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30 Ingenious Wooden Headboard Ideas for a Trendy Bedroom

In a modern world that is dominated by shiny polished surfaces, concrete, stone and glass, the sight of decor or accessories that bring the magic of wood is always welcome! Wood is one element that can lend a touch of natural charm to an otherwise artificial space that seems sterile and unwelcome. Homeowners and designers have realized quickly that even the most contemporary of spaces benefit from the ‘touch of wood,’ and there are few places that gain more from its presence than the serene bedroom. And today we take a look at how a wooden headboard can define, refine and accentuate the style of your personal haven!

Vintage headboard adds elegance to the beach style bedroom [Design: SC Homes]

Wooden headboards are nothing new and have been around for ages. But then we are not talking about just any mundane wooden headboard here. The 30 amazing inspirations on showcase below will tell you the wide array of choices you have, the styles you can achieve using a wooden headboard in the bedroom and how you can even craft one right at home. Its all about giving your bedroom a new and improved personality!

Headboard with oars stands out visually! [Design: High Camp Home]
Gorgeous headboard in wood seems also perfect for contemporary bedrooms [From: Christopher Stark Photography]
Mediterranean bedroom with a unique headboard crafted from antique Afghan window [Design: John Malick & Associates]
Natural wood headboard in the contemporary bedroom [Design: Sarah Stacey Interior Design]
Headboards and light fixture steal the show in this bedroom [Design: High Camp Home]

Go Cozy and Rustic

The last few years have seen a distinct shift from polished, contemporary bedrooms to those that exude a more relaxing aura and calming style. The classic winter cabin look is one such popular style that is mimicked by designers to bring home the woodsy charm of a mountain retreat, and wood is obviously an essential component in it all. A rustic wooden headboard can simply be crafted using pieces of reclaimed wood or even driftwood that you find around your home. Others have turned to dried branches and old barn doors to get the job done. No matter what your preference is, you can rest assured that the wooden headboard is a showstopper in the rustic bedroom.

Luxurious rustic bedroom with an air of tranquility [Design: Mitchell Brock]
Custom driftwood headboard that you can make at home [Design: Rough Linen]
Rustic bedroom with barn wood headboard [Design: Log Homes of America]

Floor-to-ceiling headboards obviously draw more attention than their petite cousins and often create an imposing backdrop for your elegant, rustic bedroom. You can even use this wooden frame to display some homemade DIY wall art or embellish it to match the style and contours of the cool nightstand.

Antique screen turned into a lovely headboard in the rustic room [Design: Peace Design]
Floor-to-ceiling headboard with wooden planks in the rustic bedroom [Design: High Camp Home]
Headboard that matches the antique sewing nightstands [Design: Southern Traditions Window Fashions]
Reclaimed barn wood finds its way into the rustic bedroom [Design: Pillar Custom Homes]
Simple wooden headboard adds to the beauty of the rustic, elegant bedroom [Design: Margaret Donaldson Interiors]

Touch of Modernity

Creative wooden headboards need not be relegated to traditional or rustic bedrooms alone, and in fact, they make a bigger visual impact in more modern rooms that range from the contemporary to the minimal. Of course, the design of the headboard and the materials that you use for it need to be altered just a touch to match this more refined atmosphere. Simple wooden panels framed beautifully or even raw, unpolished wooden blocks with their distinctive pattern work brilliantly here. By keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible and the rest of the decor unassuming, you can turn the headboard, and along with it the bed, into the focal point of the room.

Headboard brings a hint of rustic charm to the modern bedroom [Design: Terra Firma Home]
Minimal bedroom design with subtle oriental touches [Design: Amy Lau Design]
Modern industrial style bedroom with an uncluttered look [From: Marco Polo Imports]

Whenever you use an accent color in the room or a unique texture that brings visual contrast, it is always best to repeat it in more than one place. This gives the room more symmetry and grace. The same can be done in the case of the wooden headboard in a contemporary bedroom. Pick a nightstand or even a bedroom bench that matches the innovative headboard to give the room a more appealing vibe.

Vintage patterns combined with traditional style to shape a stylish bedroom [From: Red: Modern lines – vintage finds]
Wooden headboard adds warmth to the contemporary bedroom [Design: Carriage Lane Design-Build]
Kids’ bedroom with rustic style and an unique headboard [Design: Mead Design]
Cool headboard brings an interesting visual to the bedroom [Design: Castro Design Studio]
Beautiful headboard stands out thanks to the all-white backdrop [Design: SchappacherWhite Architecture]

Work with Diverse Styles

Whether it is a custom-crafted headboard made from wooden pallets or something that turns an antique wooden door into a stunning headboard, make sure that your choice fits in with the style and theme of the bedroom. A creative and unique wooden headboard will never be a hindrance to the style of the bedroom, and when used right, it can blend in with pretty much any theme that you have going. From the eclectic and the Mediterranean to the breezy beach style and the classy midcentury modern, the chic inspirations below prove that you can use one in any bedroom of your choice!

Custom pallet wood bed with a gorgeous headboard [Design: Our Style Interiors]
Freight elevator door turned into a smart headboard in the industrial bedroom [Photography: Aristea Rizakos]
Industrial bedroom design for those who are short on space [Design: Erwin Renovation]

Old cartons, doors, windows or any other piece of decor crafted in wood but relegated to your attic can be turned into a stunning headboard. All you need is a hint of creativity, decent DIY skills, and of course loads of inspiration. We are pretty sure that got the last part covered today. Now it is up to you to get started and show us your own inimitable wooden headboard creation… Are you game?

Stylish midcentury modern bedroom design [Design: Michelle Salz-Smith – Studio Surface]
Relaxed beach style bedroom [Design: The Home]
Lovely reclaimed headboards enhance the natural appeal of the serene bedroom [Design: Cabbages & Roses]
Painted canvas around the wooden headboard gives the room a dynamic headboard! [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Farmhouse style bedroom with custom headboard [Design: The Design Atelier]

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