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21 Creative Accent Wall Ideas for Trendy Kids’ Bedrooms

Designing a beautiful kids’ room that finds that perfect balance between what you want and what your child needs can be a tough task at the best of times. A lot of it depends on the space available, the resources you are willing to invest, and of course the specific choices and tastes of the kids at home. It seems, though, that more and more homeowners these days are opting for kids’ bedrooms that easily grow along with their little ones and do not commit excessively to one glaringly obviously theme. This means a neutral backdrop where accent additions and decor bring in the necessary color. And few additions get this job done, as well as a fabulous accent wall.

Kids bedroom with chain accent wall feature can be easily transformed into an adult space [Design: Cindy Aplanalp-Yates & Chairma Design Group]

An accent wall in your child’s bedroom definitely requires a different approach when compared to the living room or the adult bedroom. It often demands bolder color choices, fun patterning and plenty of imagination. The 21 captivating inspirations that we have lined up today offer all that and a whole lot more.

Stripes and Chevron Patterns

We have been caught in a beautiful vortex of trendy stripes the last few months, and we have already showcased how well they can be used to shape an accent wall in the bedroom, living room and even the dining space. A kids’ room is no exception in this regard. But instead of just gray, cream, beige or white, the striped accent wall in the kids’ bedroom needs invigorating colors that exude playfulness. If you feel that plain old stripes (horizontal or vertical) are too boring, add chevron and other zigzag patterns to create more visual interest and whimsical charm.

Small kids’ bedroom makes perfect use of available space [Design: Weaver Architects]
Kids’ bedroom with chevron pattern accent wallpaper and bunk bed [Design: Colordrunk Designs]
Chevron patterns add both color and class to the kids’ bedroom [Design: Judith Balis Interiors]
Add energizing color to the kids’ bedroom with cool stripes [Design: C.F. Olsen Homes]
Trendy stripes in the tween bedroom shape a lovely accent wall [From: Hilary Walker / Our Style Stories]

Have Fun with Wallpaper

If stripes are fashionable, then wallpaper is currently one of the chart-topping hot trends in the world of interior design! A wallpapered accent wall is a great choice in a child’s room, as it allows you to easily switch between the accent addition over time with little effort and cost. If your kid is bored with a certain pattern after awhile, you can select another fun wallpaper to give the room a fresh new look. Whether you want wallpaper with loads of color and pattern or something that will work well in a tween bedroom, the choices are simply endless here!

Fabulous wallpaper adds color and pattern to the cool kids’ bedroom [Design: Shawback Design]
Bold wallpaper in yellow for the Midcentury kids’ bedroom [Design: Flegel’s Construction]
Beautiful bedroom exudes chic sophistication [Design: JAC Interiors]

Color and Creativity

How can we forget the world’s favorite way of adding an accent wall to a room: a splash of paint! This might sound a touch old and a bit too mundane, but there is a reason why the simple painted accent wall is such a popular choice. It is easy to pull off, works almost every time, and much like the wallpaper, is not a very extravagant choice. Knowing how fickle kids can be, this is definitely a safe option in the long run. Remember, though, that color used for the accent wall should be repeated in the rest of the room at least once to give the space a more elegant and stylish ambiance. Those bored with just color can also dip into the dynamic world of chalkboard paint!

Posh boys’ bedroom with a beautiful blue accent wall and creative ceiling [Design: Laura U / Photography by Julie Soefer]
Gorgeous girls’ bedroom with pink accent wall [Photography: Brandon Barré]
An accent wall used to highlight unique architectural feature of your choice [Design: Caisson Studios]
How about giving your kid a dynamic chalkboard accent wall? [From: Dennis Mayer, Photographer]
Eclectic kids’ bedroom with chalkboard accent wall [Design: Catlin Stothers Design]

Beyond Just Color!

Bored with those colorful accent walls? Want something more refined and unique that will allow you to transform that kids’ room into a guest space over time? Then how about dropping color and turning towards texture to provide some contrast to the contemporary spaces. Wooden panel accent walls are quickly becoming very popular with homeowners globally, and if they come from reclaimed wood, then even better! By using this accent addition, you might well be teaching your child a valuable lesson in sustainability that will serve him or her well for life.

Natural materials help shape a relaxed ambiance inside the kids’ room [Design: Cornerstone Architects]
Corrugated metal wall adds an interesting visual to the elegant kids’ bedroom [Design: Camelot Homes]
Wooden panels give the kids’ bedroom a unique accent wall [Design: AMW Design Studio]
Fascinating accent wall brings together texture, minimalism and creativity [Design: Capital Building]

Eye-Catching Murals

Finally, we have accent walls that embrace dramatic and brilliant wall murals to give the room a stunning focal point. Kids’ bedrooms are perfect spaces for gigantic wall murals, and you can pick one that reflects your children’s taste to shape a captivating and enchanting bedroom that will leave them spellbound. An accent wall filled with a giant mural always looks better when the rest of the room is as organized and neutral as possible. Make sure, though, that the colors of the mural are not too overwhelming, and if you want a more understate look, think of black and white wall murals to get the job done.

Custom wall mural and hanging bed create an ingenious girls’ bedroom [Design: Tamara Rosenbloom Design]
Map accent wall in the kids’ bedroom is a popular choice [Design: Grace Home Design]
Wall mural in the bedroom inspired by the ocean! [Design: Buckingham Interiors + Design]

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