail add freshness to the kitchen [Design: IKEA]

An Island with a Green Tinge

Bored with the whole ceramic pot and mason jar routine? Is it all too old-fashioned and mundane for you? Not to worry, as here come a series of awesome kitchen islands that have built-in space for your small, indoor herb garden. We absolutely love this contemporary solution, and the design of the island ensures that there is absolutely no structural damage caused by the growing herbs whatsoever. Next time you need a hint of rosemary or a touch of thyme, you will not have to scurry around to find them. Fresh ingredients right at your fingertips!

Awesome kitchen island combines the wine rack with herb garden [Design: Bonfigli Design]
Fresh herbs at hand in the kitchen make cooking even more delightful [Design: Abby Smith Design]
Kitchen island with a touch greenery at its heart! [Design: Blakes London]
Marble Island with Wenge Bar and some space for herbs [Design: Osborne Cabinets and Millwork]

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